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October 9, 2015

TV Squad blogger: Joel Keller

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 27th 2007 11:48AM
Joel KellerWhere do you write from?
A remote corner of rural/suburban "heck" in Somerset County, NJ.

Craziest/funniest TV Squad comment you've seen?
Boy, there are too many to count. I've seen so many off-topic and paranoid tips and comments, often written with crazy spelling and capitalization, that they start to blend together. If you saw our tips e-mails you'd think that a) our readers are in the Montana Militia, or b) they think the people on their TVs are talking directly to them.

If you were only able to watch one TV show, what would it be?

Scrubs. At least the first five seasons (and the "last" season). I've seen them a million times, and the episodes still make me pee my pants with laughter.

Most overrated and underrated TV show (current or past)?
Overrated: Twin Peaks. Never understood why people liked that show. It was like it was weird for weird's sake.
Underrated: Grounded for Life. Really funny show, with a flashback structure that preceded How I Met Your Mother by five years.

Best benefit of writing for TV Squad?
Screeners. I love being able to see new shows ahead of when they air, and know that the piracy police aren't looking over my shoulder.Also love to interview the network execs, producers, writers, and stars that make the world of TV go.

Where else can we see you on the web?
I write for a number of different magazines, newspapers and websites; when people ask me who I write for, I usually say, "whoever will pay me." My website is at http://www.joelkeller.com.

You can read all of Joel's posts here.

Trying to get in contact with Joel? Leave a comment below.

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John Pluntze

Hi, Joel. http://www.sunvalleyonline.com contributing writer John Pluntze here in Ketchum, Idaho.

I recently wrote and posted at SVO three articles about FOX's "Glee" comedy-musical series and want to know how I can contact you -- and also anyone ELSE there at TvSquad.com -- who's posted numerous blogs about that show, and who otherwise are probably MUCH better informed about the show than I currently am.

I did recently buy the first season of "Glee" on DVD (haven't had a chance to actually watch any of the episodes yet, however!!! (LOL) -- as well as all three of the soundtrack albums -- but for right now, anyway, I'm arguably much better informed about the songs that have been featured on that show than a lot of the past (and current) plot/story elements, or the characters.

Wikipedia has provided me with some fairly insightful articles about the show (and its cast and crew), but I'm guessing there are probably at least a couple of people who regularly write for tvsquad.com who are much better informed about "Glee" than I currently am -- or maybe ever will be!! (LOL)

Be great if I could have their email addies (and yours, too, if possible, Joel) so I can sorta pick your respective brains for any future "Glee"-related articles I end up writing in the coming weeks (or months -- or even years) about "Glee" for SVO.

If you type "Glee" into the SVO search engine at http://www.sunvalleyonline.com ,
all three of my April, 2010 articles should come up in your search.

Thanks for your time and consideration, Joel. I enjoyed your interesting "Glee"-inspired blog entries, particularly the "3 Reasons Why 'Glee' Is Poised For An Epic Fall" one!!

Hope you have a great weekend -- and week -- Joel... : )

John Pluntze
Ketchum, Idaho
ALSO at: WriteStuffIdaho@gmail.com

May 01 2010 at 9:49 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Hello, Joel -

Just wanted to let you as EIC of TVSquad know that you have lost one regular viewer. The constant political comments and gross bias demonstrated by your blogger Danny (and often by Brad) has finally driven me away after about 3 years of daily visits. I know there have been many compaints on their posts in the past, which you may see as a good thing generating traffic, but at a certain point it just becomes irritating and turns off some of your customers. Since I have had many years of good visits, I wanted to pass this customer feedback along as a way of saying thanks for the good times.

December 11 2009 at 7:35 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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