Will Blake or Jordin become the next American Idol?

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted May 21st 2007 1:22PM
Blake vs. JordinHonestly, I have no idea who is going to win this year's American Idol.

And neither does Simon Cowell. Mr. Opinionated was uncharacteristically at a loss for a definitive prediction, telling reporters: "I can't call it at this stage. For Blake, he's a brilliant entertainer, but the negative is he's not a fantastic singer. The advantage for Jordin is she is a great singer and the negative is she hasn't done one performance yet which I can remember as a 'wow."'

Several weeks ago, I decided that Jordin Sparks was definitely a shoo-in as this year's winner. And both Ryan Seacrest and the odds makers agreed with me, making me that much more confident in my pick. But after last week's results, I'm no longer so sure.

I never thought we'd be looking at a Jordin vs. Blake finale. But now that we are, I'm afraid that the best singer isn't going to win this alleged "singing" competition. With Melinda Doolittle and LaKisha Jones gone, two of the year's best singers have already been eliminated. And I'm beginning to think that beatboxing Blake Lewis -- with his average vocals, but unique arrangements, performances, and style -- might just snag this year's title.

I guess the final results hinge on the commitment and perseverance of those "Blaker Girls." I think it already says something that Jordin Sparks' fans don't have their own cutesy name. It was, after all, Taylor's fanatic "Soul Patrol" which brought him to victory last year. Sure, some viewers will wait to make their final decision until after tomorrow night's final performances. But, Idol will most likely be won by the contestant who has already established the most solidly committed fanbase. I honestly don't see Blake's fans suddenly jumping ship and voting for Jordin, and vice versa.

And based on your comments, I think Blake won EVEN more support as a direct result of Melinda Doolittle's elimination. Which is odd, because I initially assumed that Jordin would pick up Melinda's fanbase. Not so, according to many of you. Melinda's fans are so angry, they either declared A) They're not watching the final or voting or B) They're switching their support to Blake because they hate Jordin.

While I was initially upset about Melinda's ouster, I'm now looking forward to the final match-up. I can't wait to hear the "winning song" as interpreted by Blake (the entertainer) vs. Jordin (the singer). Not that I expect much from the winning song. As I've already said, the songs submitted were predictably generic and sappy, and I cannot imagine Blake singing any of them. However, I expect Jordin will belt out the lyrics to the song (no matter how sappy) in a strong and emotional (and predictable) manner. But Blake? Who knows what Blake will do with this song? It's this uncertainty that makes Blake the interesting wildcard contestant.

And if beatboxing Blake does make the winning song sound non-generic and non-sappy? He might just win me over to his side.

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I was very shocked and sad that Melinda did not win...but I did vote for Jordin after she left. Melinda is an awesome singer and seemed like a nice young lady. I thought that Jordin was going to be voted off the week they decided to miss a voting off week and then they doubled up the next week. I would like to know who was supposed to go that week. Anyone know?? If that would have been true....my choice Melinda would probably have won, I'm thinking. I am glad Jordin won over Blake but I have to say he's got music abilities and will probably go far. I actually thought he might win because all the young ones like him. You could say...he really won also.

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I am so over this season...Blake has no business being in the finale. But then again, the fans that voted for him most likely voted George Bush in a second time.

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I dont think
blake has what it takes
to win.All those 11 year old girls that
have no chance with him vote about
3 million
times.Jordin has real talent and americas just wasting it.

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Oh, please. The whole thing is fixed anyway. Singing competition, my butt. It's a reality show created for entertainment purposes disguised as a talent search. Were it a true "competiton" it would be under the rules and regulations of game-shows with the FCC and would be subject to investigations of fraud (per the 1950's quiz show scandals). All you have to do is look at the track list of the compilation cds for seasons 2-4 and you'll agree. Solo track one and two for season 2's cd? Ruben and Clay, respectively. Solo track one on season 3's cd? Fantasia. Solo track one and two on season 4's cd? Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice, respectively. What do all of these have in common? All were released WEEKS before each of their finales which would have put their mixing dates at least a month prior to that. And they just all HAPPEN to have the winner as the first soloist on the cd? Puh-leeze.
Jordin will win, not because she deserves to, but because she is the "chosen one" for this season. AI jumped the shark with the ousting of Melinda Doolittle and will be hard-pressed to regain the faith, interest and dedication of a big portion of the American public.

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I think it is a shame that Melinda got sent home last week. I also think that votes was miss counted acording to the pop up on my cell. I also think and hope they tied with the votes. And like others I am glade the season is over.

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I think that Ryan Seacrest should leave after this season, it is going to his head and he is getting cocky with everyone like he is some big star or something, what do you think, we need some one new like Apolo or Joey Fatone or even Ian

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Gorilla Hymbanes

Wow...it's so obvious that so many of you people either never got the whole premise of the American Idol show (best singer), or you are filled with such hate and resentment towards who knows what. Blake is a very talented young guy, and he just might have a decent future a head of him as a performer. BUT...since Melinda is no longer in the running, Jordan Sparks is now the best performing singer in the finals. Nothing personal against Blake, be he just isn't a better singer then Jordan. The other problem with American Idol is the voting system, that has to be changed by next season because it's ridiculous that some is able to sit by the phone and keep on dialing for hours and hours on end. Blake happens to be very popular to all the very young tennie boppers who love the hip hop style of performing. The rest of you people are filled with such hate, it's sicking. Seventeen years old or not, if it's between Blake or Jordan....Jordan had been the most consistant singer all season, and she definitely can sing so much better then Blake. My vote goes to Jordan, and I wish Blake all the luck in the world pursuing his career.

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In regards to post #16. Im not a kid im 30 years old and im sad to read you write kids dont know talent if they tripped over it is absoloutely absurd. I dont think any of the record labels would agree with that too. To survive in the music industry you need to be marketable and kids are the biggest viewing audiences all over the world. They do know what they like to hear, they do know what they like to see, and they know what makes them move on the dance floor. If I break up with my boyfriend and wanna cry to a CD Ill listen to Jordin, If I want to have fun and enjoy the music Blake is it. Your right he may not be the best singer but he is the better entertainer, if you like it or not. His singing is good enough that he can compete well with todays artits. Hes enjoyable to watch, fresh and new. Maybe you have no taste, your old hearted. In time you will see. I guess you voted for Tailor Hicks didnt you? And let me guess you never bought his cd, did you? But you know everything, not the kids.

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I was a HUGE Melinda fan. I'm tired of Jordin's hand gestures at the end of each song. Neither Blake or Jordin have the talent that Melinda had. Once Melinda was voted off, I decided not to vote anymore. I hope of the 2, that Blake wins, only because, as someone stated on another blog last week, "we don't need another Britney Spears".

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