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October 9, 2015

Dancing With The Stars: Week 3 results

by Erin Martell, posted Apr 3rd 2007 11:20PM

Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson(S04E05) Another week, another "shocking" elimination. The hosts were all about hyping the "jam-packed" results show, bragging that there was more music and dancing "than ever before." What else would there be on a dancing show? An ad for a workout DVD? Oh, wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

The behind-the-scenes interviews were combined with recap footage from last night's performances. A big deal was made of the unprecedented four-way tie. Joey Fatone was offended by Len's butt comment, and stuck out his rear (and his visible panty line) in protest during his interview. Heather wanted to advance even farther than Jonathan's previous two-legged partners. I'm still hoping that Heather's dancing talents will start to overshadow her disability. It was a valid topic in the first few episodes, but enough is enough.

Ian's footwork malfunction was revisited, for those who missed it due to last night's camera problem. After seeing the misstep zeroed in on so closely, I think the judges were way too hard on the couple. Maksim disapproved of the wigs and props used in the other performances, and claimed that a horse was sure to follow. Don't give the producers any ideas, Maksim.

I was surprised when the judges picked Joey and Kym's Star Wars Tango as their favorite performance. It would have been nice if Ian and Cheryl were given another chance to perform their "almost a 9" Jive. Perhaps Len just wanted to see Kym in her Princess Leia getup again. The couple did a great job, and I didn't even notice Joey's butt.

Ciara was the first of three musical acts planned for the evening. She performed "Like a Boy," in the standard oversized man's shirt outfit that is supposed to be sexy (now it's just overdone). Both Ciara and her background dancers showed some considerable flexibility, and the crowd loved it.

The audience weighed in, as usual, and there were some clear favorites. Heather, Joey, and Ian already have a following, and Leeza, Billy Ray, and Clyde need to win some more people over. Deborah "don't call me Debbie" Gibson made some vague comments about contestants "stepping it up," which made me think she should work for ESPN. Three of the former members of Boyz II Men (the tall baritone guy was missing) showed their support for Joey as well. The first two couples to be taken out of harm's way were Joey & Kym and Apolo & Julianne.

This week's movie theme carried over into the musical performances, with Survivor singing "Eye of the Tiger." I don't know if Survivor's lead singer had a wig or a bad dye job or what, but it was seriously distracting. Eight of the professional dancers demonstrated the Paso Doble, one of the dances for next week. The professional performances are my favorite part of the Results Show, and the pros were very entertaining.

The show's creators jumped on the fitness bandwagon and are releasing a Dancing With The Stars workout DVD. I'm mildly curious, if only because Maksim appears in it. Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo were back, and demonstrated the 27-step Paso Doble. I cannot wait to see Billy Ray counting during this dance. Josh Groban performed "So She Dances," while Julianne and Tony did a beautiful dance. I love that when Josh Groban sang "ooo," my television's closed captioning used about fifteen o's.

The segment with the clairvoyant and "The Numbers Lady" was entertaining enough. They have to fill the time somehow. The Numbers Lady predicted that Laila will win, as her numbers match those of the previous winners. Clairvoyant Guy chose Ian, for his "purple energy." I predicted that at least one of these people will be wrong. Billy Ray and Karina were placed in the safe group, along with Laila and Maksim. Shandi and Brian were placed "in peril" as one of the bottom two couples.

After a brief segment about elimination anxiety (news flash: eliminations are stressful), more couples were given the good (and bad) news. In the safe group: Ian and Cheryl, John and Edyta, Heather and Jonathan, and Clyde and Elena. The second couple in the bottom two: Leeza and Tony. This was surprising, given Leeza's ridiculously high score.

Shandi and Brian were sent back to the Malibu beach house, much to Shandi's disappointment. Ever the poised beauty queen, Shandi thanked her partner and raved about being a part of the show. I know that Brett will be upset that one of his favorites left so early. Check back to hear his thoughts on next week's episodes. Our celebrities will be dancing either the Waltz or the Paso Doble.

