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September 3, 2015

Behind the scenes with Lost producer Jack Bender

by Erin Martell, posted Mar 28th 2007 6:40PM

Terry O'QuinnWizard Entertainment recently published an interview with Lost director-producer Jack Bender, who directed last week's episode "The Man From Tallahassee." Bender discusses the inspiration for the show's visual elements, and goes into detail about the filming of several popular episodes. The complete interview features tons of technical information, but here are the most relevant highlights:

  • The Lost pilot was the most expensive television pilot ever made.
  • Bender thinks that the show is more about the characters' internal "monsters" than the monsters that exist on the island.
  • According to Bender, the show's "real world" approach to flashbacks is one of the visual elements that sets the show apart from other TV dramas. The crew utilizes closer angles and wider lenses for flashbacks, and reserves more stylistic camera moves for the island scenes.
  • Bender began the show with very specific rules for the flashbacks (avoiding certain colors, etc.) but gradually made exceptions for special scenes.
  • The look of the show is largely character-driven; as a director, Bender favors a "style meets content" approach.
  • In the Sayid flashback episodes, Bender and the other directors tried to make Iraq look different from the "bleached out" Iraq shown in popular films.
  • A male recurring character is currently filming a pilot. This character is getting his own "flashback story."
  • There were some scheduling conflicts during the filming of "Flashes Before Your Eyes." Sonya Walger, who plays Penny, was unavailable for the first phase of shooting due to her work on a new HBO series called Tell Me You Love Me.
  • There is no official word on the rumors that season four of Lost will start in January and have all of its episodes aired back-to-back. Bender acknowledges that splitting the third season up was a bad idea.
  • According to Bender, the dog that plays Vincent "isn't the most trained dog in the history of Lassie." It was Bender's idea to have Vincent swim after Walt and the raft in "Exodus."
  • Bender claims that an idea for a "piece of mythology" in an upcoming episode was his.
  • Bender directed "The Man From Tallahassee," and thinks that it picked up where "Walkabout" left off.

Lost airs tonight at 10pm ET on ABC.

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