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October 4, 2015

Survivor Fiji: You've Got A Puzzled Look (season finale)

by Deidre Woollard, posted May 13th 2007 11:30PM
(S14E14) Oh my. Yau-Man made this season one of the most interesting to watch right up until the final episode. This was nearly the season that proved to me that Survivor should just be retired. But then we got to see some very interesting twists, not the ones by the editing team, which were haphazard and ineffective but by Yau-Man as he became one of the most loveable longshots the game has ever seen.

I love the blinded maze challenge it brings a bit of humor to the proceedings watching everyone stumble around. Cassandra is the very opposite of a challenge monster (challenge minnow perhaps). Yau-Man, Boo and Dreamz all stumble around pretty effectively but Yau-Man wins immunity.

Boo's last gasp plea is against Dreamz which make me wonder why no one targets Cassandra. She's total dead weight, a placeholder, only there because she is a vote and a body. This season many commenters on this blog have commented on how Jeff leads the discussion at tribal and thereby influences votes. That is definitely in play tonight but it's a bit pointless. We all know who is going home. Earl plays his idol just because it is the last chance he can.

Cuteness points to Earl for saying that he and Yau-Man are like "Rush Hour." Dreamz gets honor points for saying he is going to try and win the immunity challenge even though he has to surrender the necklace to Yau.

The river tour of fallen Survivors reminds me how few of these people I liked or even remember. Not a great season overall even though the last few weeks have been interesting. Alex's sound clip is so self-aggrandizing it make so glad he didn't end up in the finals.

Wow, the final immunity challenge is a torture challenge involving both a rack and water torture.It's a bit painful to watch and it seems like one of those challenge were a slight error might decide things as often happens in the final challenge. Cassandra goes first of course. I was surprised she held on as long as she did. Poor Yau with his tiny bird wind arms. Earl falls out of the challenge leaving Yau-Man and Dreamz. Now Yau-Man must not trust Dreamz otherwise he would have immediately dropped but he did eventually drop. Dreamz has the necklace. Oh now it's on...

Dreamz looks like he is going to barf. Yau-Man fondles the necklace but suspects he's not getting anywhere near it. Now Dreamz starts spinning his fiction about how much he has suffered and struggled and how he might be giving up one million dollars since there will be 3 people at final tribal. Of course if he doesn't do it will anyone vote for him to have $1 million? I don't think so but who knows? One topic, one choice, what will Dreamz do? He keeps it. So much for my faith in humanity.

Poor Yau-Man. Earl and Cassandra help vote him out. I had heard spoilers about this so I wasn't surprised but I still cried to see Yau-Man go. So unfair. Even Boo looks to be crying too.

Onto final tribal. Grrr, first question in and Dreamz mentions the fact that he was homeless. It seems to me that Cassandra is having a hard time explaining her presence in the final three. Her justifications are all passive, I listened, I empathized, blah, blah, blah. And with good reason. Ooo and Mookie is mad (and incredibly hot). Alex is also very mad although not quite so hot in my opinion. He lawyers the hell out of Cassandra and Dreamz. Boo gets on Dreamz about being a bad Christian. Yau-Man gives Dreamz the chance to admit he changed his mind but Dreamz doesn't, he blusters around. At least Earl admits the truth he could not win if he took Yau-Man.

Turns out he was right. Earl is the unanimous winner. He was really the only choice. Cassandra did not take on an active role and Dreamz's actions make it impossible to vote for him.

At the reunion show Jeff tries manfully to figure out what Dreamz knew or didn't know at any given time. He never figures it out and neither have I. Yau nails it went he says that sometimes Dreamz is a genius and sometimes he has no idea what is going on. Overall the reunion show doesn't bring any big surprises except perhaps for rating 6Gary's massive Survivor Fiji tattoo. Scary.

This episode is a solid 6. Dreamz's decision made it compelling watching but after that it just sort of fizzled out.

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Dreamz, growing up on the streets? is suppose to be streat-smart ? in fact he is an idiot.

Its pretty obvious that NO one is gonna vote for him if he goes back on his word-promise, not to mention screwing the rest over at previous tribal councils. He should have realised that a dignified retreat into 4th place with a USD 60,000 truck would have saved his face and family / son some honor and dignity. its a NO BRAINER !!! that even an idiot can figure out !

May 22 2007 at 11:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

My wife and I watch Survivor every year. They've made a conscious decision to go with a lot more minorities in the last two seasons and I think it may affect how many people watch the show. There were at least 3 people who had heavy accents, and 3 black finalists. My wife and I still really enjoy the show, and we'll continue to watch, but I wonder how many minorities are watching survivor? Anyways, that could be a reason it's not as popular.

May 17 2007 at 2:07 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Renegging, bad deal. Don't accept a bargain if you can't uphold your end, Dreamer or Dreamz. The deal was, you get the truck if you give up the immunity. You renegged, the truck should go back to Yauman. Pay up dude, you lose or you should have.

