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March 2, 2015

Gilmore Girls: It's Just Like Riding A Bike

by Joel Keller, posted Apr 24th 2007 11:32PM
Gilmore Girls(S07E19) Rumors have been flying around for years that Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson don't get along really well off the Gilmore Girls set. I've always wondered how things between them might go when the cameras weren't rolling. Would they be cordial to each other? Painfully polite?

Well, I'm wondering no longer. All I had to do was watch those first awkward scenes between Luke and Lorelai in this episode, and I now I have a pretty good idea how things are between this show's stars (if those rumors are true of course).

It was great to see Lorelai make the the first move and go into Luke's. Despite Kirk's usual over-anal documentation of how and when her old counter stool became his counter stool, the scene had a satisfying feel to it, as if the writers were gluing the largest piece of a broken lamp into place. Of course, not everything could go back to normal right away, as the former couple chit-chatted about how warm it was. But that was to be expected. What was even more uncomfortable was the beginning of their car-shopping trip. I think I've had more engaging conversations with dental hygienists cleaning my teeth.

But instead of showing us where the conversation turned, we just get back from a commercial break and see the two of them arguing like it was Season Four all over again. That was refreshing. I had almost forgotten how exasperated the two of them got with each other when they were just friends, but seeing that argument brought it all back. Even Lorelai knew, as the smile she gave while Luke was lecturing her about her "feeling" about cars indicated.

Of course, that led Luke to go the extra mile, something he used to do with regularity before the break-up. Though it's too bad he arranged that "Wrangler to Wrangler transplant," though, because Lauren Graham looked so utterly adorable riding that bike.

Speaking of which... I thought last week's episode was heavy on the symbolism, but this one beat it by a country mile. When Lorelai cites the old saw "it's just like riding a bike," we all know she's not referring to that bike she got twelve years ago. Sookie also wasn't really referring to Lorelai's busted dollhouse when she told her friend, "Everything can be be fixed, huh?" By the way, the writers went a long way to get to that line, didn't they? Sookie sends Jackson to Lorelai's so he doesn't get chicken pox. Jackson has fun when out from under Sookie's jack-booted reign. He breaks Lorelai's dollhouse. He and Sookie make up. Sookie says "Everything can be fixed." My, my. I haven't seen such an elaborate lead-up like that since Frasier went off the air.

On to other matters... It was good to see Paris get significant screen time this week; Liza Weil has been underused this season, but she's been funny whenever she was on-screen. This week was no exception. When I talked to Rich about this episode, he seemed to be skeptical that Paris would have realistically made it into all of the law and medical schools that she applied to. But I think that's completely within Paris' super-achiever character, and, as we found out, it came back to bite her in the ass. Sometimes, there's just a thing as too many choices, know what I mean? It was odd, though, that she'd have a lucky letter opener or find Rory to be lucky; Paris seems like the type who would dismiss luck as a tool of the ignorant or something. At least she decided to factor Doyle into her life, or rather Doyle decided to factor himself into her life. The hard, robotic Paris needed to become a well-rounded human at some point.

Of course, Paris is always there to speak the truth to her best friend. Despite her despair over breaking up her relationship, she managed to show Rory that she's factoring in her career over her relationship with Logan. The whole thing with Rory does seem odd, though... the Rory Gilmore of a few years ago wouldn't have based all of her hopes on a single opportunity. I guess that's why the writers decided to give Paris a wealth of choices; they wanted the stark contrast to Rory's decision to put her eggs in a New York Times-wrapped basket. As we saw at the end of the episode, doing that wasn't the best way to go.

One more thing... Michel drives a Golf? You'd think that he'd at least drive a Jetta; a sedan seems more appropriate for him.

Rating 5It was a pretty solid episode. The fact that Luke and Lorelai are back into their old rhythm made it a very satisfying one, as well. Like most of the good episodes this year, this deserves a 5 on our 1-7 scale. Three more episodes left. Will they be the last three ever? If so, time's getting short, isn't it?

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