Michael Buble you are not an American Idol

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Apr 5th 2007 11:41AM
Michael Buble might have been hitting the bubbly Someone should have told Michael Buble to put down the pipe rehearse before he took the American Idol stage last night. Did Michael Buble's publicist even give him the memo that he was going to be performing?

Having personally seen Tony Bennett and Michael Buble in concert, I would have confidently told you that Michael Buble would certainly show the contestants and the world how singing standards should be done.

His performance was nothing but a true disappointment...

Could it have been that he had taken his wisdom teeth out recently? Maybe he too had the flu that prevented Tony Bennett from taking the stage. If he just let his performance be, he would have been able to avoid the scrutiny that is tapping from my fingertips this morning. When he mentioned Antonella Barba to Ryan, I realized that he seemed to have that same dazed affliction that Paula suffers from.

What exactly are they feeding you guys at craft services? Was Michael drinking out of Paula's Coke cup?

We may never have an answer to these questions, but a few key questions were answered last night on Lost. After finding themselves handcuffed to each other and dumped unconscious in the middle of the jungle, Kate and Juliet are face to face with that horrible smoke monster. Cool, calm and collected after having her shoulder popped back into place, Juliet finds a way to keep the monster at bay in this TV's Top 5! clip. Who's boss now smoke monster?

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