Michael Buble you are not an American Idol

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Apr 5th 2007 11:41AM
Michael Buble might have been hitting the bubbly Someone should have told Michael Buble to put down the pipe rehearse before he took the American Idol stage last night. Did Michael Buble's publicist even give him the memo that he was going to be performing?

Having personally seen Tony Bennett and Michael Buble in concert, I would have confidently told you that Michael Buble would certainly show the contestants and the world how singing standards should be done.

His performance was nothing but a true disappointment...

Could it have been that he had taken his wisdom teeth out recently? Maybe he too had the flu that prevented Tony Bennett from taking the stage. If he just let his performance be, he would have been able to avoid the scrutiny that is tapping from my fingertips this morning. When he mentioned Antonella Barba to Ryan, I realized that he seemed to have that same dazed affliction that Paula suffers from.

What exactly are they feeding you guys at craft services? Was Michael drinking out of Paula's Coke cup?

We may never have an answer to these questions, but a few key questions were answered last night on Lost. After finding themselves handcuffed to each other and dumped unconscious in the middle of the jungle, Kate and Juliet are face to face with that horrible smoke monster. Cool, calm and collected after having her shoulder popped back into place, Juliet finds a way to keep the monster at bay in this TV's Top 5! clip. Who's boss now smoke monster?

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I am a big buble fan but being nervous is not going to give you a pronounced lisp and slurring of some words. He is a professional singer he should be able to sing one of his own songs at the drop of a dime. How much notice do u need. He has a huge lisp problem on his new album. It is very distracting and sooo disappointing. His voice is awesome but if this lisp thing doesnt change his career could get ugly fast!

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Phil Scoville

Actually, I love Michael Buble and thought the music was fine, even the comment was humorous. I think that show stinks. I don't like Idol and think it could drop off without any problems and my life would be fantabulous. I would never have watched even this single episode had it not been for Michael Buble. So AI can thank Buble for that. He did seem a little overweight though and a little rushed on the music side of things. BTW - I loved Lost.

April 22 2007 at 6:11 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

After reading all the comments, I was intrigued enough to take a look at Michael's performance. I see classic Buble and I thought he was great. If you have ever seen him perform, you will know that he likes to move around the stage, often goes over the the band, and has those jerky movements that he does. He wasn't impaired. You people just don't appreciate a fine singer. And his joke was funny and Ryan Seacrest thought so, too, as did the audience.

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Oh my - I cannot believe people are criticizing Michael Buble's performance. He is one of the greatest singer/performers around today. I saw him in concert and his live performane was like a recording. His style is different and "Call Me Irresponsible" has many "chords of dissonance" - unless you are familiar with the song, you might think he was having problems with his intonation. Take a listen to a recording of it, and you will understand. The only things he did that might have confused viewers was smirk and laugh a couple of times during his performance. It might have had a bit to do with nerves (huge viewing audience), but he likes to tell a story and emote when he sings and tends to do it in a laid back, yet classy way. I find it very charming and let's just be honest here - Buble and his music are very sophisticated and that goes right over some people's heads. But the comments that he can't sing and it was a terrible performance just illustrate how some people really can't distinguish key, chords, musical embellishments, and countermelodies. Was it his best - not by a long shot - but taking the time to listen to some of his songs would prove any skeptic wrong. This guy is just fantastic and in a league of his own.

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Different strokes I guess. That was the first time I've seen Buble perform or even heard of him but that performance has made me a fan. That style of singing is all about being cool and that's just how he sang it. I think he did much better than all the contestants the previous episode.

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Someone here said "whoever he is"....that is the only explanation I can figure out for those of you that didn't like Michael on AI Wednesday night. He is such an AWESOME performer!!! Nobody sounds perfect during a live performance but he was as close as it gets for me. I love his quirky sense of humor and his cute lisp. I was sooo giddy while watching him!!!

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I must say, I thought that Buble seemed "impaired"! I have seen him perform before and always enjoyed him but he was not good at all on Idol. It looked at one point as if he was kind of staggering. As a professional he should not be thrown by a last minute request to sing a song which some people have used to explain his bad performance.

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I apologize if I'm repeating anyone, but give Michael Buble a break-he wasn't even supposed to perform and was a last minute replacement because Tony was out with the flu, and had no time for rehearsal.

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I FF'd through Buble -- as I do most of the performances on American Idol -- but I thought he started off pretty strong. I'd listen to him over Harry Connick Jr. (who single-handedly brought down Will & Grace) anyday.

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In my opinion Michael Buble really blew it. His performance was worst than any of the contestants on the show that night. He appeared to be intoxicated or high off of something. If so shame on him. He forgot lyrics, sang off key and probably hit a very low point in his career. He even had the audacity to run back to the band as though they were the problem. Michael you are only as good as your last performance. He blew a great opportunity to sell more CD's that night than he has sold in his whole career. Yeah I know it was a last minute thing. But chances like this one only come once in a life time. Hopefully, he will be able to recoup from what appeared to be a very promising career. Time will tell us all if this blunder has stopped his stars ascension.

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