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October 14, 2015

House: Top Secret

by Tom Biro, posted Mar 28th 2007 11:36AM
House - Top Secret
While I'll leave my commentary as to whether House is devolving into the rest of television - as in full of sex - for later, I'll start off by saying that we might have a pretty good relationship blooming when it comes to Cameron and Chase. Well, at least when it comes down to getting down. As far as our lovely doctor in charge goes, however, it seems that our addiction to certain types of medication is having negative impact on our ability to do certain basic things, such as go to the bathroom.

As far as shock value goes, we're usually treated to the "victim" of the story having a problem of sorts, and not House himself. This week, seeing his face when he looks at the case file of his next patient, a war veteran, was just fantastic. If you noticed, he said that he had never "met" the man before when Cuddy asks if he knows him. Of course, he left out the part that just seconds earlier, the man had tied off House's blown off leg while fighting in Iraq.

As far as we know, there aren't any plans to create any long term "relationships" between cast members, but the romance - or escapades, shall we say - between Chase and Cameron might lead one to believe that the feelings, even those by this writer, that Cameron would walk at season's end given her issues with House on multiple fronts, might be over. So enough about doomsday when it comes to characters, it seems that House himself had some character development dropped on him this week, when he managed to dream about a date Cuddy went on, years earlier, and then that man showed up in his hospital, complaining of Gulf War Syndrome. She wants nothing more at this point than to see him squirm when he is, whether he likes it or not, trying to get under her skin - or on top of it. The satisfied grin as she strutted off at the episode's end (that "supertanker" line from House was a killer) was awesome, and she's more than justified in doing so, as she definitely has his number. Also, we heard a bit more about some "time" the two of them spent together a number of years back, so let's expect that to rear its head again in the coming weeks.

The more I see Wilson get flustered at House's ability to get his team to do things that are probably not germane to the case, and only serving his purposes, the more I wonder how he can possibly stay friends with the guy. I mean, how many times can someone ask for your car keys and you not get annoyed at that fact. Or eat your lunch. Or make you write them a prescription. Or have all your accounts seized by the police. Maybe Wilson is just as sadistic as the rest of them, or at least not up to the point of liking to be beaten up in an S&M kind of way, like Chase does.

As I alluded to in the intro, I thought there was obviously much more actual sex going on this week, and more than the usual level of innuendo. Not that I'm complaining, because I don't think it damaged the show in any way, but it's curious to see if it keeps going and going from week to week, going forward. With shows such as ABC's Boston Legal making sexual references into a sport and being successful, it wouldn't be out of the question that FOX could end up embedding a whole lot of that type of content into a "serious" show like House, would it?

As we begin to approach the last portion of the season (though who could tell, as consecutive episodes have been a bit of an at-large this year), it's probably high time for a prediction or two. I'm going to say right now that I don't see Stacy making her way back into the show, but I could definitely see something happening by way of Cuddy's interest in becoming pregnant. Additionally, the lack of strippers or prostitutes at House's disposal of late is way off. Maybe he's losing interest. The one approach that I'm wondering if we'll see as a "cliff hanger" at season's end is some sort of new character being introduced, but not some random person that will happen to work in the hospital. Either a replacement for a team member who could leave (Foreman?), or a new administrator or someone of that ilk that won't be quite as annoying or frustrating as Detective Tritter, but an issue nonetheless. How about all of you?

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I guess everyones opinion about House´s relationships is different and that was probably what writers wanted to achieve. A bit unlucky though, cause I think they have written themselves into a corner, so to speak, because if they´ll go either Cuddy´s or Cameron´s direction, half of the viewers will still be unsatisfied. But relationships issue is a big topic and i didn´t want to talk about that.
Actually I wanted to respond to previous comment. There was a wonderful article posted in house section of tv squad one or two articles before the comment of this episode. Don´t know if you read it (it´s certainly worth it) but it also deals with the issue of ´changing House´. I think the development of House´s character is necessary. I´m not talking about quitting-drugs-love-everybody change. Character as itself can´t be changed but if we will be circling in circles, get another story arc and then get to the beggining again without changing anything, well it gets...boring is not the right word...it´s a bit dissapointing. In season one characters personal lives were handled very subtle (maybe sometimes too subtle) in the background which changed totally I think in recent episodes of season 3. I think we need to go somewhere in the middle (like season 2). I agree though with other characters development. Surely it´s Cameron who has changed most (this season killing dying patient, administer drugs to patient just so he doesn´t leave hospital, breaking into others home, ´sex for fun thing´ with Chase) Can´t imagine season 1 Cameron doing this - sounds more like House. But other characters...Cuddy has started to develop a bit only this season, we got a bit of Wilson in the Tritter story arc, Foreman and Chase...well not much going on there. I think there´s plenty of room especially for Foreman and Chase.

