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October 9, 2015

Kyle XY: Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Jul 17th 2007 4:19PM
Kyle XY(S02E06) An interesting episode title for an interesting episode. According to TV.com's Kyle XY guide, this week's title was inspired by a Philip K. Dick novel titled "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep," which was the inspiration for Bladerunner. Could there be similarities between the book and Kyle XY?

In this week's episode, Kyle discovered a new power. Stephen starts work at Madacorp. Jessi begins to have a "normal" life... and gets a boyfriend. Josh realizes that Andy is great. Lori finally sees something through. And, most importantly, a friend is revealed to be ... a foe!

Remember this moment

Kyle develops a new ability: he can move in his memories. At first, he only sees his memories in visions but eventually, thanks to concentrating to music, he can control them and even walk around in his memories. For those keeping tabs, in his first vision, Kyle saw a fish bowl, a postcard from Black Island State Park, and the urn containing Adam's ashes. We eventually found out that the fishbowl was from Adam's office and that Kyle wrote the postcard himself to trigger memories and put him on the right path to decipher the CD.


Klye XYFoss has been fishy from the start. Adding to that feeling is the fact that most of us remember Nicholas Lea from his role on The X-Files, meaning that we wouldn't trust him easily! In Season 1, he was a bad guy who turned out to be a good guy (so we thought). In Season 2 (so far), he was a good guy who turned out to be a bad guy. Even though I accepted Foss as a good guy, I always thought he had a double agenda. But after seeing this week's episode it's clear he not only has a double agenda but must still be working for the bad guys.

Adam used extreme measures to ensure that Kyle would know that Foss was not to be trusted. But why did Adam allow Foss to enter his mansion and be in charge of security? Did Foss have something to do with Adam's death now that we know he is not who we thought he was? Is he working for Madacorp? For sure he still has some ties with them....

Emily Foss?

Kyle XYNice twist there with Emily and Foss; even though it wasn't clearly laid out. If you check the picture of Foss' wife and child (on the right), you'll notice the similarities between the wife and Emily. The way she looked at the picture of Foss and Kyle from her file certainly implies that there is a connection with Foss and Emily. Plus, she has a young child and Foss had a young girl. If this hunch is accurate, does Foss know they are not dead? Maybe he was even in on their "death." Could it be that knowing his work was dangerous, Foss and Emily planned to fake Emily's and their daughter's death? I could go on and on with questions about those two. To add to the "fishy-ness" of it all, Emily goes out at the same time Foss is emptying the warehouse. I can't wait to learn more about those two and for whom he really works.

The perfect date

Kyle XYI felt bad for Andy to go through helping Josh plan the perfect date. However, it was fun to see them interact (especially when Josh slapped his hand on her thigh in a highly unromantic manner!). Josh is the perfect example of most teen boys. This week, he showed us that birthday resolutions don't last long (his room is again a mess) and that teen boys go for the unattainable girls when there is a perfect one in front of them. At least the episode ended on the perfect note for the two of them thanks to Andy who didn't want the perfect date to go to waste.

Declan and Jessi sitting in a tree... Part II

Last week, I polled readers to know if they wanted Declan and Jessi to become a couple. Looks like 78.5% of the voters did not see their wish be granted this week and Lori is partially to blame for this. I say "partially" since the two of them already had a sort of crush for one another but Lori, by talking to both Declan and Jessi, put them on the path of eventually becoming a couple (or at least trying). Nonetheless, it was nice finally seeing Jessi get out in the real world and (awkwardly) make friends and a boyfriend.

XX meet XY

Kyle XYFinally, they met! Okay, technically they just crossed path but it wasn't without drama as there was an earth quake the second they laid eyes on one another. Did Kyle predict the earth quake or XX's arrival when he said something bad was going to happen? I want to believe it's the latter. Am I the only one who found it weird that later in the episode (both at the Tragers' and at the cafe), Kyle didn't sense XX? Maybe he did but they didn't show it to us? Or maybe Kyle and Jessi don't sense one another all the times?

What they now need to show us is them interacting with one another. For sure, they'll notice they share more than similarities.

