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October 8, 2015

Rumor mill: TiVo to launch $300 HD PVR

by Brad Linder, posted May 1st 2007 9:00AM
TiVo Series3So Gizmodo's fanning the flames of the rumor mill by reporting that TiVo's could be prepping a $300 high definition personal video recorder. Sure, the Series3 HD TiVo launched at $800, but now TiVo's offered it at promotional prices as low as $499. Is it too much of a stretch to think the company can offer a stripped down model for $300?

Maybe. Here's the thing. While TiVo CEO Tom Rogers did say back in March that the company is looking into a lower-cost PVR, I'm just not sure we can expect them to release a device anytime soon that's going to dramatically undercut the sales of the their existing box. Because if you could pay $300 or $800 for boxes that do almost the same thing, which would you choose?

As it is, the Series3 TiVo still doesn't support some of the features that are standard on the Series2 standard definition box, like TiVoToGo. If and when TiVo releases a low-cost HD box, I imagine it either:
  1. Won't be able to do half of what the Series3 can do (in terms of having dual tuners, support for TiVo Desktop, etc).
  2. Or will be heavily subsidized by cable company partners like Comcast.
Sure, Comcast is working with TiVo to roll out TiVo software on Motorola set-to-boxes. But isn't it possible that these rumored low cost TiVo units could just be hardware designed for cable partners?

TiVo Lovers has an interesting take on this rumor, asking the question: if you were going to trim something off of the Serie3 to cut costs, what would it be? In a highly unscientific poll, it appears the leading contenders are cosmetic things like using a Series2-style remote control, or having a simpler looking case without the front panel controls.

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If the rumor mill is right, you can bet the coming models in the 3 series will include variations on the features already built into the flagship (one model does not a series make). So, you might have one that is over-the-air and basic cable only with no cable card. Or you might have one that is cable card only.

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