American Idol: Live Results Show #8

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Apr 11th 2007 11:23PM
Jennifer Lopez performs on American Idol(S06E29) They certainly did cram in a lot of stuff in tonight's episode, didn't they? Wow, my head is still spinning. As much as I complain about the hour-long results show giving us way too much unnecessary filler, I felt they did their best tonight to at least keep the show entertaining. And I appreciate that, even though it may have been a bit too much.

Besides, don't they know all we really want is the RESULTS. Enough with the tease. Let us have it! How many of you skipped the festivities, TiVo'd the thing, and then fast forwarded to the very end?

Me, I watched the whole thing. Of course, I had to. It's my job. But whether you watched it all, or zipped to the end, the results were the same. Someone went home tonight -- and it wasn't Sanjaya.

As many expected, Phil, Haley, and Chris were in the bottom three. There was no major upset. LaKisha was not in the bottom, as I predicted she might be. And Chris did not go home, meaning the AOL poll didn't get it right this week. In fact, Chris was sent back to safety by Ryan.

HALEY vs PHIL. Beauty and the Beast. Over 35 million votes were cast, and America chose the bald one over the hot one. It's the end of the road for Haley Scarnato, and the best damn legs on American Idol.

Was I shocked? No. It was bound to happen sooner or later. From what I can tell, Haley just wasn't as popular with the ladies as she was with the guys (hmm, I wonder why).

Phil was all smiles even before he heard the results. He was feeling just so darned "blessed" to be here. I think he was mentally preparing himself to go. And although I'm not a Philly-fan, I like his attitude. He knows he's not going to win, and he knows he's probably going soon. So every week he stays is just a gift. Good for him.

Did America get it right? Well, one by one they all have to go sooner or later. Until we get to the Top 4, does it really make a difference whether Haley goes home before Chris or Phil?

By the way, I really think Haley doesn't deserve any of the nasty names she's been called in our comments. Just because a girl shows some leg, it doesn't make her a wh*re. Why the nastiness, people? Now that she's gone, can we send her off kindly?

Other highlights (for those of you who skipped to the end and missed it):

  • Ryan asked the judges their thoughts on Latin night. Randy thought the songs were really tough, but the kids did pretty good. Paula giggled. Simon admitted that he gave Sanjaya a compliment last night.

  • The Final 8 performed together, singing "Bailamos" by Enrique Inglesias. I have to say that the worst pairing was that of Haley and Sanjaya. I thought Jordin's vocals stood out in the crowd. As usual, Chris looked and sounded like he was in pain.
  • Because we have a lot more time tonight, we got to see some behind-the-scenes with J.Lo and the contestants. Jennifer told the contestants, "If you can make people feel something when you sing, that's the most important thing."
  • Jennifer Lopez performed the song "Que Hiciste" completely in Spanish. When she first started singing, I had a flashback to Charo singing on the Love Boat. Hoochie Koochie. I have no idea what Jenn was singing, but she looked really pissed off. See, she knows how to get into a song, and feel the passion. She also looked muy caliente. She is, after all, a movie star with charisma coming out the wazoo. Surprisingly, the ex-Fly Girl didn't do too much dancing.
  • After her performance, Ryan chatted with J.Lo in a cloud of smoke left behind by the pyrotechnics. J.Lo said she understands the pressure the contestants are under to "come up here and do what they do each week." She also said that she didn't agree with all the judges' feedback. She apparently comes from the "Paula school of criticism." Jenny-from-the-block believes in accentuating the positive. "Not that we don't need our Simon," she chirped. "Just in doses" Ryan chimed in.
  • Hey, just so you know, J.Lo's new CD is in stores now. Doesn't anyone do the show just for the heck of it, and not to promote a CD? Yeah, I didn't think so.
  • Eva Longoria and Sharon Osbourne were in audience.
  • Idol Challenge: Which American Idol finalist performed with Meatloaf during last year's finale? Yamin, McPhee, or Taylor Hacks?
  • Ryan was taped at the Farmer's Market getting feedback on last night's show. Blah blah blah. Wow, this was an obvious time filler. Ryan's actually pretty good at interacting with people, but the segment truly wasn't necessary, unless you're trying to kill time.
  • Akon was back for a performance without Gwen Stefani. He sang "Don't Matter." Apparently, he's big with the kids. Okay, I admit it, I like him too. I still can't get the "Woo Hoos/Wee Hoos" out of my head since he performed with Gwen. I bet he'll be selling a lot of digital downloads tomorrow. And ain't that what this show is about? Exposure, Exposure, Exposure.
  • The Ford music video featured the song, "Happy Together" and a morphing concept that was cutting edge in 1991 when Michael Jackson used it in his Black or White video, but now is just dated. And do we really want to see Sanjaya morph into Doolittle? Creepy.
  • Idol Gives Back: The money keeps rolling in. News Corporation (the very generic-sounding parent company of FOX) pledged $5 million. Ryan tells us the event will have comedy, insight into Simon's heart, and Celine Dion (sounds like a neat idea for a sitcom on FOX).
  • In video of Simon in Africa, one of the kids hands Simon a drawing. It's rather odd, because the kid drew Simon with boobies. "Even in Africa, they think you need a bra," Ryan says, causing Simon to turn red. Did Ryan just mock Simon's man-boobs in front of 28 million people? Oh, snap!
  • The Idol editors spliced together some footage from the auditions, so that it appears as if Tony Bennett is trying out for Idol. The cranky Simon tells him, "You are probably the worst we've had today." Tony was sporting his bright yellow Realtor jacket in the segment. It was a cute clip, but hard to explain here.
That's it in a rather long nutshell.

