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October 9, 2015

Kyle XY: Hands on a Hybrid

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Aug 22nd 2007 8:28PM
Kyle XY(S02E11) After two action packed episodes, I expected this week's installment of Kyle XY to be a filler episode. When watching the first minutes of "Hands on a Hybrid," I thought I was right but the rest of the episode proved me wrong. Not only did the episode tell us more about Madacorp's business and how far Ballantine is willing to go, but Kyle and Jessi finally know they are alike.

Foss meet the C.I.R.

Kyle XYFoss, who was captured by Madacorp last week, is now being used as their guinea pig. Instead of doing the usual torturing methods we see in most shows, Ballantine decided to make Foss be the first C.I.R. test subject. To ensure that they wouldn't be disturbed by Kyle and Declan anytime soon, Taylor has Foss call Kyle to tell him is in hiding.

Ballantine and Taylor set everything up to do the C.I.R. test. Emily had the job to ask Foss questions about his past and inject him with a drug that would allow the machine to do its job of not only finding where specific memories are stored but also breaking down the brain's firewall and accessing hidden memories.

Ballantine called Stephen in to work. I suspect that he not only really needed him but wanted Stephen away of his family. During the test, Stephen stayed in his office. I wonder what he would have done if he had learned the test subject was Foss. Stephen was already suspicious of the fact they found a test subject so fast.

When Foss is clearly not responding well to the C.I.R., everyone but Ballantine wants the test to stop. I was surprised that even Taylor wanted the testing to stop, maybe he does have a heart? Ballantine clearly doesn't have one.

XX meet XY

Kyle XYKyle showed Adam's picture to Declan and came to the conclusion that it his Adam and a female counterpart. Kyle tells his friend that Jessi could be like him and that he must find a way to get close to her to learn more. Luckily, both are participants in the "Hands on a Hybrid" contest. Before I talk about what when on between the two, since when can they be around one another without having headaches, etc.?

Kyle learned a lot of Jessi (and XX) during the contest. At first, she somewhat easily opened up to him but, when he was able to see one of her memories, she freaked out and stopped talking. Eventually, he regained her trust and that's when she really opened up. Jessi revealed that she didn't have a family (at least not to the Tragers' standards), that she had a feeling her life was wrong, and that something happened in the woods. When Jessi opened her mind to Kyle, they discovered that Emily found her in a dark place and that she shot her using a dart gun (of course, we know more about this than they do, it'll be interesting to see them piece everything together). What Jessi doesn't know is that Kyle was able to make sense of part of her memories since he's been to those places before.

Kyle XYWhen her memories became too hot to handle, Jessi started to affect electricity again and the two of them were propelled on the floor. When in the medical area, Kyle shows Jessi that he has no belly button... she shows him that she doesn't have one either. This is a really important moment in the series as both now know they are of the same mold. For sure, Kyle knows that Jessi is that other project he discovered while playing with Ballantine's computer. How will Kyle explain to Jessi who she is?

No matter, Jessi's eye-opening experience had a profound effect on her. When Emily came back home, she discovered Paige sitting in the kitchen next to a rather angry Jessi preparing dinner. Emily knew Jessi's program was faulty and asked her what she wanted. Jessi, knife in hand, approached Paige and told Emily that she, Jessi, wanted to know who she is. I wonder if Emily answered the question or if she had a dart gun handy to take care of the situation. Next thing we learned is that Jessi had run away. Did she? Or has Emily brought Jessi back to Madacorp?

Lori is on a mission

Lori had a lot to do this week. She called Amanda after seeing that Kyle and Jessi were chit chatting during the contest, she confronted Stephen once again (that relationship will need serious mending), and she enlisted Hillary's help to find dirt on Jessi. She eventually found out that Jessi was her attacker. She stormed to where her parents and Emily was and angrily told Emily to back off because Jessi attacked her. Stephen quickly told his daughter that there must be a logical explanation. But Lori, not wanting to listen right now, became more angry since her father was not defending her. They are growing apart by the minute.

