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August 28, 2015

Battlestar Galactica: Crossroads, Part 2 (season finale)

by Keith McDuffee, posted Mar 25th 2007 9:55PM

First of all I want to thank everyone who attended the chat tonight during the episode. The room's still open for anyone who wants to hop in and discuss what went on (if I'm there, I go by 'TVSKeith'). I'm pretty sure there's plenty to talk about.

As I was watching the show tonight, and having read so many comments on this show here at TV Squad throughout the season, I realized there are going to be two main schools of thought here. One one side we'll have those who felt the trial was the most important piece of the episode, while the other will find it to be the haunting music, those who were driven by it and surprise ending. But of course if you've got any sense about you, you'll realize they're all important pieces to the puzzle.

I'll admit that I read the spoilers going into this episode, and sure enough they turned out to be right. I'm rather desensitized to spoilers these days, as it was part of my job here for years. Though I will say that as the spoilers were written, I'm not so sure I agree with the assumptions made in their presentation.

For example, the members of the crew affected by the music immediately assume they are Cylons because what's happening to them cannot be explained. Yet are we really supposed to believe they are Cylons, too? I certainly don't think so, and in fact I'm thinking quite the opposite. In case you didn't know yet (and live under a rock), the music heard is Bob Dylan's 'All Along the Watchtower', though the version we hear is sung by someone I couldn't place. I'm thinking that these crew members are somehow related or connected to Earthlings, and perhaps only they are able to hear it as part of a safety measure for finding Earth.

(Ron Moore has said that the song choice was very important, so fire away with thoughts on why that would be the case. Is it the year it was written? The lyrics? Is Dylan a Cylon?)

It's actually reminiscent of a witch hunt, isn't it? Something that can't be explained or seems so completely out of place is automatically assumed to be witchcraft. I'd believe they were Cylons only if it was obvious that Six or Sharon also heard the music, but as far as I know they didn't.

As for the trial, I now wonder what effect Lee's speech will have on how others perceive him as a leader. He outwardly admitted to everyone that he wanted to leave everyone to die on New Caprica with the Cylons. Does that make him a fit leader in their eyes now?

Why did Gaeta lie on the stand like he did besides just not liking Baltar? Was he just looking to make himself seem better off or was he just looking for revenge for what Baltar whispered to him in an earlier episode and missed stabbing him with a pen over it ("butterfingers!")

There are too many ways one could explain how Starbuck came back from what seemed like death from a few episodes ago. One of my favorite theories mentioned in the chat (and one I believe mentioned in comments in a previous post) was that Kara was now in Lee's head much like Six and Baltar are in each other's, and that she is a Cylon, though not necessarily part of their "plan." I'd only say there's no coincidence that Starbuck shows up just as the Cylons show up and just as the music gets clearer for who we're supposed to believe are part of the final five Cylons.

While it's great to know we can look forward to a new full, geenlit season of this show, it's going to feel like a long wait. If rumors of the theme for the gap-bridging two-hour movie this summer are true, we're in for a great treat to help make that wait less painful.

I can't wait to read everyone's theories and thoughts on what went down in this episode. Until next season (or my next show review, if you read them)...

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4. Damn just one more cylon we need to find out. Hot damn!!

Posted at 11:12PM on Mar 25th 2007 by Borat

I presume you mean assuming 1. the dark president's helper (what/whoever she is), 2. the Chief, 3. the colonel and 4. the dude from the resistance on Earth are all Cylons. Thats a pretty narrow view and if you believe that then why not go a step further.

Boomer, 6 (the blond cylon in captivity) and the president - Laura - all had the same dream so by your reckoning it wouldn't be much of a jump to say that she too is a a cylon.

Perhaps that, the female cylons are brought together through mental images, and te male cylons are brought together by mental sounds.

But, I don't believe this. I hope that's not the case - that they are not the final 5:

1. Colonel
2. Chief
3. Presidents personal aid.
4. The rebellious resistance dude.
5. The president

Unfortunately, u cant discount it. The women all having dreams at te same time the men all have music in their ears...

May 09 2007 at 3:32 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Amazing that these comments are still active weeks later. I'm sure some of my thoughts have been posted already, but I just lack the time to read 80+ comments.

Loved the finale. Although I too groaned at All Along the Watchtower being the song. Moore's explanation that it's not Dylan's, but that everything happens over and over again (or perhaps is pulled from the same ethereal source, or just happens to be a song from the BSG universe) is a bit of a cop out. At least they had an original arrangement of it.

*I* think it's obvious that the fleet isn't in danger. The Cylon fleet they're facing? The fleet of the final 5, not the other 7 that have been chasing them. Is Kara #5? Don't know. Is she a vision in Lee's head? I don't think so. She was seeing a cylon raider by itself that wasn't appearing on scanners or video, and conveniently dodged out of sight for anyone else. Her Viper was doing the same thing when Lee was looking for it. Is it not possible that this is the technology of the final 5 at work? She ejects, gets rescued by the Cylon raider, and brought to Earth and back again, in a retrofitted viper.

