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October 7, 2015

Gilmore Girls: Unto The Breach

by Joel Keller, posted May 8th 2007 10:06PM
Gilmore Girls: Unto the Breach
So here we are... the next-to-last (or penultimate, if you want to use SAT words) episode of Gilmore Girls. Like I said when the show's demise was first announced, it seems like the show wouldn't be able to wrap up any of their loose ends, especially because the season was already in the can when the announcement was made. But as we found out from one Ms. Lauren Graham, chances were that the show wasn't going to come back, anyway, and the last few episodes were written to function as a season and series finale.

You know what that means: whatever grand plans Amy Sherman-Palladino, or even David Rosenthal, had to conclude the series will never see the light of day, and whatever Rosenthal and company devised for next week will have to suffice for the show's fans. Oh, well. I hope there's some sort of closure, even if that closure makes the viewers say, "Too bad we can't see what happens next."

OK, let's get right to the most important part of the episode: Rory said no. Wow. For some reason, there was a part of me that didn't expect that to happen. I think it was because I had seen the squishy, indecisive Rory from the last couple of years and figured she'd melt as soon as Logan showed her the ring. But the strong Rory from seasons 1-5 (and the last few episodes) finally took over the joint and said no.

Good for her! Logan actually turned out to be a pretty damn good boyfriend, one who found responsibility and a sense of what's important in his life, but he made one mistake: he expected Rory Gilmore, who's always had a world of choices, to toss those choices away and move across the country right after graduation. Squishy Rory reared her head a little when she turned down his proposal (after she just got her diploma, no less... talk about ballsy), saying they could try a long-distance relationship. But she probably knew that Logan wasn't going to go back to that after giving her the ring. Was seeing her give the ring back to him while she's still in her cap and gown a little sad? Sure. But every GG fan knew that Rory wouldn't be Rory if she wasn't out on her own.

Gilmore Girls: Unto the BreachRory's reasoning was sound: for the first time in a while, things are wide open, and she's actually starting to like that. She probably realized that even Yale grads who seemed to have their career path set for them -- New York Times, The New Yorker, a spot on Conan O'Brien's writing staff (oops, that's Harvard) -- don't necessarily need to go down that path. She can work for an alt-weekly, or a magazine, or (gasp!) a cable network! Or she can just take the summer off, as I said last week. She'll learn, just like the rest of us do, that the sheepskin in her hand only helps her get her first job; the rest of her career is up to her.

Nice to see Christopher back. Seriously. It's good to see that things between him and Lorelai are civil after the entire divorce thing (by the way, did they even get a divorce? No one ever even mentioned the word until Lorelai said they'd eventually get the hang of the "divorced parent thing"). As usual, he has taken his seat as the distant second-in-command in charge of his daughter's life. After Rory ran out of Richard and Emily's graduation party after saying "I don't know" to Logan, she called Lor. And guess what? Chris told her that he'll stay back while Lor talked to her. That's always been the way of their relationship, and Chris' absence during Rory's first eighteen or so years is going to cost him dearly for the rest of his life; he knows he has no power in matters like this.

Lorelai showed great restraint in telling Rory that this was her decision (I like how they talked in the horse and carriage Logan got for their post-engagement romantic moment). We knew from her discussion with Sookie that she'd rather her daugher wait, but she also knew that influencing Rory one way or the other was a bad idea, no matter how much her mother objected to that. No "turtle-bird" compromises this time around for Rory, and she knew it.

Of course, Lorelai and Luke's history bled into the discussion over Rory, and it was all because Kirk wanted to sit in a Lucite box. She goes out to see him and runs into Luke. We had the usual TV romance misunderstanding earlier, when he overheard Loreali tell Babette and Miss Patty that her karaoke serenade to Luke of "I Will Always Love You" meant nothing. Scott Patterson did a great job showing Luke become crestfallen at the news (remember, he bought a necklace from Liz that he fully intended to give to Lorelai at some point). She advocated leaping, while he advocated being careful. It almost felt like last season's finale all over again, and it seemed like a cheesy way of extending the tension for just one more episode. However, thanks to the CW's promo department, we know a little of how that situation is going to turn out next week.

Oh, a word about "Kirk in a box": Is Kirk going to blow himself up, Daffy Duck-style, as his ultimate stunt next week? Remember, it's a great trick, but you can only do it once.

More fun stuff: Paris' super negotiating skills with her Craigslist "victims". Also, it was kind of sweet to see Paris get along with Lucy and Olivia; maybe it was graduation-itis, but it seems like the two of them would be the complete opposite of who Paris would ever get along with. But she's finally loosening up... somewhat. It's going to be kind of hard studying those medical textbooks when she and Doyle are trekking through India.

rating 6I wonder if Michael Winters, who plays Taylor, hurt himself, thus the scene of Taylor in a wheelchair. But it was cute that the entire town wanted to go to Rory's graduation. The town voting for a graduation re-enactment sets the stage for next week. Hopefully there we'll see Michel, Jackson, Zack, and Lane. Heck, I hope we see everybody. It's the last go-around for Gilmore, and I'll be there to see it. Despite the cheesiness of the artificial Lorelai-Luke tension, this was a good mix of comedy, drama, and surprises. I'm giving it a 6.