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André Filipe

Er... Sorry about the speeling mistakes, I dind't remember to check it before submiting.

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André Filipe

As far as I know Sherlock Homes dind't have any long term relantioships except for Watson. House has Wilson and medicine. Altough I wouldn't mind a sexual relationship between House and Cuddy since they understand eachother so well. On the other hand, I would hate any kind of envolvement between him and Cameron. House hates lies and Cameron is only interested in him because he doesn't meet societie's standarts and therefore must be unhappy or psicologically broken.

Also, if they want to prolong the show, they should leave House alone for the rest of the season and focuse on the other characters. If they alter his character now or make up some plot twist for him to really quit drugs (such as him killing a patient or almost killing himself) I don't see the show going past a 5th season.

And I would like to see House last for as long as posible.

Sure a dramatic change in House's life or personal relatioships that would lead him to quit vicodin or to destruction would be entertaining for a while, but dozens of episodes with amazing medical misteries and a genious there to solve them is entertainment for a lifetime.

House should probably get an award for being the only show in which filler episodes are as good as story arcs (even better if you account for Tritter).

P.S. Also if you want to see relatioships between average dull doctors with boring personalities who spend their time being annoying instead of performing actual medicine and treating people, go watch that crappy abc's show whose name was stolen from a medical atlas... Oh and sex between Cameron and Chase - good stuff, Cameron is hot!

March 31 2007 at 10:52 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I don´t like the direction the show is heading last 2 or 3 episodes. The show started season with good 3 or 4 episodes, then came the Tritter story arc (which was OK although could have been 2 or 3 episodes less) so I was waiting which direction will the show be heading now. I agree with Pamela´s comment (no.7).
The writers of House often go over the edge (2 part Euphoria, then last years finale). They somehow acheived that things that would look akward on any other drama show somehow fit into House. So far they have handled relationships between the cast very subtle. But last 2 or 3 weeks some characters are really acting very strange. The point is once you create "cast relationships" you can´t go back. It has happened to many shows and usually turned for the worst. That´s why it´s such a delicate thing. But I still hope that writers are up to something with all this relationship things (and not a simple "loves me, loves me not, triangle thing") and we´ll all be surprised in the end. Wouldn´t happen first time on House. :) Well, anyway still like the show and I´m curious what happens next.

March 31 2007 at 11:23 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

"As far as we know, there aren't any plans to create any long term "relationships" between cast members, but the romance - or escapades, shall we say - between Chase and Cameron might lead one to believe that the feelings, even those by this writer, that Cameron would walk at season's end given her issues with House on multiple fronts, might be over."

World's most confusing run-on sentence? Perhaps.

March 29 2007 at 11:00 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The sexual camaraderie between House and Cuddy is ok, but any attempt to establish something long term nauseates me. The fling between Cameron and Chase is, again, ok, but my creative thoughts are more in the direction of a third party and a Cameron/House increase in sexual tension and perhaps a relationship, but that would have to be handled very delicately and creatively so as to not digress into another pathetic Gray's Anatomy (sorry...don't like the show). I love the humor especially House's sarcastic dark humor and would love to see more of that; a division of humor and scientific drama would be a nice touch otherwise the show is perfect and is my favorite.

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ausiello has given a lot of spoilers about house but i wont post them here (dont want to piss anyone off). i think next weeks teaser lends credence to tom's first prediction - a woman with child in critical condition etc. i still like the show and hope it stays on course.

also, wilson is house's friend and for a number of reasons, it makes sense that they are still friends. for one, wilson doesn't have other friends so its not like he has many options. also, they work together and no matter what house says, he'd pester wilson enough to get them to become friends again if wilson cut it off. but most importantly, wilson likes house and they get each other. house knows when wilson is lying and wilson usually knows when wilson usually can tell that house has ulterior motives ~99% of the time, in spite of his protests to the opposite.

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I'd just like to point out that inserting a catheter into yourself would probably be one of the most difficult things on Earth, up there with ripping your own heart out and eating it.

It may have been because I'd just had surgery, but when I had a catheter put in it was -the- most painful thing I had ever experienced, and I was already on morphine. MORPHINE, not vicodin.

Oh well, maybe as a doctor (and a guy) he knows a secret that the nurse who did mine didn't know.

March 28 2007 at 2:02 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I don't think there are any more breaks in between episodes for the rest of the season. I saw a promo earlier this week that said the last 6 (or 8? it must be 6) episodes were going to be shown on consecutive weeks.

March 28 2007 at 1:26 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

given over how many days we're supposed to think that episode took place, cameron and chase certainly couldn't keep their hands to themselves. also, do you think this was written in after their engagement in real life?

March 28 2007 at 12:45 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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