Simon Cowell 'couldn't stand' Taylor Hicks

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Mar 5th 2007 4:42PM
Simon CowellSimon Cowell has never hidden his dislike for Taylor Hicks. And last week he was at it again. He spoke out at this year's 24th Annual Paley Festival at the Directors Guild of America in West Hollywood, saying, "They (Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson) loved him. I couldn't stand him. I didn't get it."

Simon added, "at the end of the day you have to find a bona fide recording artist. Just because you win the show doesn't mean you will sell a lot of records. Chris (Daughtry) is the one who sold the albums, not Taylor." Hicks still hasn't sold one million albums, and many critics doubt he will.

I have this message for Simon: "Get over it." You're still just mad that America had the audacity to vote for Taylor no matter how hard you tried to sway their votes with your harsh criticism. Accept the fact that the people have spoken. Isn't that the "American Idol Way?"

Besides, Idol is really more of a Reality TV show than a "singing competition." If you truly want to find the best recording artist, you might want to rethink the voting process, and let industry professionals (rather than the public) decide. If not, stop complaining about America's choice.

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May 14 2007 at 10:42 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This is more like school then TV. Who cares what Simon said last year, this year, today, or tomorrow, about Taylor.
Simon was wrong, (AGAIN), Taylor won the title, all others are losers..... Case closed.

So let it go people!

We can like who we want, that's what is so wonderful about this world.

But we don't have to be hateful or mean to those we don't.

And that is what is so wonderful about Taylor, he has HEART & SOUL. When he smiles, the heavens open.

He has charm and charisma.

And he sings from the HEART & SOUL.

Taylor loves performing and we, HIS fans,love him.

He has never spoken badly about anyone, (and he sure could have). But Taylor is a gentleman, with respect for people, even people who don't deserve respect.

Let's all learn from this and stop spreading such mean & hateful remarks.

And as for you Simon, I do like you but for God's sake, lighten up and stop being so darn rude. You can still get your point across but think before you open your mouth sometimes.

Taylor is enjoying every minute just making people happy, how nice it must be "JUST TO FEEL THAT WAY".

America Voted And America Voted For Taylor.
God Bless America & God Bless Taylor.

Sorry Mr. Cowell, that's just the way it is in America!

May 14 2007 at 9:58 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

{sigh}...this is getting so old.

Taylor is a great singer/performer/artist/musician. He WON.

Daughtry is great at what he does. He did NOT win.

Bo Bice is/WAS a great rocker, until the A.I. 'powers that be' made him into a Stepford Rocker.

Taylor was NOT going to let them do that to him...which is why he had his A.I. contract BOUGHT OUT.

THAT'S why you don't hear A.I. 'Pimping' Taylor Hicks - he's not making any more $$ for them so why should they? CLARKSON got the same blackballing when SHE had her contract bought out.

A.I. / 19entertainment - WHOEVER - they promote who makes $$ for them, who allows them to make them whatever they need to be. Taylor not being mentioned or in the limelight? Nope - he may or may not show for the finale...who knows if THAT'S been straightened out yet?

Matters not. AI will not live forever but I believe long after that show has folded, Taylor Hicks will STILL be performing - why? Because he's not even ASSOCIATED with Idol anymore.

All the ones who are caught on the IDOL puppet strings may find themselves dangling in mid-air with no careers a few years down the road - if IDOL is the only machine behind them.

*I don't even like what they did to McPHEE - and I didn't even LIKE her! Trying to make her a sex-pot pop star - that girl's voice is ABSOLUTELY phenomenal, so why in God's name is she singing this pop/fake Mariah Carey drivel? It MAKES NO SENSE - she doesn't have to show boobs! That's for girls with no talent! McPHEE has talent, why don't they market her correctly?

Okay...that's my $.02

May 11 2007 at 8:00 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

EXPOSURE! EXPOSURE! EXPOSURE! Upon winning AI Hicks had a contract deal.........where is his pr rep.......where is his radio air play? Hicks didn't get to choose who his pr rep was or the other driving forces behind his album. I think after he has a chance to make more decisions on his own he will get a lot bigger. His music is great, just not enough people have heard it.

