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October 13, 2015

Heartland: Picking Up Little Things

by Brett Love, posted Jul 3rd 2007 4:00PM
treat williams - heartland(S01E03) The folks over at St. Jude's aren't doing a lot to assuage my concerns about the show becoming too repetitive. Three episodes is still too early to say this is how it is going to be, but I'm starting to worry. The stories and conflicts that were put in play from the first episode seem to be getting little play as we focus on the cases of the week. These aren't bad stories, but I'm far more interested in the main characters that we see each week.

While that is something to keep an eye on, we did get two interesting cases to look at this week. First, heart transplant patient Andrew Wyles (K'sun Ray). As they talked about how Andrew's treatment wasn't working whenever he left the hospital I thought it could go one of two ways. Either he was making himself sick, or it was Munchausen by proxy and his grandmother was doing it. I was leaning toward the grandmother until we actually met her. She didn't come across as the type to be behind it, which made it clear that Andrew was a very troubled boy.

His scene with Nathaniel where he actually came clean about the whole thing was very good. I was actually surprised when Nathaniel snapped at him. "Show some respect." They did do a nice job of showing just how hard a road Andrew had been down though. And it tied back in to Nathaniel's ongoing struggle with trying to do right by Thea. The poster with a young Treat Williams holding Andrew was a nice touch.

In the other case, we had liver transplant patient Leah Kmec (Teria Birin). There was a nice little bit of the ongoing story here, as Vancouver made a mistake during her liver transplant and Jonas had to abort the procedure, saving Leah, but not giving her the new liver. Nathaniel told Vancouver that he was off of surgeries until further notice, but Jonas disagreed. This could have been very good drama, but so far, Nathaniel and Jonas are the most cordial adversaries on TV. There was no clash of ideals, or training philosophies. It amounted to, "I'm going to let him operate." "Oh, ok." Not that everything has to be drawn out and over the top, but I'm just failing to see where they are going with Nathaniel and Jonas.

The rest of Leah's story was rather good. Her brother qualified as a living donor, unfortunately he was in prison. Kate headed off to visit him and convinced him that it was the right thing to do, despite his misgivings over the fact that Leah didn't want to see him. The fact that he agreed to do it probably did more for him than for anyone else, especially considering that the operation never went forward. With complications from the earlier operation causing an issue with her heart, Leah needed both a heart and a liver.

That came in what was a little too convenient of a result. A heart came available for Andrew, but he died, and it worked out that he was a match for Leah, so she received his kidney, and the heart that he was scheduled to get. It wrapped everything up in a nice neat bow, maybe too neat. We were also treated to another of Nathaniel's visions as he watched Andrew run from Leah's room back to his favorite room, 123. I'm still not sure what is going on there.

Overall, this was a reasonably good episode. It just feels like this show could be a lot more than what it is. We did get a nice scene from Mary (Danielle Nicolet) at the end of the episode, but we still know relatively nothing about her. And Jessica (Morena Baccarin) was almost an afterthought this week. Hopefully we'll get more story on the people at the hospital in the coming weeks. I'm still watching, but I'm certainly looking forward to the next episode of The Closer much more than Heartland at this point.

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My wife made me watch this. I was absolutely floored by it, and will watch Heartland for as long as TNT makes it.

July 05 2007 at 9:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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