May 16 2007 at 7:38 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

"Way to go Dreamz...

Way to go, helping propagate the **myth** that black guys will lie, cheat and steal to get what they want, always.

Nice going, dude. I wonder if God heard your broken promise.


Yau was definitely the best survivor. And also the most honorable one."

What is the necessity of even bringing Dreamz' race into the equation? If his actions were unethical, focus on that. He, like everyone else, was competing to win a million dollars (not to act as a stand-in for his entire race). Btw, no race has a monopoly on using unscrupulous methods to get ahead, you precious little thing.

May 16 2007 at 6:37 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Why in the first series of Survivor was Richard Hatch so thought of as being smart, deceitful, the master manipulator and Dreamz not? Could it be the race thing? What I saw this series was a poor, street smart, uneducated black kid beat, manipulate and win over an architect, lawyer, advertising executive, and a computer engineer. They were angry about it and refused in my opinion to give the best player the reward. Dreamz is not getting enough credit for his skillfull play. Earl was the 2nd best player, Yao man the 3rd. Yao man stated it best himself when he misjudged Dreamz. You cannot make that mistake in Survivor, misjudge a reaction from a player.

May 15 2007 at 10:32 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Dreams should have known that no one would give a liar a million bucks and Cassandra knew she didn't really do anything to deserve getting to the finals. Earl was the best choice, my second favorite after obviously Yao-man. He did everything right except have faith in humanity still. Anyways, this season was great. Keep them coming, I am an addict!

May 15 2007 at 8:30 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Who's talking about oral contracts and legal issues?First of all,Jeff already said the truck for immunity deal was not enforceable!And even if he didn't say so,last I looked,FIJI,was not in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! Now do you want to sue all the contestants, or just DREAMZ because he defeated your favorite YAU-MAN?The real crime on the island was MOOKIE and ALEX breaking and entering YAU-MAN'S private property! And self-righteous ALEX is a lawyer right?Just about makes sense.Personally I don't think Any lie is out of line.Everyones playing a game,so lying and such should be expected.But going into someones' private property is a big no go.

May 15 2007 at 7:30 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Dan Krieg

i watch survivor every season,and this season rocks.ya-man played the game honest and all the way he just thought dreamz was going to keep his word.i could not lay my head down on a pillow at night knowing that i did not keep my end of the deal and cheated yal-man out of this whole thing.what he should have done the night it all came to a end he should have gave the truck back to yal-man

May 15 2007 at 6:35 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Get over it people,survivor is just a game!All the contestants lied,betrayed someone,or went back on their word,EVEN YAO-MAN .Everyone wanted to win the million dollars(yao too) or else they wouldn't have come to the island!The people who targeted DREAMS for not giving Yao the last immunity, are just upset because their choice to win the game lost!Everyone knows the motto of the show"OUTLAST,OUTWIT,OUTPLAY"? YAO-MAN tried to bribe his way into the final 3 by giving a truck to a homeless man?BOO with his religious speach was sour grapes because he failed to get DREAMS voted out.THE 4 HORSEMEN were never in control, and DREAMS told they had the immunity idol was brilliant!He eliminated them.They orginally tried to keep it from him anyway.I'f DREAMS truly is homeless,he needed the truck and money.YAU-MAN was going to vote him out,DREAMS beat him to the punch.DREAMS at that point knew either way he couldn't win,so he might as well get the truck and as much money as possible!Words like honor,integrity, fairplay,honesty,sportsmanship,are meanningless in a game where EVERYONE IS LYING!EVERYONE is playing the game.If you forgot that and thought you were above the game,rewatch yourself like we did.You were not innocent.People were so jealous that DREAMS #1 voted them off,#2 got the truck,#3 won more money then them!Correct me if I'm wrong,Boo,are christians suppose to judge,and condem others?Be glad a homeless man did something positive for himself.And if DREAMS isn't homeless,that means he did a con job on us all and deserved too win the million!Think about it AMERICA,isn't that a great strategy?HE sure out witted YAU-MAN who's a college graduate,an engineer!I believe most of the contestants are professionals with college degrees!Maybe that's why they are so pissed off?They think someone without much of a formal education,someone beneath them,certainly not as intelligent as them,in fact,BEAT them!And ALEX,the lawyer.How can someone whom earns a living defending people they know are guilty or cheating people legally out of their land,money or whatever,be so righteous?EVERYONE now can put this experience behind them and go on with their lives! It was a game and now it's over,right?

May 15 2007 at 5:33 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Yau Man should still be geven something by the Survivor Show, he made the show this year, and Dreamz better ask Yauman and God to forgive him for making a promise to God and putting his son on the line with such a Huge Lie! May God bless YAUMAN! Myra

May 15 2007 at 4:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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