Jordin sparkles, but J-Lo is a fanjaya

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Apr 4th 2007 2:20PM
Jordin Sparks is a better singer than SanjayaJordin Sparks and Sanjaya Malakar have a lot in common. Both are seventeen, have great hair and are fighting for the top spot on American Idol. However, the similarities end there. Jordin's last performance on American Idol makes it quite clear that this girl can run laps around Sanjaya in the talent department.

But do "Fanjordins" exist? Probably not in the way that "Fanjayas" do. Where exactly are these people? Apparently not in the Ellen audience, who resoundingly booed Sanjaya after a swift mention by the host herself. However, the widespread sentiment did not stop the one and only Jennifer Lopez in showing support for Sanjaya and explains why she respects him.

Sure, we may never see the curtains on this Sanjaya craziness, but there was at least one happy ending last night...

Bam wed his childhood friend and new wife Missy on the season finale of Bam's Unholy Union. In a traditional but unconventional exchange of vows, these two tied their unholy knot, as did several other reality couples before them on MTV last night. A sweet moment for everyone, but I have one question: Has anyone started a divorce pool on these two yet?

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