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September 4, 2015

Heartland: I Make Myself Into Something New

by Brett Love, posted Jun 26th 2007 9:00AM
Rockmond Dunbar(S01E02) With Nathaniel taking over for Bart as the Chief of Staff at St. Jude, his old position is available. This week we learn that it has been filled by one Dr. Tom Jonas (Rockmond Dunbar). I was curious to see how this would go because this is a much different character than C-Note from Prison Break. Give some credit to Dunbar. I was on board with him as Jonas right away.

It was good, but not what I was expecting. Based on the previews I expected there to be more animosity between Nathaniel and Tom. There was a bit of that as they disagreed over the treatment of Gilliam, but by the end of the episode they were joking with each other so it looks like the writers are going in a different direction.

There were two big cases this week. First, Arthur Gilliam (Barry Sigismondi), an alcoholic who Nathaniel had performed a liver transplant on. After getting the new liver he continued to drink and was now back again needing another liver. That failure put him low on the donor list, as it probably should, but his son Henry (Patrick Adams) was willing to be a living donor. That was the interesting bit, as Nathaniel refused to accept Henry as a donor. It's an interesting ethical dilemma. Is it really Nathaniel's place to tell the son that he can't do this, even though Nathaniel knows the risks are low?

Eventually, at the urging of Tom and Bart, and after Henry's mother shows up to support her son, Nathaniel agrees and they move forward with the operation. Throughout this part of the story Nathaniel keeps seeing the man that he originally took a liver from for Arthur. That's the part of the episode that kind of lost me. I liked the Gilliam story, but the visions just aren't working for me. Nathaniel has plenty of real world problems to deal with, he doesn't need the mental ones.

Meanwhile, Vancouver (Chris Martin) got his first big case. Jim Hartog needed a kidney. Nathaniel actually put Vancouver on the case because they didn't think they would find a donor. That's smart, because the kid clearly needs more than just surgical training. When they discover that Jim's wife Heather (Ali Hillis) is not a match he trips all over himself in trying to tell her, making the situation much worse. The scene where he came clean to her and apologized, taking the blame for what he did, was very good.

Mr. Hartog does eventually get his kidney, thanks to the work of Kate. She tracked down the mother of a Jane Doe murder victim, who we later find out is Karen Snow (Rachel Anne Seiferth). It highlighted again just how hard what Kate does is. her scenes with the mother were very emotional and it's something that I couldn't even imagine doing.

Overall, it's a nice second installment. Heartland works very well as a companion to The Closer and the two of them are a welcome addition to the summer tv schedule. I'm a little concerned with the visions thing, but as long as they keep advancing the characters and don't fall into the trap of just throwing cases at us week after week the show has a shot.

What do you think about Nathaniel's visions?
Interesting and they give some depth to where he is coming from.7 (35.0%)
Eh, no opinion either way.1 (5.0%)
They're hokey, and I could see them becoming annoying.9 (45.0%)
Dumb. Just dumb.3 (15.0%)

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Ben Watson

What a surprise this morning. I was scrolling through TVSquad and saw C-Note! I'll check out whatever show this is just because of his acting on Prison Break.

June 26 2007 at 11:03 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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