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August 31, 2015

Lost audio podcast recap: March 26, 2007

by Erin Martell, posted Mar 27th 2007 1:02PM

Jorge GarciaABC has posted the newest Lost audio podcast, which was once again hosted by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Lindelof and Cuse claimed to be in "answer mode," and provided a lot of details and teasers about upcoming episodes. Cast members Jorge Garcia and Josh Holloway discussed the great Lost ping pong match as well. Here's what we learned:

  • Unlike his character, Josh Holloway is an excellent ping pong player, and considers himself to be tough to beat. The actor is always surprised that Sawyer does not learn his lesson after losing at poker and being the "slowest draw" among the Lost characters.
  • Jorge Garcia bought a ping pong table in anticipation of the ping pong scenes.
  • Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are currently working on the final three episodes of Season Three. Episodes 21 and 22 will make up the two-part Season Finale.
  • The "Magic Box" mentioned in "The Man From Tallahassee" is, thankfully, only a metaphor for what actually exists on the island. Locke's next episode, which will air five weeks from now, will give viewers a better idea of what "The Box" really is.
  • Damon Lindelof coyly mentioned that "it appeared" that Locke blew up the Others' submarine.
  • The Others will not stay at the Barracks for the duration of the season; they will have a reason to leave.
  • Rousseau needs to overcome some of her "issues" before approaching Alex.
  • Most of Paulo and Nikki's flashback in this week's episode will be on the island. Some familiar faces from the past will appear.
  • Boone will show up in the Nikki and Paulo flashback, and Ian Somerhalder was forced to wear an obvious wig.
  • Carlton Cuse celebrated his birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday!).
  • By the end of this season, the Others will show their true colors, and it will not be good. The violent attempt on Charlie's life in Season One will seem "more in character" for them.
  • The song that Jack played on the piano in "The Man From Tallahassee" was an original piece composed by Michael Giacchino, Lost's composer. Matthew Fox does not play the piano, but learned how to play that particular piece for the episode.
  • In a future episode this season, a character that was presumed dead will reappear, and may actually be alive. It will be either Ms. Klugh or Mikhail. And yes, this will affect the death pool, but only if it turns out to be true.
  • The VW bus will be seen again, and we may get a flashback that reveals how the bus got there in the first place. Another VW will show up on the island later this season.
  • Alcatraz island was planned all along, and a scene from Season One proves it. One fan noticed that when Sayid is looking at maps in Rousseau's bunker, one of the maps shows a smaller island off the coast of the larger island. There was always going to be a second island.

Next week, writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz will fill in for Damon Lindelof. Check back next week for another podcast recap!

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Chris Wyant

Gah. I hope Mikhail stays dead... What if he survives and dies again?

March 27 2007 at 1:10 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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