Other scenes of interest
  • Lori playing at open mic night.
  • Stephen starting work at Madacorp and crossing paths with Emily.
  • Jessi remembering her fake-past.
  • Kyle finding out that the warehouse is empty.
  • Josh getting stood up and turning to Andy.
Best lines of the week
  • "This isn't my date, it's just Andy". - Josh
  • We need E.T." - Josh
  • "All the answers are already hidden in front of you." - Adam
  • "Don't trust Foss."

(Kyle XY - S02E06) Is Emily Tom Foss' wife?
Yes132 (72.9%)
No49 (27.1%)

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I never liked that Foss guy.

July 27 2007 at 12:37 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I love this show! I look forward to watching it every Monday, and even watch the re-runs on Tuesday Evening/Wednesday Morning. I can't stop watching Kyle XY because he's such a mysterious person, and i want to know more.

July 25 2007 at 2:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Very cool, I like of stuff that philip k dick has inspired, like minority report and next. Cool to see kyle XY incorporating it.

July 23 2007 at 11:29 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I thought it was a cool twist to have Emily be a mother, but your theory of her being tied to Foss is really intriguing. I didn't think of it, but that would be neat.
I'm also thinking about what happened to Andy in the car. I wish I hadn't deleted it from my DVR, I'd like to go back and look at that again. Maybe she just wanted to see how Josh would react, to see if he would be able to act nuturing to a date, but maybe there's something really wrong with her. Either way, I'm interested. I just love the relationship between Josh and Andy, it's sweet and friendly, not brooding and angsty like other relationships on the show. I'm really looking forward to see where they go.

July 18 2007 at 3:34 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Toby OB

Thomas C raises an interesting point; I had forgotten about Andy's headache in the car. Could she be a plant by Madacorp as well to cover as many aspects of Kyle's "Family" as possible? And could she be some kind of variation on their bio experiments?

I'm thinking that Adam was wrong about Foss. Just because he was a genius doesn't automatically make him a good judge of character. I think in the end, he was led to believe that it was Foss working against him, when it was really his childhood friend, that lawyer. THAT's the guy I never trusted since he was introduced this season.

We'll see......

July 18 2007 at 2:50 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Nicholas Lea doesn't have to worry about playing the bad guy - he plays the pastor on Men In Trees and unless there is a massive change of direction on that show then his character seems like a pretty good guy.

July 18 2007 at 4:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

What about the whole, noise that plays when Kyle gets like a headache, and the same noise played when Andy got a headache...are you even gonna talk about that???

July 18 2007 at 1:56 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I was not happy with Foss being back to being bad. I also wanted NL to get a chance at being a shady good guy.

I thought the whole Kyle clue thing was ripped from Harry Potter and actually booed aloud when it happened.

The dead Foss family, being connected to Emily is farfetched to me. I think Emily is in over her head and only getting half the info she needs from the Evil Corporation. The whole sedution of the dad is a bad idea and I hope it does not become another subplot.

Andy makes Josh bearable, but just barely. Declan and Jessi is almost interesting, but all this teenage angst is not my cup of tea.

I watch this show for Nick Lea's Foss, if he is gone, so am I.

The rat running over the piano with Rat-boy in the scene was hysterical.

July 17 2007 at 11:08 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Some thoughts:

I think when Jessi told the mushroom story she was testing Emily and she suspects that she is not really her sister.

I also think Emily chased Foss out of town. Why, I don't know... but Emily doesn't seem too motherly and it is possible that her "daughter" is actually Foss's daughter and that somehow Emily was in on arranging the deaths of his family as a punishment but she couldn't kill the girl so she adopted her.

July 17 2007 at 7:39 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

For myself, I'm disappointed that Foss may be a bad guy, and hoping it isn't true. I'd like to see Nicholas Lea get beyond the always playing a bad guy routine and finally surprise everyone by actually playing a slightly-shady good guy! I'm hoping Adam's message has more to it, and that Foss turns out to be good.

I'm not liking the Declan/Jessie hook-up: could the writers have been more predictable? Maybe this will lead somewhere interesting. I hope so...

July 17 2007 at 6:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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