Is it better for Blake that he didn't win Idol?

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted May 28th 2007 3:03PM
Blake LewisI was never a Blake fan, but as the end of American Idol season six drew near, I came to admire his attitude even more than his singing or beatboxing skills. I like that Blake never talked back to the judges in a snotty, defensive manner. I like that he took his lumps with a smile and a shrug. I like that he didn't cry "foul" when forced to sing the generic "This Is My Now."

In the age of reality TV where everyone wants to win at any cost, it was nice to witness a guy who actually seemed to be enjoying the experience itself.

In a conference call with reporters, Blake said, "I honestly didn't care one bit [about] winning or losing, because I call myself a winner just by getting into the top 10."

Blake went on to say, "I'm kind of glad I didn't win just for like contractual reasons. I think if you're first you might have to come back for like three years or something."

Let's be honest, Jordin Sparks was made to be an American Idol. She wanted it the most. She truly connected with the sappy Idol-friendly "This Is My Now." She's young, innocent, and starry-eyed. She'll be easily molded into an artist with broad popular appeal. Sure, a couple of years from now, we'll hear about an edgier, more mature Jordin Sparks clashing with music execs as she fights for creative control. But for now (and the next seven years), she's exactly the kind of artist that will do American Idol proud.

I suspect that if Blake won Idol, he'd be clashing with execs and fighting for creative control immediately. Blake was clearly the most unique contestant (besides Sanjaya) that American Idol has ever seen. He didn't play by the Idol rules or take it all that seriously. He did his own thing, took risks, and messed with classic tunes. But if Blake won this year's title, 19 Entertainment and BMG would have most likely tried to broaden Blake's appeal, by minimizing all the things that made him unique. Blake was never a cookie-cutter contestant. Why would he want to become a cookie-cutter Idol?

So what will Blake do? He will continue to make music that is "very electro-pop, hip-hop music in a sense of Duran Duran [and] Michael Jackson." Blake explained, "I'm a child of the '80s, so it's definitely going to have very advanced thing to it with more of a melodic jazzy, like Maroon 5, Jamiroquai, but definitely more on the hip-hop and electronic kind of thing."

When asked which past Idol's career he would emulate, Blake (ever the non-conformist) responded, "None of them. I want to set my own path."

All things considered, I think it's best that Blake Lewis did not become this year's American Idol. What do you think?

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Stephanie Maffeo

I love this guy plus, I want to marryhim someday

Perhaps tomorrow

How old id he

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Blake I love you.You are awesome.I always dream of you giving me your autograph and taking pictures with me.
Wish you luck.
Your No.1 Fan,
Socorro Torres from California

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B Mof

The Idols this year were a talented group, Blake included. He has a unique style and AI allowed him to "do his thing". He'll make a great album and kids will listen to him just like they have listened to Chris from last year's AI.

FYI ~ What did Blake say to Jordin on the finale? Jordin reported on Regis and Kelly Live that Blake asked her to sing along with him if he forgot the words. She asked him to do the same if she won.

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Blake you are awesome!I always dream of you giving me your autograph and taking a picture with me.I wish you won American Idol and hope to meet you.
Your No.1 Fan,
Socorro Torres from California

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My daughters and I ran into Blake weeks before the finale and he was eating at Johnny Rockets. The "big guys" protect the contestants from possible dangerous situations. They asked us if he could please finish eating..and we said, "of course". Blake was very kind.. he came up to us 5 minutes later, we all introduced eachother to him and took a picture. He was a very nice, down to earth guy. I am sure that Jordin is a very nice person too. Her Body guards were just protecting her and tried to let her eat in piece. Fame has a price.

We went to a dress rehersal of AI a week later, and the remaining idols (Phil, Letisha, Jordin, Melinda, and Blake) all talked to the audience, all the contestants were great but Letisha was painfully shy of camera. Ryan was pretty cool too! Our family loves Idol and will continue watching it until it ends : )

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I agreed with Regis you are unique and very nice person and you never said anything agains the judges, to be honest you or Melinda should of win not Jordin she thinks she all that. Me and my daughters saw her at a Louises Tratoria restaurant on Larchmont villageand and my daughter wanted to say hello and a heavy guy stood up and said not rght now we are eating, I was feeling so bad for may daughters the follow the show from the begining until the end, I told my dughters I think Blake will never do that to us, she is not even famous jet.

Thank you Blake for made us so happy every week and for allways having something new for us.
Good luck.


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Brendan Rhatigan

I see Jordin in Disney movies, while Blake will be a big attraction in Vagas,etc.

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I would buy Blakes CD in a heartbeat. As for the other poster who trashed Taylor's performance on the finale......get new ears buddy. Taylor Hicks is a great performer. I guess it's all in the eyes of the beholder but certainly it's not your call. Pfft. ALL these singers were good performers or they wouldnt be up there.
GO BO!!!!

May 31 2007 at 9:37 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I would like to know what Blake whispered to Jordin before they announced who won.....:)

May 31 2007 at 9:35 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm glad Blake didn't win it all even though I was cheering for him - especially after Melinda left. What the "powers that be" want is someone like Jordin (and I liked her too) who isn't developed enough as an entertainer to insist on their own style. THEY want to create that "style".

Actually the top 10 all have a chance at a successful career, with the top 4 having the best chance (because of longer exposure) to the general public. Being in the top 10 is basically getting your foot in the door of the business.

I think Blake has a good head on his shoulders and will go on to a very successful career in music. I can't wait for his CD to come out.

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