Next Week: Martina McBride and Country Music -- Sanjaya in a cowboy hat! I can't wait.

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How many ignorant people are voting for Sanjaya? I think enough is enough already. I hope American Idol puts in place a way out of this nonsense like letting the judges step in to make the final decision on who leaves like they did for grease. You would think Sanjaya's family would have him bow out instead of being mocked every week and voted in as a joke.

April 18 2007 at 10:13 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

sorry one more thing- besides feeling bad that haley got voted off because i didnt feel it was her time yet, i think that next week would have been her time to shine. she was looking forward to country week and i do believe she would have excelled and even surpassed some of the other "favorites" in this genre. i read here that someone thought that the contestants should pick their own songs every week and i agree and think that would make for a much better more entertaining show. the audience is varied enough to give the best singer a fighting chance regardless of the genre that the contestant specifically excels at naturally. put it this way- that format was good enough to let america pick the top 12 with-why not go all the way? celebrity singers can always be called in to comment and "coach" on the way the song choices should be sung- most of the contestants would probaly pick well known songs because thats what gets the crowd going-making it easy for the celebrity singers to comment even if its not "their" type of music. anyway, sleep well

April 15 2007 at 3:38 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

ok so after reading every comment on here since being one of the 1st to comment on wednesday night, i think we have a very angry oppinionated bunch of people on here- but thats all good because i'm in the same boat as many of you. let me please explain my "idol material" comment regarding melinda and lakisha- they are wonderful singers but they dont seem to be able to sing past their specific type of music and lets face it, many, many people in america do not listen to their genre. people who like their style listens to the classics of that type of music. they both have diva voices but when in the last few years have you heard of any new black divas with voices like theirs become successful? its sad but true- melinda can bore me to tears but she sounds nice none the less. and lakisha has so much power that sometimes i feel like the glass on the tv will crack- actually the only time i really felt that was when she sang the song from dreamgirls but thats all i meant when i said that. they also seem too old but the truth is that EVERYONE buys cd's not just kids but at the same time, the majority of american idol veiwers are kids-i have been by the tour concerts so i'm not making this up and it was a night concert so most adults are not working then. i would love to know what everyones comments on haley's exit would have been if this whole legs discussion never came up?? for the record, nair-the hair removal company has asked her to endorse their items so in my opinon thats not a bad start for her from a negative controvery so much revolved around her legs. someone here mentioned that no respectable woman wears those clothes- when was the last time u opened ur eyes? i dont know where you live but being from NY- a big, bustling city thats the center of the fashion world, i can tell you that almost anyone that has the capability to pull those shorts off would in the correct setting. and i dont think that american idol is not the correct setting so please give the pretty, nice, talented girl a break. i would rather see her nice legs then lakishas assets hang out every week-why is that appropriate?? this seems to be a major double standard- i know simon got flack last year for saying something rude to mandisa so perhaps hes trying to steer clear of the big, black woman comments? i dont know but as a viewer i dont particulary enjoy seeing that as i hear most of u dont as well. of course those pants would look appropriate on someone along her age rather than a older woman so yes i agree, a older respectable woman may not walk out in that but anyone who is young, with a body like hers would use that to her advantage if she had too. and they do have a say in what they wear-at this point in the game they go shopping with the stylists- go read some of the notes on , by the fashion and beauty section. whatever happened, happened but i hate double standards-like i said in my post on wed- simon checking her out, complimenting her and then being nasty-is not a cool thing to do. neither is picking on haley and allowing lakisha to wear whatever she pleases. i personally like lakisha so its not aimed towards her just the whole concept ticks me off. haley was my number one pick because she had the whole package but in reality i thought and still think its going to be jordin. and all those comments on haley not having a good voice- please go preview or download one of her recording studio songs that she sang- u can find it by the download section at her voice is beautiful-diana ross was right-she does have more of a recording studio voice but she does sound and move great live as well. with a little more training she will be hotter than ever. anyway its 3:30 in the morning and i have work to do,,,,,looking forward to reading everyones comments....

