American Idol: Live Results Show #6

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Mar 28th 2007 10:47PM
Haley Scarnato and Chris Sligh in bottom two.(S06E25) Two important questions will be answered tonight, Ryan says. "Who's going home, and how will Sanjaya wear his hair?"

Blake is safe. LaKisha is safe. Phil IS in the bottom three. Melinda is safe. Chris R rebounds from last week's bottom two and IS safe. Sanjaya (yawn) is safe AGAIN. Haley IS in the bottom three. And Jordin, of course, is safe. Which means, either Chris Sligh or Gina is in the bottom three, but we won't know who until the end of the show.

Fast Forward. Turns out CHRIS SLIGH joins PHIL and HALEY in the bottom three. But Philly is sent back to safety once again.

SLIGH vs. SCARNATO? Who's going home? Randy says it's a tough call. Paula says they both deserve "warmth" from the audience. Simon thinks it's "Bye, Bye Curly."

And Simon is RIGHT. It's the end of the road for Chris Sligh who wowed us with his humor and charm early on, but then disappointed with his weekly (weakly) performances.

Am I sad to see Chris Sligh go? Not really. If not this week, I figured he'd be going sometime soon. He seemed really tired lately, and his personality had lost its shine. Once cocky and confident, he just looked like a beaten dog. It's probably better that he leaves now before Idol completely beats the fun right out of him.

The only bad thing about Chris Sligh going is that he was one of my eight-year-old son's favorites (the other being Blake) and he's a little upset about it right now. I'm sure he'll get over it by tomorrow. At least I hope he will.

Did the right person go home tonight? I think so. I think it was time for Chris Sligh to go. American voted, and Chris obviously hasn't built as strong a fanbase as Haley or Phil or Sanjaya.

And yeah, looks like there's no stopping Sanjaya. This is going to be a long season.

Other highlights:

  • Ryan Seacrest with faux-hawkRyan comes out wearing a Sanjaya-inspired faux-hawk and says, "I've been Sanjayed." Okay, that sounded dirty and creepy.
  • The finalists sing "I Fought The Law" in tonight's western-themed Ford music video. Hey, Chris R. look kinda cute dressed up like an outlaw. Wow, I like him a lot better when he's not singing.
  • American Idol Challenge: Which Idol finalist from Birmingham was dubbed the "Velvet Teddy Bear? Bo, Ruben, or Hicks? Again, super easy.
  • Exxon Mobile came forward with a generous donation after last week's corporate appeal. No word on exactly how generous the donation was.
  • Gwen Stefani sings "The Sweet Escape" and Akon is there to Woo-Hoo. I like the top of Gwen's outfit, but don't think the bottom is flattering. But hey, she still rocks and is the hippest, most contemporary pop star Idol has ever snagged. After her performance she gives a plug for her upcoming tour (which starts April 21). And she also gives a shout-out to baby Kingston (aww sweet, she's such a hip mommy). Ryan tells us Gwen will also be part of Idol Gives Back.
  • Phil owes Chris Sligh $50 bucks. I'm guessing that they had a bet about which one of them was getting the boot first.

Next Week: The music of Tony Bennett.

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