American Idol: Live Results Show #13 (season finale part 2)

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted May 23rd 2007 11:49PM
Blake vs Jordin(S06E41) I am exhausted, truly exhausted. TV should be relaxing. But American Idol's two hour event shows are emotionally-draining. They wear me out. And tonight's show was especially BIG. I'm surprised Ryan didn't call it the "biggest show ever." It actually ran over 2 hours by about eight minutes.

But everything between 8:00 and 10:05 was just filler or commercials. We came here tonight to crown the next American Idol. The judges give their final thoughts. Randy says, "It's Jordin, baby." Paula is just proud of everyone. She congratulates them both. Simon congratulates Jordin (his pick based on the last song Tuesday night).

74 million votes were cast Tuesday night (for a combined total of 609 million votes cast over the season) and this year's American Idol is ...

Jordin SparksJORDIN SPARKS!!!!

Wow, I didn't think this would be an emotional moment, but it is. Paula cries (of course). But then my son starts crying, which makes me start crying. This has been such a long journey for Blake, Jordin and ME. After 41 episodes and over 43 hours of Idol-mania, I am spent. I'm crying from exhaustion, but I'm also giddy and relieved that it's finally over. My Tuesdays and Wednesdays are free again! Hey, now what the heck am I going to do on Tuesday and Wednesday nights?

Oh yeah, I'm also happy that Jordin won. She deserves it. And Blake will go on to be successful too. He just won't have to record that cheesy ballad "This Is My Now."

That's it, folks. Another season is over. The winner is Jordin.

Now here's what else happened tonight:

The show starts with Ryan asking the judges their thoughts. Randy says he thinks "it's gonna be a hot night." Paula is feeling excellent. And Simon looks bored because he's listening to Ryan speak.

JORDIN and BLAKE come out together to sing "I Saw Her Standing There." It's another overly-cutesy Idol moment. They're supposed to be singing to each other, and they even hold hands. But they don't really make sweet music together.

GWEN STEFANI is on tour, and she sings "4 in the Morning." Hey, I just saw Gwen in concert last weekend with my daughter and her friends. This was one of those slow songs that bored the crowd. I actually like Gwen's voice a lot on the slower songs, but after Akon rocked the house, the crowd wanted the party to continue. They wanted dance tunes like "Sweet Escape" or "Hollaback Girl" and not ballads.

KELLY CLARKSON is up next, singing "Never Again" from her new album. At least she's lost the muumuu she wore at the Idol Gives Back concert, and is dressed in a black mini with thigh high boots. I like her hair pulled back, she looks pretty. But she's shouting a little, and I can imagine Gina Glocksen singing this song.

THE TOP SIX GUYS (Sanjaya, Chris R., Phil, Chris Sligh, Brandon, and Blake) perform " Ooo Baby, Baby" while dressed in matching white suits. Phil sounds the best, but Brandon still looks the best. Smokey Robinson comes out to sing "Being With You." The six guys are not great at providing background vocals for Smokey. Then all six sing "Tears of a Clown" joined by Smokey.

BLAKE gets to beatbox tonight with Barry B and Doug E. Fresh. It's not my thing, dawg. It sounds like a lot of yelling to me. And how many times must they say the name "Doug E. Fresh?" But at least they show some energy, which is nice.

TONY BENNETT is back to finally perform. He sings "For Once in My Life." Simon stands, and claps for the legend, but he doesn't look ecstatic. I guess the Idol producers aren't too mad that Tony called the show cruel. Honestly, Tony sounds great, but it's a little too old school for me. However, just when I think he's going to give us a snoozer, he steps it up a notch, and pulls off a big, Big, BIG finish. Forget Jordin or Blake -- Tony is the NEXT American Idol.

MELINDA DOOLITTLE is back too. She used to sing backup for BeBe & CeCe WINANS but tonight she's their equal. They sing "Hold Up the Light." And I think Melinda blows them away. And she looks hot too, dressed in some slinky, sexy gown.

THE FORD COMMERCIAL features the song "Time After Time" and outtakes from all the other videos. Afterwards, Jordin and Blake are handed keys to their brand new Mustangs. Sweet!

CARRIE UNDERWOOD sings "I'll Stand By You" which she sang in the Idol Gives Back video. She's wearing half a prom dress with jeans. She sounds good and I really like this song, but I wish we were hearing something new.