April 15 2007 at 3:24 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

what is it about haley and the shorts? this is tv, people and you sell what you have. she did ok. no surprise that she won't "win" but really, i thought phil would leave first. as for sanjaya, i was nauseated to see him no. 1 on the aol poll. the show has to change the rules or there is no point in watching a farce. i still believe that melinda is the best of the group although latin night was boring/disappointing. frankly, i am bored with the genre idea. let them sing what they want each week. let the judges' votes count for 50% and the public 50%. makes sense. final four: melinda, lakisha, jordin and blake.

April 13 2007 at 6:11 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

All Idol has to do to improve the purity of the process is throw in a couple of surprise "wild card" nights where the everyone is told at the beginning of the show that the viewers are to vote AGAINST their least favorite contestant who will then be removed. That'll clean out the crap. If Sanjaya still wins, more power to him.

April 13 2007 at 4:41 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

All Simon said was "You've got a good tactic, wear as little clothes as possible." Was that such an offensive remark, considering that was exactly what she was doing? She knew her body had to be flaunted to get anywhere, because, let's face it, if you put her and Jordin or Melinda on a cd, and without looking at them, compared them, who deserves to win?? Definitely not her. Melinda and Jordin have earned America's respect because they show respect to themselves by dressing with taste. They have made it this far because of their talent, not their bodies. And that's the way the game of AI should be played. As a teenage girl, I wonder at the message Haley was sending young girls every week with her provocative clothing. Maybe some eleven year old started to believe that if she dressed like that, then she would be popular and liked. Thankfully America proved that assumption wrong by giving Scarnato the boot.

April 13 2007 at 11:10 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Simon was the one that told Haley to "do something to make people remember you." and during Brittish week, she did, it worked (especially for Simon) and then she went overboard, and Simon turned on her. Tuesday, although she looked amazing (but not quite Latino), her hair and red lipstick were a bit much. BUT, at least she had energy and worked the stage and the crowd (not just the first row), and didn't look like she was going to fall off her heel when she moved. And I do believe that Simon owes her an apology. His comment Tuesday was just wrong. LaKisha, I love her, but she needs to find more to wear, or wear more. Her plundging cleavage is distracting to her performance week after week. I personally liked her in jeans and sweaters. She should talk to Mandisa (a class act) and learn how to dress. AND, she needs to smile and losen up. She always seems so serious or angry. Melinda has a great voice, but she is a seasoned performer, so is this fair? Every week she is flawless. This week, I predict that one of these ladies will sing, "I Will Always Love You" by Dolly, but sing Whitney's version, because thats what they know best. Blake, he is just awesome, period. Great moves (great legs). Next season, he should be on DWTS. Chris, is good (great eyes). When he sings he reminds me of Elliott, the way he bobs up and down. I love Elliott, so that is not meant disrespectful. I saw the Idol Tour in DC, and when they escorted Elliott's mom thru the crowd, she received a standing ovation, which brought tears to your eyes. Phil is just so happy to be there. He can really belt out the end of the song. So, if we can get thru the beginning, his endings (when he doesn't crack) are powerful. I seriously, think of the guys left, he has the strongest (but not necessarily the best) voice, when he goes for it. My pick for the season is Jordin; she is fresh, young, coachable. The real deal. She can sing anything, and shows emotion and energy. Totally amazing, I look forward to her every week. Then there is Sanjaya, the smart one ... get ready America ... this week here he comes in a cowboy hat, boots, and vest ... singing, "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy."
p.s. #302 ... Simon may not understand Country music, but he picked Carrie Underwood from day 1.
P.s.s. #322 ... Sanjaya has never been in the bottom three. And to the rest that wonder why he doesn't bow out ... go figure, he is 17, having the ride of his life. My question is that his parents have to hear whats going on, so what do they say? Answer: Follow the $$, just follow the $$.

April 13 2007 at 10:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

#339 I listed the final 7 earlier today and I put them in the same order except I had phil #6 and Sanjaya #7. I couldn't decide at 1st, but then I wished I would have switched them!~:) I wish everyone thought like this!

1. blake
2. jordin
3. melinda
4. chris
5. lakisha
6. sajaya
7. phil

April 13 2007 at 12:37 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

hey 317~you asked how gospel was disappointing? I don't think "gospel" falls in the most popular category for the magority of america's likings and sales. Yes some do like it, many don't. Ever wonder why after the award shows it's listed at the very very bottom?:)

My point was we watch the show for months and vote on the "american idol". People dont want to be disappointed. You expect great poular singers and record sales out of it.

April 13 2007 at 12:28 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Well, I see people really are opinionated on here. This is my first year watching American Idol, and I really enjoy this show. I think introducing all the different styles of music is really a neat way to have the contestants try out other styles that they maybe never would have considered. I personally have liked all the different varieties and styles. Sanjaya has really surprised me too, like many others, he is improving weekly, and he is starting to really develop some nice talent. I hope that Jordan makes it all the way to the top, or Melinda, or even LaKiesha, of course my teenage daughters want Blake and Sanjaya to win, so we can't even agree on it in our own family. Thanks for listening, Linda

April 12 2007 at 11:41 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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