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October 7, 2015

On The Lot: Contestant Films - Round 3

by JJ Hawkins, posted Jul 9th 2007 10:22PM
On The Lot(S01E10) I'm pretty sure the On the Lot studio audience is tricked into thinking they're at a "My Favorite Things" taping of an Oprah show each week.

The only way they could possibly be as enthusiastic as they let on is if they think they're getting a free iPhone, a fresh batch of crepes Fedexed in from Paris, or an early copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Seriously, the crowd is in such a frenzy each week, it's nearly impossible to hear Adriana Costa during her introduction. She practically has to shout and the funny part is, she's using a microphone.

There is no way a sane human being could like this show that much. It's against nature.

This week the directors are taking their inspiration from the phrase "When Two Worlds Collide".

Tonight's guest judge is Luke Greenfield, director of the The Animal and The Girl Next Door (Elisha Cuthbert at her finest).

Shira-Lee got the UGG this week.

#1 - Zach -
Time Upon a Once

Synopsis: Some new neighbors enter the neighborhood and they are a little bit backwards.

Carrie - It was visually incredible. It was a great idea. I expected a little bit more from you.
Luke - I thought it was so clever and so original. Reminded me of a Spike Jonez video. Natural storyteller.
Garry - Loved the dog, and thought it was very clever with the colors. Very esoterical, and trying to be esoterical.

I was kind of in awe the entire time Zach's short played and this wasn't entirely a good thing. The concept was kind of original, but I found myself a little perplexed about the whole thing. The ending was also a little on the obvious side, but it was shot pretty beautifully and with all the forward and backwards segments being the highlight.

#2 - Hilary - The Legend of Donkey Tail Willy

Synopsis: A guy with a donkey tail finds his true love.

Carrie - You have just improved so much. You directed that really well.
Luke - It was a little whack, but I like whack. It needed a little more comedy in certain places. Production level was great.
Garry - No Jackass made this movie. You did a good job. You used wide shots and really proved you're a film maker. Good job.

I wasn't a big fan of the fisheye, grainy look of the film. It made it a little unwatchable. That said, Hilary has been improving a bit each week, but I still don't think this was enough to keep her in the competition going forward.

#3 - Wil - Spaghetti

Synopsis: A couple gets lost in a spaghetti western.

Carrie - You did dialogue! I really liked it. I thought it was very cute.
Luke - Great performances. The actors looked like Harrison Ford (wtf?). Needed more of a laugh at the end.
Garry - I really enjoyed it because you had one set, three characters, no extras. Producers are going to love you! Good job.

I enjoyed some of the subtle little touches in this film. I liked particularly liked the fact that this was shot with a nice wide angle in the western scenes and flipped back to normal in the present day portions. The film coloration switching to brownish orange and regular to distinguish between the sequences was also a nice touch. He's consistently one of the better directors on the show.

#4 - Shalini - First Sight

Synopsis: A woman learns a lesson in a most unusual way.

Carrie - If you want a message, leave it at the beep. This was really not my sort of thing.
Luke - Feels like you used a morality branding iron on me.
Garry - I like a positive story. Good job Shalini.

Questions questions questions. Why are their Jimmy Chu's shoes being sold in an alley at a street fair? Why was the guy who was sweeping up street trash the Dhali Llama? If the guy on the street was asking for "change for children", why did the actress end up signing a petition and never get out any change? Finally, why did the lead actresses' friend turn into a green cracked out version of the Incredible Hulk when viewed through the glasses? Shalini should probably get her things together tonight.

#5 - Adam - Worldly Possession

Synopsis: Family accidentally gets a military package.

Carrie - This was my favorite film of the night. It had some fantastic visual effects.
Luke - It had some good effects. All around really, really great.
Garry - I thought it was interesting, but I didn't understand all the motivation. I like when your people sing.

I liked Adam's slight knock against Zach saying effects are much better without the aid of computers. However, after watching his film, it seemed like a strange thing to say considering all the computer aided effects in his film. Nonetheless, this was probably my favorite mini flick of the night. Good effects, clever premise, and good acting. It was also nicely shot.

Favorite movies of the night:

Carrie - Worldy Possession
Wes - Time Upon a Once
Garry - The Legend of Donkey Tail Willy
JJ - Worldly Possessions

Next week the directors are shooting action themed movies.

Don't be surprised if Garry Marshall isn't around next week. Whatever medication he's on seems to have lost its efficacy. He was a little on the loopy side tonight.

What was your favorite movie tonight?
#1 - Zach - Time Upon a Once31 (27.0%)
#2 - Hilary - The Legend of Donkey Tail Willy2 (1.7%)
#3 - Wil - Spaghetti27 (23.5%)
#4 - Shalini - First Sight5 (4.3%)
#5 - Adam - Worldly Possession50 (43.5%)

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Joshua Works

Dude, the reason the audience is so friggin' excited each week is because it's full of the cast and production crew from all the films. They're not cheering for the show or the directors, but for themselves, individually.

July 20 2007 at 9:42 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Finally this show delivered for me. What did it deliver? Adriana in a tank top and jeans!

Then my luck seemed to continue when Zach goes first. When his film tanked - and Adriana showed up in a sack - I turned it off.

I was going to suggest that the rest of the contestants work as assistants to Zach who makes all the films. But now that Zach is shown to be human, nothing but Adriana's body can be counted on.

So maybe the contestants could just select things for her to wear and the judges could comment on them.

Carrie: Adriana I think you did good job of modeling that sequin bikini. Not my favorite outfit of yours but you did a good job.

Guest Judge: I see you were going for a kind of Playboy vibe. I expect more from you. Go for a little Hustler next time.

Garry: For me it was a little tame. A very wise Jedi master once said, "Try? There is no try." Give us a little old fashioned T n A.

Since I Tivoed the program I was able to go back and watch the rest of the entries. They seemed to bet better as they went along.

One question: are they writing these scripts themselves?

Also I think Adriana's hair extensions were those used by
Haley Scarnato on American Idol (and in turn by Katherine McPhee the year before)

July 10 2007 at 12:19 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I like the way the judge Luke's credit was he did the Animal.

July 09 2007 at 10:30 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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