Be sure to vote for your favorite celebrity dancer in AOL's poll!

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rich E

There are 3 reasons i watch dancing w/stars 1-Cheryl Burke 2-Cheryl Burke 3-Cheryl Burke. She is smoking hot. I am a man in my 50's but she could get the blood flowing in a man in his 80's. Please voters do not vote her off even if you do not like her celebrity star. WoW

April 04 2007 at 5:26 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I agree with Cheri. Clyde is still in the competition because of his sport fans. Just as it was with Emmett Smith. I believe Mario was robbed last season. This season's celebrities are not at all interested in dancing or at least giving their all (120%). However, I must say this, I give lots of credit to John (Cheers) for doing his very best even though he came into the competition late. Keep up the good work. As for Heather, do it for your causes and good heart. Generally, I think the guys are doing so much better (Ian, John, Joey,Jonathan) than the females. Leeza, I love you as a talk show host, mother, and a beautiful 50 yr-old enpowering woman, but you need to loosen up and take risks. Your dancing is too safe and boring. Billy Ray, well...he's a cutie, but I guess they (fans, audience and judges) want to keep him around a bit longer to boost his self-confidence and have him practic, practice until he feels he can master the dance floor (at least a bit more). Overall, my bets on Ian and Leyla.

April 04 2007 at 5:13 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I have a problem with this season. Enough is enough about Heather being an amputee. I do give her credit for entering a dancing competition under the circumstances but it IS a dancing competition and her handicap should not be a consideration. It irritated me to read an interview in which she eluded that she hoped to give other amputees motivation and inspiration showing them what is possible. No one mentions that this is not possible for your average amputee, the average amputee does not have her wealth and with it the access to these prothetics. My friend's insurance paid for her to have something resembling a stick with a shoe on the end of it. She has to stomp the heel to the ground to get the knee to lock in order to take each step. Graceful dance steps will never be an option, not unless she hits the lottery.

April 04 2007 at 3:23 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I agree that Clyde is pretty stiff but I really think that has a lot to do with how short his partner is. Even though he is not as good as many in this competition, he did not choose his partner and is really hindered unfairly by the height difference. Leeza seems to be almost as stiff as Clyde yet the point difference this week was ridiculous.

April 04 2007 at 3:07 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Why is the level of difficulty of the choreographey not taken into consideration by the judges when they are scoring? How can they give Cheryl and Ian and Tony and Leeza the same score of 24!! The judges themselves even commented that Tony and Leeza's routine was rather simplistic. Those of us with untrained eyes can see that! If they are going to nittpick about Ian's misstep, then they should play the same game about someone unable or unwilling to learn difficult dance steps. Let's play this game fair and square guys!!!

April 04 2007 at 3:06 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

No wonder Paul McCartny got rid of Heather Mills, she's such a goof.

April 04 2007 at 2:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I don't understand why there is no consideration given for difficulty in choreography. How can Ian and Cheryl and Leeza and Tony each receive the same score for what were dances of totally different levels of difficulty. The judges even commented on the simplicity of Leeza and Tony's routine. Where's the justice?

April 04 2007 at 2:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I love to watch Cheryl and Ian. They look the most natural at everything they do. Cheryl brings out the best in each partner she has!

April 04 2007 at 2:50 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

you need to leave clyde and heather alone
you can't dance at all.

April 04 2007 at 2:45 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I totally agree with the one about Heather not getting fussed at by the judges for leaving the floor. Instead they praise her?!? What's up with that??? Last year Joey and Mario got gutted for doing flips and leaving the floor but because Heather only has one leg she great?!? I don't think so. I think that it is great she can try to dance but I think she is not a dancer. She doesn't impress me in the least bit. I think Clyde moved much better in his jive than Heather and he at least followed the rules. Laila does an awesome job and why she got fussed at about rule breaking is beyond me I much rather see her than Heather anyday. I hope America gets past Heather disability and votes fairly on who can really dance. which is definately NOT heather. michelle

April 04 2007 at 2:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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