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October 13, 2015

Lost: D.O.C.

by Erin Martell, posted Apr 26th 2007 12:55AM

Andrew Divoff(S03E18) I don't know about you, but the last scene in that episode kind of freaked me out. Naomi the parachutist had better do some talking next week. Creepy revelations aside, how incredible was Yunjin Kim's performance? Between Sun's overall awesomeness and Jin's fighting skills, those two deserve their own spin-off. I haven't loved the Sun-Jin episodes in the past, but this one was amazing!

The Flashback

A long time ago, Sun and Jin were the cutest newlyweds ever. I couldn't stop grinning as they flirted and declared that they loved each other "madly." Their early happiness only makes their later troubles more depressing. The couple barely had time to enjoy moving into their first apartment before dealing with their first crisis.

Worst. Mother-in-law. Ever. Jin's supposedly dead mother approached Sun soon after the wedding and blackmailed Sun for $100,000. She didn't reveal her identity at the time, but she threatened to tell the press that Mr. Paik's little girl married the son of a prostitute. Sun wisely decided not to tell Jin, but she paid a visit to Mr. Kwon instead.

Mr. Kwon confirmed that Jin's mother was with "a lot" of men, and that she was still alive. Jin might even be someone else's son. Like Sun, Mr. Kwon was once faced with the choice of telling Jin the truth or sparing him "the shame of where he came from." Sun did a kind thing by keeping the blackmail a secret from Jin, but she hurt him in the process.

Mr. Paik would make Jin bear the debt by making him his personal assistant ("...In Translation"). Personally, I would rather hear an unpleasant truth about my parents than become some shady rich guy's violent enforcer, but that's just me. Ironically, Jin made a point of saying that he wanted to avoid being in Paik's debt, after finding the $100,000. This situation reminded me of Kate's flashback a few weeks ago. Even when you try your best to help the ones you love, you can fail.

Sun really proved that she was her father's daughter when she paid off the blackmailer. She told Jin's mom that she knew exactly who she was, and threatened her life for good measure. The tough look on Sun's face as she walked off was priceless; do not mess with the Paiks, people.

The Beach/The Staff Station

The great debate over the father of Sun's baby was finally resolved. Jack's sudden appearance in the garden made Sun suspicious of his motives. It's interesting that Sun doesn't trust Jack as implicitly as before. Perhaps she's not alone. That scary music as Jack approached her wasn't helping matters for me, either. Eventually Sun got to the truth, after a dramatic argument with Juliet. Again, Yunjin Kim rocked this episode like nobody's business.

Juliet came to Sun in the middle of the night and led her to the medical station where Claire was kept. Sun was probably too concerned over her possible death to ask Juliet why she was being so secretive, so I'll give her a pass. But it was the first of several flags raised by Juliet's behavior. Her heartfelt story about wanting to give pregnant women good news was the next flag.

Juliet showed Sun the hidden room where the island's pregnant women went to die. I could do without any more scenes in the Staff Station; that place gives me the heebie-jeebies. Sun confessed that she had cheated on Jin, and that Jin was sterile. My heart broke when she tearfully said "I lose either way." Please, someone, give this woman an acting award. Juliet determined the date of conception, and told Sun that the baby was conceived on the island. Sun will probably die in two months, but she was too happy that the baby was Jin's to care about herself.

Before returning to the beach, Juliet innocently went back to the Staff Station. She found a tape recorder in one of the lockers and left a message for Ben. At least part of the Others' plan for Juliet was explained; she's there to get samples from the other women. Oh, and she hates Ben. I know that last part was meant to make us sympathize with Juliet, but I'm not on board with that. Are you?

The Jungle

I'm not sure what to think about the campers' encounter with Mikhail. Hopefully the writers will provide more of an explanation than Mikhail's statement that "on this island, the rules are a bit different." Obviously the healing process is accelerated on this island, but Mikhail looked pretty dead to me. Honestly, I'm not that upset over the lack of detail this time around. It is Lost, after all, and I was sorry to see Mikhail go after two episodes.

It's likely that Mikhail was brought back for more than just medical assistance. He was able to save Naomi in one of the grossest on-screen medical procedures ever (probably not, but I'm easily disgusted). Patchy also found time to get in an impressive fight with Jin and to mess with everyone's heads. Thank goodness that Jin realized Mikhail took the satellite phone. If Mikhail bothered to steal it, there must be some way to make it work.

