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October 7, 2015

Medium: Everything Comes To A Head (season finale)

by Brett Love, posted May 17th 2007 8:31AM
neve campbell, patricia arquette - medium(S03E22) This has been something of a roller coaster week for Medium fans. There was the high of finding out that the show will be coming back for a fourth season. Unfortunately, that was followed by news that NBC is going to move the show to Sundays, waiting until the end of football to bring it back. That makes for an 8 month wait between now and our next visit with Allison.

The big finale followed a similar path. We got all those answers we were looking for in the Recapitator case. The fates of Debra/PD and Walter Paxton were cleared up. The fallout from Allison being exposed started, and took a couple surprising turns. Unfortunately, the episode suffered from some iffy story telling and an abrupt ending.

Let's start with Walter Paxton and the Recapitator. Of course it was him. We should all know better than to doubt Allison, and so should Devalos and Scanlon. I liked the conspiracy part of his plan. The fact that he had planned out the copycat murders to take place while he was in custody, before he ever killed his wife, was interesting. I even liked the voice recorder as his undoing. I thought that was presented well, and was curious about the possibility of her murder being recorded before Allison even got to the phone.

The problem was the lack of attention to detail where the actual crime was concerned. I know that Medium isn't supposed to be CSI, but this was some pretty poor police work here. Maybe I've just seen too many crime shows and I'm being too picky, but Walter was naked and rolling around in Pamela's bed before he killed her. And he rushed out, with no time to sanitize the crime scene. And how on earth do they investigate P.D.'s murder but not look at the cell phone? Sure, the voice recording wouldn't be expected, but a call log? See who she might have met with? They are small things in the bigger picture of where the episode was going, but I found them distracting.

I liked how Allison's story being revealed played out. There was the initial media rush as the story was hot, but that cooled rather quickly. That wouldn't be the end of it though. As soon as Cooper called Joe I suspected that he was dropping the case. The twist that Marcus was basically firing Joe because of Allison was one that I didn't see coming. It makes for quite a bit of drama, as well as opening up a lot of ways for the show to go. You would think Joe would be able to get another gig fairly easily, but now that Allison is out of a job, and out of her psychic closet, will she look to capitalize on that? The fact that she was right all along about Walter should give her some great publicity, but it will still probably be hard for things to go back to how they were before.

My favorite part of the episode was the Allison/Scanlon interaction. That was a pretty tough scene between the two of them. "We are friends, but it's really not smart for me to be seen talking to you. You're toxic! You just are." Toxic! Ouch. You had to feel for Allison there, because she didn't deserve what she was getting. But I don't fault Scanlon for what he said. He was speaking the truth, as the majority of people involved saw it, and he did come around in the end, asking to hear her dreams, and taking her to the crime scene. Their relationship is as good as it has ever been.

The fate of Devalos is left up in the air as he is off fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. I have to think that he'll be back in his old position come season four. Ultimately, he was right about the killer all along. Allison as consultant might be the price he pays for coming back though. I suspect that even if it is in a new capacity, the two will still be working together.

And that brings us to the ending. It was a very cool scene, despite the issues with the missed evidence, and the fact that Allison tainted the crime scene. Her confidence as she told Van Dycke to issue a warrant for Paxton, and then turned and walked out said a lot. She's been through a lot with this one, but she's strong. And even though it sometimes causes so much turmoil, she has come to grips with her powers. My only complaint is that it just kind of stopped. I would have liked something to put a proper end on the season.

5 out of 7 So there we have it. Season three is in the books. I'm giving this episode a 5, out of 7, mainly because I knocked a point off for the crime-scene silliness. As for the season as a whole, I think it was their best yet. Week after week I was surprised at how creative the writers were with Allison's abilities. The guest cast was fantastic. Revelations about blossoming powers for Ariel and Bridgette were interesting, and open some doors for season four. And most of all, Joe and Allison are just perfect together. See you all in 8 months.

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Brett, you are right on point as usual!

Yes, I agree after watching CSI for the last 7 years we have have very high expectations of forensics. What bothers me is the INCONSISTENCY with the way they treat the forensics. If you'll remember back to the first time we saw Scanlon, he admonished Allison for not putting on booties and gloves BEFORE entering the crime scene. They do not always hold to that - sometimes they have the booties, sometimes not, sometimes they have the gloves sometimes not. You'd think they would have found some more evidence at that crime scene or at the others.

Why did they have to make Scanlon such a butt head in this ep? He did give in after first adamently saying no which is typical Scanlon, he's just not always such a butt head about it - especially avoiding her phone calls the night before. If you look at it this way, if he kept listening to Allison and was the one to break the case, he would have been the hero. Di Novi has been having a bad influence on him - all her talk about image - I don't really think Scanlon would think about his image as long as he thought he was right. Just like when his sister was murdered, although everyone else insisted it was murder/suicide, he kept at it, even though it was having a detrimental effect on his career.

OK, a technical issue here if Devalos position is an elected position, how can this Van Dyck just step into it without an election? He was proclaiming himself the "New DA". I would think he would be interim DA until a special election could be held or something like that. Maybe that's what the new eps will bring in the fall - Devalos running against Van Dyck to get his old job back in an election.

Joe is out of a job - a lawsuit against his company - if he can find someone to file it - will not be a quick financial fix - it can take years. The company might choose to throw some money at Joe to make the lawsuit go away, although they would be just as likely to try to keep it in the courts for years since their pockets are much deeper than Joe's. Of course, any publicity surrounding that lawsuit would be a turn off to potential employers.

