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October 6, 2015

Traveler: The Exchange (series finale)

by Brett Love, posted Jul 19th 2007 10:19AM
Traveler(S01E08) Well... that sucks. Not the episode, but the fact that there won't be any more episodes. I actually thought that the show had hit full speed at the end of last week's episode when Will popped up with his gun trained on Marlow. With the three boys back together again working to bring down Freed, and Marlow more convinced than ever that things were not what they seem, it could have been the perfect kickoff to the second half of the season.

Instead, we are left with what was a pretty entertaining hour of television, but one that suffered greatly from ten pounds of plot stuffed in a five pound bag, and the fact that so many of the questions that were brought up will never have an answer. Really, short of confirmation that the TV Squad readers correctly fingered Agent Chambers as Freed's man inside the FBI, they didn't really give us much at all in the way of answers.

The painting, the porter, Kim, Carlton, Otis, Joseph, Marlow and Chambers... it's all just kind of up in the air. For a moment there, when the boys pulled the recorder scam on Freed, I thought we were at least going to get a rushed conclusion. Unfortunately, not so much. Worse than that, did their plan to punish Freed make any sense to anybody? Drop him off in front of the newspaper and tell him to tell his story to them. And he's going to do that because he is such an honest, upstanding guy? Why wouldn't he say, "I'm Jack Freed from Homeland Security and I was kidnapped by the terrorists who bombed the Drexler. Call Agent Chambers at the FBI." Their power over him ended the moment they no longer had a gun on him.

It does all leave many doors open for speculation. Freed's limo blowing up would seem to point to someone even higher up in the food chain. I would assume they caught on to what was going on after he didn't show up for the planned exchange in the park. I would also guess that Kim was being taken hostage to be offered as a bargaining chip. The fun of all of that speculation is rather hampered by the fact that no answers will be coming to tell us if we are right or not.

So, I guess we take it for what it was. Five and a half hours of very fun television leading up to a huge train wreck. I think Traveler was a casualty of the other failed serials on the ABC schedule. After watching all of those other shows go in the tank earlier in the season, there was just no faith left to give this one a fair shot. I'm left wondering what would have happened had it been given one of those fall slots. It may have met with the same fate that The Nine did. On the other hand, given what we have seen, I think there was potential for a Prison Break level hit that could have continued. Oh well, I guess we'll all just have to tune to cable tonight and watch Burn Notice.

What did you think of the finale?
A fine conclusion to the show.23 (2.5%)
Finale? That was just another episode.230 (24.9%)
Jeez-O-Peete, I want to kick a network executive in the crotch.670 (72.6%)

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