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I was saddened by this ep, mainly because Rory didn't seem to be really "In LOVE" with Logan after all...if she were, she would have agreed to a long engagement, which would have been a good thing for both of them. Especially since Logan is now away from the whole snobby Huntsberger clan, he and Rory could set up a new life for themselves and both get great careers going. Because she said she loved him, and he said he loved her, it seems only natural that they'd want to be together, regardless of age or where they had to move. Is Rory still such a child that she can't leave the East Coast and Stars Hollow, but has to stay near mommy? That's just sad. I thought she was more mature than that. I moved out to the East Coast the day after I graduated from college and started work on my masters degree. I knew no one on the East Coast and I'd only been out of the midwest twice in my life, so I know of what I speak. Rory, if she is smart, will move out and away and set up her own life! And Logan has been a great boyfriend, it was sad to see him so crestfallen. Their relationship suddenly seemed like just a friendship when Rory was so cold to him.
I was also sad to see how badly things went with Luke and Lor...I mean come on people, are we going to leave this show without even one happily ever after? Dang it! I recorded the pilot episode and watched it before I watched this episode, and I am hoping that they will bring Lorelai full circle in the final episode, and have her come into Lukes and have them have a steady relationship. BTW, Kirk should blow himself up, he's been such a nutball and wreaked so much havoc on the town I'd be glad to see the last of him.

May 11 2007 at 8:29 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Wow, julielw, that was a really weak response to a well-reasoned response by jojo. You apparently lack the courage of your convictions. It seems you have the 'tude, not Flavia, and that 'tude is "anything goes," no matter how inane. I appreciate jojo's attempt to raise the level of discourse.


May 10 2007 at 6:52 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

JoJo AND julielw

You BOTH need to move on.........did you both forget it is only television.


BOTH? Who's this "BOTH" you're talking about? Don't drag me into jojo's ticket obsession. My last comment to her was just to try to bring attention to the "who cares about the tickets" attitude I have. Rules are rules. Yale has theirs. The town should have understood that. Really though, when it comes down to it - I personally could care less about the stupid tickets. It's her rant not mine.

Besides Flavia, there's really no need to dish out an attitude. I'm already over it (not like there was anything to "get over"). Apparently *you* became a little bugged about things yourself - hence your dishing out.

Have a nice day all.:-)

May 10 2007 at 3:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

JoJo AND julielw

You BOTH need to move on.........did you both forget it is only television.


May 10 2007 at 1:33 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Julielw, Should we suffer fools gladly?

May 10 2007 at 1:30 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

"Come on julielw, get a grip. Your premises are shaky to nonexistent.....accorded to Rory over the years is testimony to that simple fact."

Man....you're really bothered about those tickets.

May 10 2007 at 12:17 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Come on julielw, get a grip. Your premises are shaky to nonexistent. First, while Lor make not like “special treatment,” when it comes to Rory she has feasted on all the special privileges that money and clout could buy. Second, I don’t think the whole town wanted to attend the graduation. How many attended Rory’s graduation from Chilton, after all? Third, if you think Yale does not pander to boosters like the Gilmores, then you live in a fantasy world. The world is not fair and all of the “special treatment” accorded to Rory over the years is testimony to that simple fact.


May 10 2007 at 11:18 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm glad Rory isn't getting married. She's WAY too young. Unfortunately, Logan wanted all or nothing. That made me mad because they could have done the long distance thing again. It sucks that they couldn't have stayed together. Maybe one day they'll come together again when they're both ready and they will get married.

As far as the ticket go....there's four per person. That's it. If they make exceptions for one they have to do it for all. Now granted, Lor's father could have pulled some strings maybe to have gotten a FEW more but 1) Lor. doesn't like special treatment. 2) The WHOLE town wanted to go! I could see being able to get at the MOST four more tickets but ALL of those extra tickets?! No way.

May 10 2007 at 9:35 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The graduation scene during the ceremony was unrealistic - there were more people at the Saved by the Bell Bayside High Graduation than at YALE... what was that?

May 10 2007 at 12:00 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

for me, the sweetest moment of all was paris hugging rory. and i too liked seeing her swilling champagne with the wacky girls. rory's right: paris has definitely mellowed. i agree w/ courtney about scott patterson & would say the same about liza weil. she is awesome, and even though i know she'll go on to plenty of work in the future, i am really going to miss her as paris. she's got to be one of the best characters ever made.
agree that rory was right to dump logan. i hate that whole idea of popping the question in front of the girl's whole family - it's blackmail. she can't say no, or even 'let me think about it,' without looking like a jerk. it was also like a bizarre deja vu of her and dean on their 3rd month anniversary - which i'm sure we all remember. i liked that; it made me feel like this IS old-skool rory. she should be excited about having her options wide open. who wants to see her become mrs. logan huntzberger? ugh. like going back to the d.a.r.
disagree that they should have tried to get the whole town into yale's graduation. it's ridiculous. shallow and self-centered? come on. only your family should have to sit through those godawful ceremonies that somehow always manage to be brutally hot and boring. the town should do what they do best: just celebrate.

May 09 2007 at 9:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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