It appears Allison is out of a job as well. Even if through the magic of TV and the amnesia they think we have when they re-write things to suit themselves, even if Devalos is back in office, it seems it would be difficult to have Allison assume her previous position.

What was up with the previews showing Debra being chased by a masked man and Allison firing a gun? None of those things happened in a dream or in real time???? I thought it was rather abrupt the way they just matter-of-factly showed Joe looking at a newspaper headline announcing Debra's (PD) death. I need to go back and watch the ep - or really the arc of eps - again to see if I missed something that would make more sense, but I thought it was rather abrupt. I did like the way Allison handed the evidence to Scanlon and then turned her back and said, "you can thank me later" as she walked out! Would have been nice for her to have called a press conference just then to explain how she solved the crime!

I kind of like the idea of Allison, Joe and the kids moving to Texas to work with Captain Push! It would be nice to have Scanlon there, too, sans Di Novi, he could find himself a real woman in Texas! (I'll apply!)

I'll miss you over the summer, Brett!

Let's not all think NBC won't end up changing the schedule like they did this year - after all, look at what is on their schedule - surely several of those shows will tank pretty quickly and they will need something to replace them - let's hope we will see new Medium season 4 before January.

May 18 2007 at 4:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Well thank god the 3-episode miniseries formerly known as Medium is over. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it, but it was not your usual Medium.

Is Allison now going to be more like the real Allison DuBois, self-confident and public about her abilities? Will she start her own business and make buckets of money so Joe does not have to have a job? Maybe she will start a detective agency with Devalos and Scanlon. Fun!

May 18 2007 at 1:34 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

And it turns out if Medium is running opposite DH, it does not disturb my other show, Brothers and Sisters, after all. I am less bothered.

May 17 2007 at 5:48 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

@The Star Thrower: I hate to confess, but I am still in the dark ages - I figure I can manage with a fine VCR (except mine is now dying slowly), a DVD-player (also going the way of Kaput) and the internet. I think being a broke student means TIVO might be on my 10-year list, not in my near future, but thanks for the recommendation; maybe I'll squeeze it in as a self-present for passing my boards.

@Heather and Brett: I actually thought the evidence was going to be that Paxton's DNA from hair or semen or something was going to be found on Pamela, giving the trio a sneaking suspicion that it couldn't just be a coincidence that Paxton knew Pamela. The cellphone worked as well, albeit more psychically, less scientifically. The cellphone does it more snap! less dragged out, but at the expense of making the police look a tad incompetent.

May 17 2007 at 5:45 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Brett, I have to apologize. I confused myself, and had the two crime scenes mismatched in my head. I was also talking about the Pamela crime scene... but had forgotten that it had happened days before. But I was also talking about the PD crime scene. I do think it's a bit ridiculous that they hadn't already somewhat processed the scene, in which case they would have found the cell phone--her body was removed, so clearly they had been there and done SOMETHING.

Anyway, in my head, where the Pamela crime scene had apparently only happened the night before, the time it took for forensics to be gathered and tested seemed to be a plausible reason for the police to not have identified Paxton as the killer. But since that was just in my head, I digress. :p

May 17 2007 at 2:20 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
The Star Thrower

And another note to TOM, who's worried about seeing "Medium" put up against "Desperate Housewives". I wouldn't worry too much... with the user poll I just saw on 'Housewives', the viewing public (admittedly not a scientific sample) feels like that show is long past its prime. Based on those numbers, I'd be surprised if it makes another full season. "Medium" is a far fresher offering.

I do agree that moving it around is dangerous business for any show though... even loyal fans will have trouble finding it again, especially after such a long wait, but it's better than putting it up against football. Those fans can *always* find what they're looking for.

May 17 2007 at 2:15 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
The Star Thrower

A note to la-di-dah, who's upset that she has other shows to watch on Sundays... that's exactly what TiVo was invented for dear! Join the 21st century and record it for a more convenient time!

May 17 2007 at 2:08 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
The Star Thrower

I've just recently gotten into this show, which actually is a surprise. Usually, it's the kind of show I'd pounce on, but I've been so disenchanted with the "Big Three" offerings that I've watched very little network TV since better things (read: reruns of shows I missed the first time around, and even ones I didn't) came along on cable.

That being said, I love it! It's a wonderful show, with teasing tidbits of things to come liberally scattered thru the episodes. I love Allison's character, and what I especially like about her is that she isn't your average size 0 representation of the "average woman". She's slim but she has real hips and her collarbones aren't sharp enough to slice & dice her husband, also a wonderful character.

My only regret is that I didn't jump in sooner. The consolation is that I'll be able to wait out the next 8 months watching what I missed on "Lifetime" which plays the show on Saturdays at 11 PM (Eastern Time). I'll actually be able to catch up while I wait.

May 17 2007 at 2:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The family is the reason I like this show. I feel like they present a very normal family life. The kids fight. The parents have stuggles over getting meals on the table and who's picking the kids up from school. Joe and Allison argue over how to raise their kids. All in all the family is a typical family other than the dreams. Plue Joe is one of the best characters on tv if you ask me. He handles a very odd situation very well. I'm so glad they did more with his character this season.

Medium isn't one of my favorite shows but it's a solid show and you know it when you sit down to watch it. It will be interesting to see how this all falls into place next season.

May 17 2007 at 12:46 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I wish they'd move this show back to monday at 10:00 which was the perfect time slot for it. I love the show but haven't watched it at all this season because NBC stupidly put it up against my favorite show "Lost". I hope they show this season in reruns this summer so I can catch up.

May 17 2007 at 12:44 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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