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October 6, 2015

The Daily Show: March 19, 2007

by Annie Wu, posted Mar 20th 2007 1:41PM
Jon StewartModel UN students are really excited audience members, apparently. Plus, they really like jokes about celebrity birthdays and the Iraq War's fourth anniversary. Four years already? Wow. It feels like only yesterday that I lost all faith in humanity.

"Blondie": Henry Waxman is Batboy with a dying caterpillar for a moustache. As for Valerie Plame, she's very compelling... And by "compelling", I mean "f**kable"... And by "f**kable", I mean "a little too pretty to talk to Congressmen".

"Diagnosis Mystery": Jason Jones would make the creepiest doctor ever. EVER. The opening graphic made sure to point that out. God, this entire segment was depressing. I don't think that tape was a joke... and I don't think that sexual reorientation therapist was a joke either, although I'd feel a lot better if he was. And why did they allow this to be interrupted by a commercial break? That confused me.

The night's guest was Stephen Prothero, Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know--And Doesn't. Jon was totally spot on when he pointed out how awful it is that someone like Prothero actually has to go on a talk show to suggest that our politicians should know something about international affairs. The scariest bit is that I doubt even 25% of the people running our country would pass Prothero's test.

Jon/Stephen: Stephen Colbert doesn't have time for Jon Stewart, see? Stephen kind of did a Phil Ken Sebben laugh (Ha-HA!) and that made me happy. I still haven't gotten over Sebben's death on Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.

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Remember that Vance Degeneres segment, A Tale of Survival? Jason's report reminded me of that.

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