Ryan Seacrest is rooting for Jordin Sparks

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Apr 10th 2007 3:39PM
Ryan SeacrestRyan Seacrest recently told People magazine that he thinks Jordin Sparks could be the next American Idol. Why does Ryan like Jordin? Because, "She's a great singer and a pretty girl, she's non-threatening, cute and attractive. Plus, she has this sincere likability that is rare and genuine."

Considering that 17-year-old Jordin towers over Ryan, I find it amusing that he finds her "non-threatening." He always looks so uncomfortably short standing next to her on stage. Perhaps, he is a *bigger* man than I give him credit for.

When asked about the Sanjaya-controversy, Ryan said, "Everywhere I go, people have been screaming at me to get rid of Sanjaya. And I say, 'Too bad, you're doing it.' . . . But Sanjaya, he's an interesting character on the show. America hones in and gets rid of who needs to go and the best usually stay."

For the record, I happen to be rooting for Jordin, as well, and agree that she has the whole "Idol package."

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I think Jordin is overrated!

It seems like all of Idol's talking heads has the same talking points because they are pimping Jordin. If anyone dare to be honest just go back and listen to Jordon's performances again. She has some 'pitch' problems herself.
And she seem to have breathing issues when she sing. I know I'm not the only one hearing these flaws; so where's the honesty?

Jordin's performances are nowhere near the excitment that Paris Bennett shown us.

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Faith Crump

Jordin has earned the next AI in my book. I thought Melinda and KiKi were extremely talented in the beginning (still are, obviously) but Melinda's false naive behavior is a quick turn off
"who me? I did well?" and Kiki is a great singer, but Jordin can do it ALL, time after time, she excells and she would be an amazing representative for AI, such as Carrie Underwood....let's get it right once more America and vote for the one that has all around talent, poise and personality......
I love Phil and he is from my home town and if Jordin doesn't make it.....GO PHIL.....and God Bless them All

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Elizabeth & Michael Sculli

Jordin is great along with Lakisha & Melinda. They will have no problem getting a contract, making record,albums, cds etc. I love Phil but he does need to show case all his talents better!! Go for it Phil... Blake & Chris will go far wether or not they make it to the finals. You all have such great talent. Keep up the great work & good luck to all---- Sanjaya must go---He's young and has plenty of time to improve. HE'S LIKEABLE BUT JUST DOES NOT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO CARRY OUT THE AI TITLE

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Big D

Jordin is the bomb ! When Randy Jackson said she " Had the Yo factor on blast ! " He was right. Jordin is beautiful and can really sing...she's got my vote ! Sorry Sanjaya....you just don't do it for me

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Jordin is definately my favorite, even though I am from Flint. Lakisha has a good voice but I feel Jordin has the whole idol package. Somehow we need to get people to vote Sanjaya off, I agree he should of never made it to Hollywood. I am beginning to feel the Idol voting is fixed. I have been watching Idol from the beginning and never has a contestant gotten the negativity Sanjaya has. If someone knows how to start a web site vote Sanjaya off let me know. I know alot of people who would participate.

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Kathy Smith

This Idol Season does not have the sting that the past ones had..I THINK PEOPLE GOT BURNT OUT ..last year with the final choice..Katherine was surely the best and it appeared the show was manipulated..Jordin is the star in this one..but I'm sure the show will again take a turn again..this is the last one I'll be watching!!

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I am Opal from Canada and I am also in Jordin's corner. She is not fake like the others when they recieve feedback they pretend as if " Oh for real". She is not boring, she has real talent and most of all she is so young and will absorb all that the music industry has to offer. Lets go America, this is a talent contest.

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I think Jordin is wonderful! She does have "the whole package". She is cute, sweet, likable and oh, how she can sing. For a 17 year old she has got talent that only some people only dream of. She is comfortable on the stage, in the spotlight and I would buy her CD in a heartbeat. Only the best deserve to be there and Sanjaya should have been gone long ago!! He should have never even made it to Hollywood. People need to wake up and smell the coffee! I know there are some that don't like the show and think that Simon is an idiot but you are truly the people who have worked long and hard to get where they are today. If you don't like it, don't watch it and don't vote for someone who howls worse than my dog!

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Wanda Alston

I agree 100% i think Jordon can win this thing and second place will be Blake.
(Wanda from Ala.)

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