Finally, a little news from the outside world. Naomi informed Hurley that Oceanic 815 did crash, but the wreckage was found. All of the passengers were dead. Start your conspiracy theories--huge cover-up, parallel timelines, etc.

Final thoughts/questions:

  • How can Juliet be so confident that she'll have Kate's sample soon?
  • How many languages does Naomi know, anyway? What's the significance of her being multilingual?
  • Apparently Jin was in the Army at some point. Are the writers creating content for future flashbacks?
  • So, Mikhail is alive. I need more.
  • Juliet lost nine patients in three years. We saw Sabine's death during "One of Us." Will we learn about any of the other women?
  • Hurley wins the day for funniest lines: "Oops" (after firing the flare); "Like I'd tell you" (after spilling the beans to Mikhail); and, "Mom?" (talking into the phone).
  • What was with the weird cut during Jin's fight scene? He had Mikhail in a headlock, and suddenly Desmond pushed Mikhail against a tree.
  • Did Mikhail think that someone else set off the flare? Why did he respond to it?

7 out of 7In spite of the unexplained Mikhail appearance, I'm giving this episode a 7 out of 7. Yunjin Kim earned it. Elizabeth Mitchell is no slouch, either.

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D.O.C. = Dead on Crash
Naomi's statement to Hurley is too big to be a red herring. It makes sense that all the passengers died in the crash. But then what happened to them? Many cultures believe that when you die on earth you are re-materialized in either Heaven or Hell. Some cultures believe that you are re-materialized with the possessions around you when you die. Just before a person dies, it is said that that their life "flashes" before their eyes. This could be data collection from a person's memories for the re-materialization in the next realm.
What if the 815ers landed in Hell but don't know it? Hell is supposed to be fire and brimstone. But what if it is an island of pychological fears and tedious eternity is one's penance? (punching in numbers every 108 minutes, staring a TV monitors, watching patients die in OR, running away from Smokey).
In hell, a pregnant woman who dies can come to term; but a woman in hell can't come to term to create a "new" life.
But this little corner of Hell is special because Satan's minions (Ben's business card) are on a special mission: to create new life to go back through the Gate to Earth as the Devil's Hell Spawn army for the Rapture/Judgement Day. Juliet's research is all about creating new life where it should not occur naturally. That is why Ben will never allow her to leave.
So once the 815ers realize that they are "dead," and the evil purpose of the island Others, the epic battle between Good and Evil will occur.

I recall the producers specifically claiming that the show is not about characters in purgatory, which would technically correct if the show is set in Hell.
I also recall that one producer once said early in Season 1 describing Lost as a show about "redemption and rebirth."
Why would the creators drop the revelation that the survivors are dead?

If everyone on the island is already dead, they could not "die" again in the conventional sense, but they can only "leave" Hell by dying in this realm after their past sins have been redeemed.
The rule could be that an islander can't leave the island by an agency of his own demise, i.e suicide. Example, Patchy wanted Kluge to shoot him and she refused. So he runs through the sonic fence to die, but does not because it was an act of suicide.
Example, Desmond turning the key to implode the hatch was a suicidal act so he rematerialized in jungle.

May 02 2007 at 3:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

What if the wreckage they found was nothing more than the tail section? Ana-Lucia said she woke up under water, some of the plane must have landed in the water.

Jennifer, you rock. Awesome comment. Not only did it clear up a bunch of the questions and misinformation in previous comments, but it was funny as s***. Top drawer!

Island-flashback episode? Sounds awesome.

April 29 2007 at 8:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
A Viewer

Hmm, I tried to post earlier but it didn't take.
Anyway, this was an excellent episode! I was so happy that Mikhail was back, regardless of how ridiculous it was, because he was the coolest of the Others characters. But what's with these ideas that he faked his death?
While it is possible to fake one's death, faking blood spurting out of your ears as your eardrums explode and foaming at the mouth is probably impossible.

I guess that the barrier came oh-so-close to killing him, but the island was able to heal him since he barely escaped death.

Sun gave a really good performance this episode, and while I liked the flashback, I must admit I thought that the blackmailer was Jin's prostitute mother from the very first flashback. Still, it was good.

So, Juliet is trying to take samples of all of the female castaways' amniotic fluid, huh? This made me realize how few women are left. Shannon, Ana-Lucia, Nikki, Libby -- all dead. Even so, there are surely other women besides Claire, Sun, and Kate that were in the crash, right? What about those women you see in the background sometimes -- Juliet doesn't need samples from them?