THE TOP SIX GIRLS (Gina, Stephanie, Haley, LaKisha, Melinda, and Jordin) are all dressed in slinky white outfits. They sing "I Heard it Through the Grapevine." Gladys Knight comes out and sings "I Feel a Song in My Heart." She looks and sounds great. Then she sings "Midnight Train to Georgia" and we finally get to hear Melinda and LaKisha sing next to the great Gladys.

CLIVE DAVIS: He's all like "Yeah, yeah Kat McPhee and Taylor Hicks are okay" but Daughtry is "da man" selling over 2.5 million albums. Clive thanks the judges for discovering such wonderful talent (like J. Hud). Then he presents an award to Carrie Underwood. She thanks everyone on American Idol, and says what I'm thinking -- "Let's get back to the show and the winner." Right on, Carrie.

THE AFRICAN CHILDREN'S CHOIR performs so that we can "recapture the atmosphere of Idol Gives Back," according to Ryan. The kids are really cute and talented. Forget Jordin, Blake or Tony. The African Children's Choir should be the next American Idols!

SANJAYA MALAKAR. What would the finale be without a little Sanjaya-hype? Sanjaya gets a pre-recorded tongue-in-cheek intro about "great men who shape our future." Sanj sings "Girl You Really Got Me Now" while Joe Perry from Aerosmith plays guitar. Sanjaya sounds bad, maybe worse than the first time he maimed this song. The Crying Girl is in the audience! And Joe Perry sounds awesome.

GREEN DAY performs John Lennon's "Working Class Hero" while the words "end the killing" flash on a screen behind them. Wow, that's depressing. If someone had told me Green Day was performing I would have been excited, but the performance is so damn depressing. My question is why do all the contemporary artists (like Gwen and Green Day) sing really slow, boring, depressing songs? The kids want to hear them rock! Heck, I want to hear them rock!

TAYLOR HICKS! We're back from commercial and Taylor comes out without ANY intro. He sings "Heaven Knows." He's skinnier, but has the same gray hair, and is still bopping around like a goof. He's Taylor Hicks and I love him! He plays the harmonica too! I don't care what people say, Taylor knows how to get the crowd going. And that's why we voted for him last year. Sadly, Taylor disappears off the stage just as suddenly as he appeared. You would think they would take a couple of minutes to talk to last year's Idol and ask him about the crazy year he has had.

JORDIN sings her duet with season two winner RUBEN STUDDARD. They sing "You're All I Need to Get By." Jordin has some trouble with the low register, but Ruben sounds awesome. And he looks skinnier too. I like seeing the past Idols come back and sing. They should really do it more often.

BETTE MIDLER. I love Bette, but does she have to sing the cheesiest song in her repertoire. Seriously, "The Wind Beneath My Wings?" And how skinny is Bette? And when did she start looking like a cross between Barbara Eden and Kathy Griffin? And why are Paula and Randy slow dancing together? Why does Jerry Springer look like he's going to "pull a Hasselhoff "and cry? You don't have to answer any of those questions.

AMERICAN IDOL'S TRIBUTE TO SGT. PEPPER: So that's why Randy was wearing the Sgt. Pepper jacket last night. As soon as the medley begins, I predict that the final song will be "With a Little Help From My Friends." Kelly Clarkson sings "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" while Joe Perry once again plays guitar. Did she forget the words? Taylor Hicks sings "A Day In The Life." Carrie Underwood shows lots of legs while singing "She's Leaving Home." Ruben sings "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds." And for the grand finale, our Top 12 sing "With a Little Help From My Friends." See I told you. Of course, as the medley began, I also predicted that Paul McCartney WOULD show up despite the denials (like Prince did last year). But alas, he DOES NOT. There is no big name to close out the finale this year.

THE 2ND ANNUAL GOLDEN IDOLS was a cute bit that would have been funny, if the joke didn't drag on so long. It was fun to revisit some of the crazies from the early audition shows, but when Margaret "Big Bird" Fowler went up on stage to accept her award, I was hoping Ryan would cut her time short. Yes, it was funny the way she kissed Ryan. But I really didn't need to hear her read a poem. And having the tone-deaf belter Sholandric Stallworth come up to sing without a microphone was just rude and unnecessary. I did, however, get a kick out of seeing Jonathan & Kenny (aka Augustus Gloop & Bush Baby) come up to accept their "Best Buddies Award." I especially like that they beat out Simon & Ryan for the award. Kenny didn't have any hard feelings and told Simon, "if you hadn't say what you said, I wouldn't be where I'm at ... I forgive you."

