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October 9, 2015

MSNBC fires Don Imus

by Joel Keller, posted Apr 11th 2007 6:46PM
Don Imus(Update 4/12/07 5:00 PM: CBS Radio has also fired Don Imus. Details are here.)

Just heard a statement read on tonight's NBC Nightly News that MSNBC has decided to stop simulcasting Don Imus' WFAN radio show, Imus in the Morning, starting immediately. They had previously announced that they were going along with CBS Radio's two-week suspension of the talk show host, but after re-evaluating what they called an "ongoing review process" and conducting "many conversations with our own employees," NBC News decided to end the simulcast permanently. The entire press statement is after the jump.

This isn't completely unexpected, given the moral outrage over Imus' comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team. Of course, the big question is this: will CBS Radio also swing the ax? It's entirely possible, if only to keep themselves from looking bad compared to their NBC counterparts. Since I've never been a big Imus fan, I won't exactly be sad to see him go. But I still wonder if the punishment fits the crime. What do you folks think? Let me know in the comments.

NBC News statement:

"Effective immediately, MSNBC will no longer simulcast the "Imus in the Morning" radio program. This decision comes as a result of an ongoing review process, which initially included the announcement of a suspension. It also takes into account many conversations with our own employees. What matters to us most is that the men and women of NBC Universal have confidence in the values we have set for this company. This is the only decision that makes that possible. Once again, we apologize to the women of the Rutgers basketball team and to our viewers. We deeply regret the pain this incident has caused."

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Jen (#79)

My sentence (which you chopped in half) "So Dave you say "Black culture wears these words out." I totally agree but does that excuse Don Imus' comment which is the issue at hand here?"

Where in there does it say I use words like "ho." I don't and never felt the need to call somebody that word. SOME rappers DO use the word way to much and that does not excuse Benard McGuirk or Don Imus for using the word also. The "Rapper's Do It Too" argument was a weak one from the very begining.

And I'll add this the record label owners (which the majority of who are white) have made much more money off of the word "ho" then any rapper has, black or white. Plus the majority of the people that buy rap music are suburban white kids.

April 13 2007 at 4:41 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

"Plus don't read something a third of the way through then stop and then comment when you haven't read the whole thing."

Figure of speech. I did read your whole comment, but my point was you did the same thing you were criticizing others for doing.

April 13 2007 at 11:28 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

How it that everyone is speaking on imus freedom of speech and in the same breath saying what he said was wrong he shouldnt said it or the two week susp. was enough. Its real simple people and beleive it or not it has nothing to do with rap nor Sharpton nor Mr.Jackson his actions got him fired. STOP BLAMING RAP FOR EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN AMERICA!

April 13 2007 at 9:49 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Funny how offended Mr. Griffin (posted above) gets about black comics, colleges, magazines and student unions...yet I wonder if he's ever made a phone call or sent a letter or e-mail in protest. I'd like to believe that we've all been offended by some things, however, we also have a right to use every avenue available to us to protest said offense.

I find it offensive that until the 1940's and 50's so many colleges in this country excluded blacks. Had that not been the case, there
would have been no need to establish historically
black universities or a college fund or a student union. My offense leads me to contribute to these organizations.

I also find it offensive that the white populus has had their inalienable rights from day one...yet blacks, on whose backs this land was broken, needed a constitutional amendment (13th) - just so the white men sitting in Congress couldn't come back 100 years later and decide they needed more free labor. This also prompts me to vigilant action because I think not learning from history dooms us to repeat it.

Regardless of all that...this is not simply a race or even a sex issue. The generalizations have run amok! All whites aren't one way and neither are blacks!!!

Don Imus had the privilege of using federally funded public airwaves and he used them irresponsibly. His employers have protested by pulling him off their air. Rappers can make any type of music they desire...but it's the responsibility of those who own the radio stations with FCC licenses that promote it on the airwaves and in syndication to use those airwaves properly as well. I protest rappers spewing hate and ignorance just as vigilantly as I do people like Imus.

The fact is, free speech means we have a right to protest. When you exercise your free speech on the national airwaves, you run the risk of others using every avenue available to them to protest.

I don't feel sorry for Imus...he'll land another high paying gig in which he can comfortably spew his ignorance to the masses...but I hope it's through a subscription service!

April 13 2007 at 12:15 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Did you ever hear "sticks and stones"? Even children are taught that words can not hurt you.

Give me a break!

Don Imus did more good than Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton ever thought of doing.

April 12 2007 at 11:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Did you ever hear "sticks and stones"? Even children are taught that words can not hurt you.

Give me a break!

Don Imus did more good than Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton ever thought of doing.

April 12 2007 at 11:05 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

What is with all these comments about free speech meaning he shouldn't have been fired??? He has every right to say whatever he wants, but that doesn't mean CBS has to pay him and their airtime to his views. If I want to go around saying we should kill all the Jews, I have that right (as long as it is ideological and not a threat), but that doesn't mean the media has to give my views equal air time. People have the freedom of speech, but not the innate right to be heard.

April 12 2007 at 7:55 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I am amazed that McGerk(spelling? should be McJerk) skated on this one. He set Imus off to begin with. He has been the most racist, sexist, homophobic, antisemitic poisonous person on the planet. His take off on the Irish Catholic clergy with the FedEx envelope on his head was so repulsive I had to turn the tv off whenever he started his repulsive rants. Somehow he should suffer the consequences of his behavior in some more substantial way than Imus as I believe he was largely responsible for setting the obnoxious tone of the "humor" while Imus at least brought some serious political and intellectual discussions to the table.

April 12 2007 at 6:22 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Dan Griffin

I am not a great fan, nor will I likely ever be, but, I feel that his termination was wrong. Many years ago, a bunch of radical white guys got together a created a little known and certainly not read document. This was called, insert snicker here, The Bill of Rights. The last time I checked, Freedom of Speech was one of those rights.

It is one thing for him to insult a volley ball team. Oh, well, they may have deserved it. But for the team of Sharpton and Jackson, losers at best, to now get offended is ludicrous. These two clowns will jump at any chance to scream racism.

I am a fifty year old white guy with the racist gene. Apparently we are the only race that has that one. I have the view that black is a color and that nigger is a state of mind. One does not necessarily mean the other.

I find it offensive for black comics to get on stage and use nigger every other word. I find it offensive that there is a Black College Fund. I find it offensive that there is a Black Students Union. I find Ebony magazine offensive. I find any organization, magazine, church, club or any other structured unit that singles out membership for one race offensive. They should all be summarily disbanded. The leaders, presidents, chairmen etc should be jailed for bigotry. Wait, I almost forgot, that will not happen, whites are not involved.

Imus, you were a bad boy for making those comments, but I still think that CBS firing you was in poor judgement.

April 12 2007 at 5:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

So Jen (#67) you say I "almost proved my point" but then you stopped reading my post a third of the way through it. How would you even know if I proved my point or not if you didn't even read the whole post?

Then you say "You completely killed whatever argument you were going for." But yet you didn't even read my entire argument so how do you even know what argument I was going for?

Like I said in my above post "Please!!! Do some reading before you make statements you know nothing about." Plus don't read something a third of the way through then stop and then comment when you haven't read the whole thing.

April 12 2007 at 5:26 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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