But that's nitpicking. One more thing about Juliet and Sun, though. Does anyone know if the procedure Juliet did was based on scientific fact? My mom, who also watches "Lost," told me that there's no way they can tell when the woman got pregnant by simply looking at the ultrasound, especially in the first trimester. So -- was this intentional pseudo-science and a con on Juliet's part so she could examine Sun, or was it just the "Lost" writers not doing their homework? Or is it based in scientific fact and my mom was wrong?

Finally, last but not least, to talk about the parachutist. First off, why didn't she speak English all of that time? Why speak in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, etc. when she could clearly hear our castaways speaking English? Perhaps she was in such agony that she reverted to her native tongue, I thought initially, but somehow I don't think her native tongue was Chinese. :) So why would she be speak Chinese at such a time.

Secondly, apparently she said in Portuguese to Mikhail "I'm not the only one" even though he told Desmond that she said "Thank you." I agree with whoever said that means someone else was in the helicopter. The first thought that came to my mind when I heard about what she really said was Kurt Cobain singing that same lyric in the Nirvana song "Rape Me." And I'm sure that I'm not the only one. Or am I?

Finally, the big shocker at the end where the parachutist said that the wreckage of Flight 815 had already been found and that there were no survivors. I suspect that the wreckage that was found was part of a coverup, or else the island is a normal island in one dimension where the plane crashed and in another dimension it has all this crazy stuff and our survivors.

I don't know... I'm kind of rambling, so I'll just close with this thought:
Sun's going to die in two months. Each season on this show is one month in island time, roughly. So, Sun dies in the series finale.
Go to Vegas and put money on it now. ...Actually, don't.

April 29 2007 at 3:42 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Since we don't know who Jin's father really is...could he be Sun's sister? I don't know, but what if...

April 27 2007 at 9:34 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Maybe someone already said this but in regards to Sun, why is it when the fetus dies, the mother dies? Why wouldn't it just be a miscarriage but the mother would live? Food for thought.

April 27 2007 at 6:28 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I agree with you Akbar... that was kinda my whole point. I believe there WAS a coverup of the plane crash- but if so how do Michael & Walt figure in to that- did they never actually go home? Probably.

I reiterate- Purgatory is a stupid theory which has already been dubunked by the producers. They wouldn't, but if they did change their minds and make it Purgatory they'd have alot of angry people on their hands!

April 27 2007 at 4:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

blood not blond sorry typo!!

April 27 2007 at 9:24 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Also, in regards to Patchy it is completely possible that the electrocution did not kill him, but critically injured him. And following along those lines as long as he is not dead the Island can regenerate his body. As for the blond and foaming of the mouth, those are preliminary stages to severe electrocution, not the final stage of electrocution before death

April 27 2007 at 9:23 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Please people drop the stupid Purgatory idea, the Producers have stated that it is not Purgatory, I REPEAT NOT PURGATORY!!!!!!!!!!

April 27 2007 at 9:20 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The fact that "Patch" survived is the biggest thing that bothered me about this episode. It flies in the face of nearly any credible explanation. If anyone actually dies on the island, then everyone should be subject to the rule of death. Or, if one person can be revived, then all people should be able to be revived.

I was really annoyed at Hurley just spouting off about the sat phone to the "other". People should be massively, massively suspicious of any "other" they encounter. Letting him go? Not having him fully tied up and gagged all the time so he could not steal the sat phone in the first place?

As for the rest, this baby stuff is strange indeed. And the revelation that someone seems to have "staged" or "covered up" the 815 flight crash on the "real" universe of Earth seems incredulous. Unless this island really is some sort of Purgatory, as has been speculated in the past. Are these people really dead and working towards redemption or condemnation so they can be sorted? Some do good and go to heaven and some do bad and go down to hades?

We need more answers, and we need 'em fast.

Why these folks have not throught of holding some of the others hostage and actually answering questions and demanding answers is beyond me. The fact that these folks don't insist on those answers stretches the credibility of the entire concept. You are there 90 days and don't pin down folks and start demanding answers and doing whatever it takes to get them?

If I had an "other" in my clutches, I'd be all over the "Who are you people? Why are you here? What is Dharma? What is that black fog thing? Are we all really alive? How did you find out about this place? How is this place different from the universe we used to be in?"

Stuff like that.

Come on, Lost - pick up the pace, ok?

April 27 2007 at 4:31 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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