April 12 2007 at 4:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think Simon is a disgrace. He has done nothing but bad-mouth Taylor and say insulting things ("Put your gum on Taylor's Face"), ("He just blew Taylor out of the water" - referring to Sundance Head). He has made dumb comments like "Taylor wouldn't have won if he didn't have gray hair" and now this latest thing in People Magazine. Like it or not, Simon, this man IS the current American Idol - show some respect!

March 07 2007 at 10:55 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
laine farmer

If any of all yall that are complaining about Taylor not selling as many CDs or not having the voice that should have won AI last season, obviously have not seen or heard him do a live show. I am fortunate to be from Birmingham and have seen Taylor, Bo and Ruben make the rounds over the last few years in the local nightspots. Yes, Bo is a rocker and would outsing Chris any day and has that "extra something factor" that it takes to bring people to a show.Chris seems somewhat dull as a person, not that he can't sing. He just does not seem very exciting. Ruben has a God-given talent and continues to use it for that purpose.He is giving back to the people at home, that is what is important to him. And as for Taylor, obviously most of your comments are coming from people who have no clue as to the history and roots of rock, blues, just about almost any genre of todays music. If you have been lucky enough to have sat ( actually you do more standing and moving ) through a Taylor Hicks and The Little Menphis Blues Orchestra (Taylor's home band),show , you'll experience the entire trip through this country's and some others contribution to modern music. Taylor has more talent, soul, dedication and love of music than any of you could possibly imagine!

March 07 2007 at 10:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Semper Fi Mac

Last year I picked Taylor to win from the start. This year I feel no one stands out. Randy is annoying and his preference for black performers is obvious. I think the women will be better and one should be the winner.

March 07 2007 at 8:59 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Taylor has a unique voice, Chris Daughtery doesn't no matter how good Chris is. As soon as Taylor opens his mouth, I perked up. Elliot & Bucky also had unique voices and I HEARD them. This year's AI males choose the worst songs I can't believe they actually have a choice in them. When Phil came out in a Bing Crosby hat and "crooned" his attempt, I thought, "what century was HE born in?" Terrible night for the men. The women are being guided into a winner, and for heaven's sake, forget genetics and cut down on the calories ladies. It is a package deal and not by the pound!

March 07 2007 at 8:24 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Come on, Simon. Quit dogging Taylor. I really believe the reason Taylor's cd (which I bought and like) has not sold as many as Chris Daughtry's is the genre of music. Rocker fans usually get more into buying than the middle of the road bunch. It was obvious that Simon couldn't stand Taylor last year and I think Taylor really got tired of his hatefulness. The time he asked Taylor if he was drunk, Taylor really looked stunned. I will say, however, that Bo Bice is the best male voice ever on AI. I believe if he had been up against anyone but Carrie Underwood (who I also like), he would have won. I agree with one of the other comments that Simon has gotten somewhat cruelly personal with his comments at times this year. But, on the other hand, if any of these contestants have ever watched AI, they should know what they are getting themselves into. Anyway, it is just a tv show, after all. I am pulling for Sundance Head to do his thing well tonight. I like Melinda Dolittle for the girls. If either one of them doesn't make the top 12, I think I will lose interest because nobody else really stands out to me this season.

March 06 2007 at 4:18 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Simon never liked Taylor Hicks to start with. He couldn't stand all the silly dancing that Taylor was doing. Even compared him to someone singing karaoke at a wedding reception. But Taylor stopped that nonsense until the season finale of the show. He focused more on singing. There comes a time and place to have fun in performing, but Taylor got more serious as time went on. I think this is probably one of the reasons Taylor didn't thank AI on his album credits--the struggle for Taylor to really express himself and to impress Simon, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul. And I can see why Taylor hasn't sold as many records as Chris Daughtry's band Daughtry. Simon would have wanted Katharine McPhee or Chris Daugthry or Katharine or Elliott Yamin in the top 2. Hicks has too much of a bluesy/ R&B hybrid that Simon never got. And I am surprised at this bombshell from Simon Cowell now that Taylor's on a US tour right now to prove himself in front of audiences. Right now at this point, Chris Daughtry is who a lot of people like--he's just all over the place right now and Taylor needs to do more performing to rival Chris at this point.

March 06 2007 at 10:00 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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