CELEBRITIES: There were a lot of familiar faces in the audience tonight. Here's who I spotted: Terri Hatcher, The Commish, David Alan Grier, Justin Guarini, Kelli Pickler, David Hasselhoff, Constantine, Ace Young, Jennifer Hudson, Jerry Springer, Joely Fisher, Brad Garrett, and the Crying Girl. Who else was there?

Whew, what a night. What a show. I can't believe it's actually over.

NEXT JANUARY: It begins all again!

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************** I'm trying to find a picture of Blake wearing the white suit, at the finale. Could somebody please email me a picture?????? If you could find one. PLEEEEEEEEEEZ thanx Please put "BLAKE LEWIS" in the subject column, so I don't delete it. *********************************************************************************************

August 14 2007 at 12:17 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think that Jordin is just to young for the music industry and I think that she isn't ready to be a celeberity! She needs to focus on her school work and or going to college! My opinion Malinda should have won the American Idol Crown. I personaly think she brought it to the stage every week!

June 28 2007 at 6:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Yolanda Mata

Has Melinda been offered an opportunity to record? Pls. answer.

June 17 2007 at 2:31 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Oh god...the finale was so hard 4 me to watch. By 10:00 I was shaking and almost hyperventilating(I know-pathetic, but I'm serious) Did I mention I hate 10:07-ish now? It's June 16th and the only way I've been able to fall asleep every night since the finale is by listening to Blake. His voice gets me so calm and relaxed, I love him. But anyway- back to the finale: only parts I liked were Kelly, Carrie, and Blake w/ Doug E. Fresh. *Getting anger out* God, how could Blake lose when I voted over 500 times by myself?!?!? AHHHHHHH sorry...

June 16 2007 at 8:30 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

#252...Cir De So Gay...snort! That was so funny! I disagree, but I totally laughed out loud when I read that. Ha, Ha, Ha ...tears..Really, I am totally crying here. Caught me so unaware...

June 01 2007 at 10:09 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I didn't like the Golden Idols awards. I don't like when Idol cheapens itself to show the bad singers from the auditions. I think they're trying to one up on William Hung when he released his first off-key (and now embarrassing to listen to today) album behind their back and while he was still on the Idol contract in '04. It's an insult to current recording artists like Kelly, Carrie, Ruben, Taylor and others who competed on that show, Jordin who won and the other 11 finalists.

May 29 2007 at 10:13 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I don't think that This Is My Now is cheesy. Do I Make You Proud, Inside My Heaven and Moment Like--those were cheesy and sappy to me! I still love the gospel-inspired I Believe that Fantasia sang in 2004. This Is My Now is more inspirational and has more muscle to me in the lyrics and the live sound of the song. I don't get tired of it, I love Jordin's song and how she sings it.

May 29 2007 at 10:09 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This season FELT long! I wanted it to end in April. This year didn't have as many good singers as last. Only the final 4 were the best to me. I doubt if the other 8 will get recording contracts as the top 4. But in a nutshell, last year's finale was better. I don't think they wanted to top last year's, so they played it safe. I loved it when Melinda and Lakisha got to sing next to Gladys Knight--you can feel the soul lineage and influence on the two young singers. And Melinda singing with Bebe and Cece Winans--WOW! Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson sounded strong in their performances. Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard were great in their performances too. Blake Lewis was great with Doug E Fresh--Doug still sounds just as strong with his beatboxing as he did in his 1985 peak! But Jordin Sparks was well deserving of her win. She sounds good in the new song. And I don't think the song is generic. This is Idol and they like to do these kinds of ballads with a lot of melody, not a lot of the trendy pop sounds that are popular now. You could tell the emotion in her win and how she sang the song in the closing. And it made me cry at the end.

May 29 2007 at 9:45 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

RE: #303.

Miss Fantasia is performing on Broadway (NYC) in "The Color Purple." Having just joined the cast, she probably couldn't get a release this soon.

Clay Aiken--gay or straight? SO WHAT!

May 27 2007 at 4:01 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Best thing about AI finale? Why the Divine Miss M, of course! She puts EVERYONE else to shame.

May 27 2007 at 3:56 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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