I guess I should clarify that I think there's a schism between the two Cylon groups. The final 5 and the other 7 are different factions. Think Shia and Sunni, or perhaps an even greater divide in beliefs and history. Perhaps the 5 actually co-exist peacefully with humanity on Earth, and the 7 broke off from this. Or the 7 were created by the 5, and knowledge of the 5's identities was hidden. There seems to be this consistent thread in comments that ALL the Cylons are unified and the "bad guys". There's been absolutely NO indication of this. Hell, the whole series has had parallels to the Middle East conflict, why is it so hard to believe that Moore's next play is to show that blind racism and stereotyping or an entire race is wrong?

Just my $0.02.

April 16 2007 at 1:23 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Whoa, I have to agree with boxlight. I have loved this show since the beginning -- well written, great acting, compelling plots -- but this season turned out scary bad. The first two episodes of the season and the escape from New Caprica was pretty exciting -- after that, it was mostly downhill. The two-part passage episodes were the high point. I never thought Starbuck was really dead and when "All Along The Watchtower" started getting chanted and then played, it was so bad I felt like it was a sick joke. Yes, i can wait for nine months -- in fact, I'm going to wait forever, because I don't think it's worth watching anymore.

Mr. Moore, you lost the thread.

April 15 2007 at 11:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
esh-satril \"sagitaron\"

but the question is how come the other cylons don't know who the last 5 are???

April 09 2007 at 11:17 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Steve W

Based on my opinions of the final four, I would say either Laura or Lee is number five.

April 05 2007 at 3:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
chris w

I really liked this episode the first time I saw it, but enjoyed it more the second time around. There is just so much to chew on for the next 10 months. I still love BSG as much as ever, even though I thought this season lost some steam towards the end. The finale really kicked things back into high gear for me. I liked the trial(especially Lees' performance) and the reveal of the final four Cylons. I thought it was a great choice in using a song to "awaken" the final four(especially that one). The end FX shot was amazing.

I hope everyone in this forum still comes back Season 4 of BSG. This is still a great series, and is really unique in its own special way.

April 01 2007 at 3:20 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Paul Levinson

The Dylan was great - I especially liked it, because given that BSG has faster than light travel, the song could have come from anytime after 1968 on Earth. And, given the possibilities of time travel, BSG could still be in the past. http://www.paullevinson.net/archives/battlestar_galactica_and_dylan.phtml

March 30 2007 at 8:23 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Chris S.

The Cylon war was 40-50 years ago, Tigh says he has been in the military for almost 40 years, and he looks to be in his mid to upper fifties, Chief has been in the service for 20 years and is about 38yo.

The last time the humans saw the cylons before the mini series, they looked like the 70's tv series models, (one of the pictures in the file of the guy on the outpost in the 1st scene of the mini, and also was on display in the Galactica "museieum").

How could the cylons develop (sp) the "skinjobs" 40 years ago?

Perhaps Tigh was a real human as well as some of the other and where replaced at somepoint by the cylons with there memories transfered into the "skinjobs". I would think this is more plauseable as Saul Tigh existed before the cylon war...

Sharon's memeories of a fire that killed her family and she was the only one to survive, perhaps thats when she was replaced, the real Sharon was taken and her memeories transfered to the "8"

Perhaps Earth was the starting point of everything, that Galactica takes place in our distant future.. Mankind established a colony on Kobal and from there the 12 colonies, the 13th colony decided to go back to the birthplace of there ancestors, (Earth). As time passed on, Earth became something of a Myth, and don't all myths have some roots in thruth to begin with? So the are returning to the planet of there orgin (Earth) and mankind comes full circle.

How would an Earth song be programmed into the 4? How would they know the name is Earth? When did we (man) begin calling this planet we live on Earth? the Greeks? Romans?

Just my 2 cents..

Chris in Maryland

March 28 2007 at 3:25 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
hester wilson

I agree with boxlight to some degree (sans the insults). Six's performance was mind boggling, and her character was so powerful and fascinating - now seems so weak and not as interesting.

God I love this show, always will, but I hope it can draw to a close quickly with the same feeling of gravity and peril that filled the mini-series through the first half of season 2.

"The plan" does feel lost but more importantly, I'm not scared of the cylons anymore. Everytime I see an episode about love quarrels, I loose that tinge of fear about the precarious position of the rag tag fleet.

March 28 2007 at 1:38 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

My favorite theory is that Hera is not the first Cylon-Human Hybrid, Starbuck is.

March 27 2007 at 10:11 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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