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October 13, 2015

FX to likely renew Dirt and The Riches

by Joel Keller, posted Apr 26th 2007 10:04AM
The RichesIt's amazing to me how different the standards of success are for cable and broadcast TV, even within the same company. Take FOX, for example: they just decided to cancel Drive, after what they saw as dismal ratings on their broadcast network. But on their cable network, FX, two shows that have gotten so-so ratings and very little critical buzz -- The Riches and Dirt -- are likely to be renewed, according to MediaWeek.

Speaking before a screening for their new Glen Close series, Damages, network president John Landgraf told the trade paper, "We're really happy with the performance of Dirt and The Riches, and I expect them to return." Apparently, the cumulative ratings garnered by multiple airings of each show's episodes put it on the same audience levels as the network's more established shows. Huh. Go figure.

So I wasn't completely wrong when, in my review of the last Riches episode, I mentioned that the ratings weren't very good. But between the three airings the show gets per week, it manages to scrounge up enough of an audience to make FX happy. Good. It's a good show with good performances, especially from Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver. It deserves another season.

Dirt, on the other hand... well, from what I've heard, the show was pretty inconsistent in its first season, especially the performance of its star and executive producer, Courteney Cox. It makes me wonder how lousy the ratings must have been for some other FX shows, like Lucky, that were dumped after their first seasons. They were much better than Dirt, but never got a chance to find an audience. Like I said before: Go figure.

[thanks to Bill for the tip.]

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I Really Like Courtney Cox I have watched her since friends were on and I love her show now. My Husband and I make sure that every tuesday we are in front of the tv watching Dirt. Please make sure you keep this show on, you can't leave us hanging from the last episode I am dying to see what happens. Thanks Samantha From Bonner Springs, Kansas.

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Great news on both counts!! I admit it, I LOVE me some Dirt!!

I agree with what others are saying. The broadcast networks REALLY have to convince me to watch a new show. I've been burned too many times.

I DVR'd Drive for that very reason. I deleted those episodes as soon as I heard it was cancelled.

FX just keeps producing killer content. I'll give any new show on FX a chance.

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At this point, I think Minear maybe deserves his *own* cable channel.

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I vote that Tim Minear gets a deal with some cable channel.

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Oh finally its so nice to see a show go beyond just a first season for once. I am so sick of watching shows that end before the 13 episode orders are even complete. Ive become so removed from shows when i watch them cause i know at any moment they could be removed. And Fox is by far the worst...I think we all know this. I remember having this problem back in 2000. There are so many shows that pick up an audience the 2nd year, they just dont give anything a chance anymore. And since everyone knows that shows are likely to be cancelled on no notice, its no wonder that ratings are bad. Ive tivo'd actual seasons of shows to watch during the summer so that i could know if it was going to be cancelled. So that way i could know whether to invest my time or just delete the few episodes that air. I love television...but seriously the people running these channels are horrible. I wanna just go in there are start running it myself.

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Huzzah! "The Riches" is coming back!!!

As to the networks being responsible for the death of network television--yeah, I buy that. No, it's not the FCC. "Lost" isn't big because it needed profanity, and "The Riches" isn't small because it does. They are what they are.

But what the networks DO do is watch numbers from the pilot onward and display absolutely no faith in anything that doesn't get "Lost" numbers from the get-go. Look at "Drive"--I'm not saying it was a great show (hell, it had Nathan Fillion on it--I would have watched it if it was Norwegian interpretive dance), but how many people on this very blog said that they weren't going to watch it at all because they didn't trust Fox not to pull it after a few episodes? Self-fulfilling prophecy. Fox pulls it for low ratings--low ratings their own practices were in part responsible for generating.

NBC did the same thing with "Kidnapped," one of the best new shows I've seen in years. Brilliant writing, production, acting--you name it. And it got yanked after half a dozen episodes. Heaven forbid any network allows a show to grow anymore. No, every show has to be a prodigy.

It's a disgrace. And it generates a lack of trust in the networks, so people go to cable--again, self-fulfilling prophecy: network Chicken Littles wail about how their ratings are falling.

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I could not agree more with the above post.
Best new show this year!Now if only "thief" would come back...

April 26 2007 at 12:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Halle-frickin'-lluah, the Riches got renewed!!! That show is the most interesting, intricate, original and entertaining show that's been on in a long time.

I also had an intense dislike for Minnie Driver pre-Riches, but now I think she's absolutely amazing. She floats between performing gut-wrenching drama & sharp, perfectly timed comedy effortlessly. I think she's fearless in her role.

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"Network Television is dying and the networks have no one to blame but themselves."

"Actually, they do-- the FCC. It's not responsible for their fickleness, but it does mean they can't even try to develop edgy programming like "Dirt" and "The Riches", or "The Wire" or "The Sopranos" or "The Shield" or "Nip/Tuck" or "Rescue Me" or "Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia", when there's clearly a market for it. Watch it happen to cable, too, as the FCC encourages Congress to find a pretext to regulate cable content, if the producers are not successful in getting the courts to overturn whatever sausage gets passed."

The networks are to blame. I grew up watching TV with my mother and father, watching family shows such as All in the family, Bewitched, the original Battlestar Galactica, Love Boat, and Fantasy Island. Then we moved on to more adult shows such as Dr. Who, Twin Peaks, American Gothic, Hill Street Blues, Moonlighting and countless others, in short my parents raised children who loved television. We may have tuned out TV when we grew up but we came back to other great shows such as The Practice, Melrose Place, Seinfeld, Friends, Frasier, ER, CSI, Lost, The New Battlestar Galactica but what are the parents of today doing?

I'll tell you what they are doing. In this day and age where every household has more that 2 TV’s they are letting their children pick and choose what they want to watch and what are the picking day after day? Cartoons that’s what.
And why are they picking cartoons because the networks have given them no other choices. Their are no family shows on any more there are no shows to reel in the younger audience. On most networks all there are is reality show or game shows from 8-10. If you were a kid would you want to watch crap like Dancing with the Stars or American Idol (If you do like AI do you want little kids picking your AI. I sure don't) or how about Are you smarter than a 5th grader? These kids are in the fifth grade they do school work all day think they want to watch it on TV, um...nope. When these kids do out grow their cartoons they are tuning in to video games and why because they look like cartoons.

The networks covet the demographics 22- 35 because they are the best consumers spending the money on products and services but in the not to distant future the children of today will be THAT coveted demographic and they will be playing their video games and watching what little TV they do watch online. So rest in piece network TV I loved you but you are shooting you own foot off.

April 26 2007 at 12:17 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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