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October 7, 2015

Does anybody really care about this Alec Baldwin thing?

by Anna Johns, posted Apr 26th 2007 10:24AM
alec baldwinAlec Baldwin apologizes to the public and to his daughter on The View today for poor parenting. As Bob mentioned, he also tells the audience that he has asked to be released from his 30 Rock contract because he does not want to bring bad press to the show. (NBC has thankfully rejected that request)

He has been making headlines all week after a really nasty voicemail message he left for his daughter was somehow leaked to the entertainment media-types. Baldwin is currently in a bitter custody battle over his 12-year old daughter, Ireland, with his ex-wife, Kim Basinger. Baldwin blames Basinger for leaking the audio, she denies it. She also released a statement saying that she hopes Baldwin gets control of his anger.

I wonder... is Alec's career really as damaged as he seems to think it is? Are people going to stop watching 30 Rock or suddenly dislike his 30 Rock character because he left a mean voicemail for his daughter? Am I the only one who thinks he's overreacting by attempting to resign from the show?

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I can't stand Alec for his view on the Iraq war however I stand behind him 110% on rasing his daughter right. Kids may be living in the age of instant gratification but someone has to draw the line and let them know about reality regardless how much money you have to make demands on people. You can't go around doing that in life.

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I've always enjoyed Alec Baldwin as an entertainer, and I have no intention of boycotting his shows because he is having difficulties in his personal life. I've never been overly impressed by the infamous ex Ms Kim how DO you pronounce her last name Basinger.... Having seen similar (but thank god much less publicized!) family struggles with friends and relatives.. I have nothing but sympathy for the man. He loves his daughter enough to be hurt by her behaviour... would that every man cared so much about his offspring...

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I think it shows that Baldwin isn't too bright. To leave a hostile message like that when you have bad divorce/custody case issues. He handed her the weapon and she used it.

I bet nearly everyone that has kids has gone off on them at one point. The pig comment was over the top for me, but I have heard tales of far worse name calling.

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I can't believe the comments that approve of what Alec said to his daughter. It was abuse pure and simple. Like everyone I got yelled at by my parents, but they didn't call me belittling names meant only to put me down. Heck, he made it clear he didn't even know how old she was. It wasn't discipline, it was him acting like a big baby not like a parent. He said he wanted to be closer to his daughter butthe message would only have the opposite effect.
That said, I will continue to watch 30 Rock and I don't think the show would be as good without him. I have no respect for him as a parent but a lot of respect for him as an actor. I'm sure many famous performers aren't necessarily great human beings. I think actors are sometimes hurt careerwise when they are proven to be the opposite of their public image or of a role they are most known for playing. But this isn't the case here and I don't think this incident will affect the ratings for 30 Rock.

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I don't care.

I was yelled at by my parents just as badly on occasion - and I deserved it. I'm thinking she probably did too.

Gee, the message SOMEHOW got leaked? The only person that really benefits from it's being leaked is Basinger considering the upcoming litigation.

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As many people have noted, none of us know what was happening behind the scenes of that family situation, although I do admit I gasped in horror when I heard the tape. But while I'm not sure my parents ever went on at such length, I could definitely release some shocking tapes of things that were said to me, if anyone gave a shit. The thing is, most families have areas that don't withstand sunlight. That's why god created therapy.

That being said, now that I hear that Baldwin's request to be released wasn't a whim of his own but an attempt to divert bad publicity from NBC, it seems like a fairly gracious gesture, and one that allowed NBC to look like the good guys if it turned out that they really did want to give him the boot. He turned a PR negative into a positive.

I'm glad NBC rejected his request. He really does make that show! Of course, maybe they just won't renew the show, and that makes the whole thing moot, eh?

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Casey Russell

Who cares? I found this slam of the Today Show coverage of Baldwin vs Basinger at

April 26 2007 at 2:57 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I saw a woman smack her child with her cell phone at the mall one time. That didn't make news so why should this. It wont stop me from watching 30 Rock (I only watch it occasionly anyway)

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If it weren't for Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock wouldn't be nearly as funny. He should stay. I'm sure he's smart enough to can find a way to make amends without leaving the show. I think he's having a minor freakout, with good reason, that'll pass.

I think he was a frustrated father who lost his cool. Yeah okay it wasn't appropriate to yell at her, he should have saved it for Kim but obviously she was making it hard to get ahold of her too. We don't know the full context, maybe Ireland is a Hollywood brat maybe not, it's not our business to know either. Leaking the voicemail was solely designed to damage Alec's career. If he quits, then it worked. I know how dirty divorce can get. When my parents divorced my mom played a lot of headgames with my dad.

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Free Alec Baldwin

Free Alec Baldwin! -His Own Private Durham. Put Up Your Dukes Kim.
Why be a good celebrity parent? There's nothing more boring than setting a good example--Alec's heated tirade voice mail, calling out his 11 year-old daughter, is called parenting. No Anger Management here. No rehab. No check up from the neck up. But no Father's Day card either. He regreted saying all of that . Is this enough to make him finally make good on his promise to leave the country? It should be, given that spending quality time with your children, if you are a divorced father in America , amounts to being a throwaway dad, where the mother often holds her kids for ransom. More than that, when an angry wife makes an accusation, it is assumed true, regardless of how outrageous and the Father's rights are taken away until he can prove himself innocent.
More at:

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