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October 23, 2014

CSI: Miami: Rush

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Apr 17th 2007 8:03AM

Wolfe(S05E20) This was kind of an interesting episode if you think about it. It was a good concept. Essentially, they took something that was glitzy and over-the-top to begin with and layered it with a storyline about Hollywood, drugs, rehab, and murder. Doesn't get much better than that. Throw in some nods to actual celebrities (similar to Dirt) and we got one of the better CSI: Miami episodes this season.

However, since I love this show, I still have to gripe because there were plenty of things that could have been a little better.

First up is Delko. Don't get me wrong, it was great to have that scene where he kind of got to spill his guts and talk about what happened to him. Remember that conversation he had with the younger girl in rehab? Good scene, but I was really hoping that we had heard the last of his shooting. What this points to is a bigger issue with the show though. When there's so little character development (the shooting is really the only major thing that happened to Delko this season), anytime there's an opportunity for someone to make progress, the conversation falls back to the same thing. Everything becomes focused on, "So I was shot in the head a few months ago." We know. Fortunately, for those that saw next week's preview, it looks like we might finally be moving away from that.

That was my biggest concern about this installment. Some other things were very well done though. I enjoyed the twist, although it became a little obvious when the character of Eddie was in the first few minutes of the episode and didn't show up again until the end. That usually means you're guilty of something in the world of CSI. Most unexpected scene? That random nod to Britney Spears at the end of the episode. I'm not sure what the message was supposed to be, but an obvious Britney clone was checked into the rehab center, went to her room, snorted some coke, and shaved her head.

rating 3I was surprised that there was no mention of Scott O'Shay, but I'm sure that will be resolved before the season is done. Additionally, whatever happened to that city sponsored documentary that Wolfe was involved with? I got the impression that was going to play a large role this season and it got dropped very early on. Maybe it comes back in the finale? Sheds light on a previously closed case? I guess we'll have to wait and see. With all that in mind though, I'll give this episode a 3 out of 7. Some pros and cons, but as I said last week, it just gets me more excited for how the season is going to end.

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