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August 29, 2015

The Daily Show: August 16, 2007

by Annie Wu, posted Aug 17th 2007 1:21AM
John McCain"Great Recall of China": In some not very surprising news, there has been a massive recall of certain toys from China. Lead was discovered in a disturbingly large number of Mattel toys from the country and now everyone's running around, trying to cover themselves. Senior Plaything Analyst John Oliver, wearing a lot of brown, reported from his parents' toy-filled basement to elaborate. That Photoshopped picture of young Oliver made me laugh for an obscenely long time. It was yet another sign that I desperately needed sleep.

"Clusterfuck to the White House": Hillary Clinton continues to push her campaign along, but not without a bit of document-related controversy. What else is new? I wish "real" news shows would take advantage of video archives and do fun montages of hypocrisy the way Daily Show does. Also, the Photoshopped picture of Bill Clinton on FDR's body made me laugh even louder than when I saw the Oliver picture. After the laughter died, I proceed to blink repeatedly and try not to collapse. Apparently it's still really easy to enjoy a show when one is on the verge of immediately falling asleep.

The night's guest was John McCain, presidential candidate and author of Hard Call: Great Decisions and the Extraordinary People Who Made Them. When will politicians realize that Daily Show is like a kiss of death to campaigns? Colbert Report is the one that gives the positive bump! It's just a fact. Ahem... Anyway, the interview was pretty good. McCain did his best to crack jokes and play along with Jon, but all that did was make me flashback to his Saturday Night Live hosting stint and how totally weird that was.

Jon/Stephen: YouTube practice! You know, I think the folks that want to depose Jon and Stephen really just want to meet them. Moment of Zen: Let's learn about turd blossoms on The Situation Room!

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I saw that commercial too, I think Riggle is really funny so I'm excited for next week (didn't it say he'd be on all week too?) And Riggle actually is a Marine who served in Iraq, Kosovo, Afghanistan among other places.

August 17 2007 at 5:31 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I saw an ad that said Rob Riggle is going to be live in Iraq (and not just in front of a green screen, but actually IN Iraq) next week.

That should be pretty cool. I'm not crazy about Riggle, but very few non-soldiers these days are distinguished enough to visit Iraq. Good luck Mr. Riggle! Make sure you stay out of other peoples cars.

August 17 2007 at 10:15 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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