I'm with Cancer Girl

Kyle XYMost of this week's action took place at the cancer charity event during which there was a "hands on car" contest. Josh wanted in so he could get a better car, but he eventually shifts his goal to winning it for Andy. Even if his name wasn't called to participate, Josh is a man of many resources and buys a pass from another contestant. So he, Kyle and Jessi all take part in the contest.

Andy discovered that Josh talked to Nicole. At first, Andy is not a happy camper, but thanks to Nicole's talents, Andy decides to give Josh another chance... until she learned that he bought his way in the contest. This news set Andy on a rampage. She stormed on the contest's stage and confronted Josh in front of the audience. During the heated argument, she let out that she had cancer and walked away. Josh, really wanting to do good in Andy's eyes, left the contest to talk to her. I'm really happy that we got yet another happy ending for those two. I'll say it again but they are really cute together and they are my favorite teen couple. Andy made "I'm with cancer girl" t-shirts and the two of them literally kissed and made up.

Other scenes of interest
  • Nicole asking Kyle about Jessi and the symbol. Her quest for the truth is not finished.
  • Hillary saying that her goal in life is to become a reality TV star.
  • Amanda coming to support Kyle but really being there to keep an eye on Jessi. Later, Amanda seeing Jessi and Kyle checking out one another's belly. Kyle will have to do a lot of damage control to get her to trust him again. I'm pretty sure Amanda will go to NYC.
Best lines of the week
  • So Madacorp sent some wicked hot mentally scrambled science experiment to invade your life. - Declan
  • I'm a man of many needs. - Josh
  • Can you honestly think of one normal decent thing to say about Jessi? - Lori
  • She's just a mystery waiting to become a scandal. - Hillary
  • I don't know what I am anymore. - Jessi
Where do you think Jessi is?
Madacorp22 (14.0%)
In the woods83 (52.9%)
Elsewhere52 (33.1%)

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Hey Isabelle!

I was looking for your email but couldn't find it on the site, so I thought a comment was the next best thing! Could you please email me when you have a chance? It's about Kyle XY, and a cool feature that has to do with the music featured on the show. Hope to talk to you soon!

August 27 2007 at 5:45 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I really liked this episode, especially because I just adore the Josh and Andy relationship. I loved Josh confronting Andy about her cancer issues without actually using the word "cancer"; that was really well done. Loved the kissing too, of course. I think they're really cute together, and I'm curious to see where their storyline goes. Hope Andy gets through her cancer okay.

August 23 2007 at 5:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm amazed at how much better this season is since last, and this ep was one of the best so far...some of the best lines were delivered by Hillary, talking about Jessi with those "crazy eyes", and Hillary's video guy describing Jessi as being "really lurky"....BUT the best one was from Lori, on her way to confront Jessi, saying "as soon as she moves her hand off that car I'm gonna rip it off her arm and bitchslap her with it!" - THAT was awesome! Lori Trager is my new hero!

August 23 2007 at 9:37 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Toby OB

Re: the lack of headaches and electrical surges when Kyle and Jessi got near each other.... Perhaps that doesn't happen anymore because now their bio systems have adjusted to the input from a similar system being nearby?

And I wonder if Madacorp based the research to build C.I.R. on the work done in "The Village" (from 'The Prisoner')?

August 23 2007 at 3:58 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I liked that in this episode Jesse and Kyle finally both realize their alike, more importantly, Kyle was able to confirm that Jesse was like him. You KNOW Ballentine is going to get Kyle in that C.I.R. chair at some point, and I can't wait to see Kyle short it out!
I am worried about Foss and don't want the character to be turned on Kyle and don't want him to go anywhere. I like that Nicholas Lea is finally playing a good character and want that to continue!
And I didn't ever think Taylor was completely without conscious. Just driven by his own views on how Balin's research should have been used. So I think he's sincerely concerned for Foss' sanity and health. I wonder when he's going to throw in with Foss and help him escape!

August 22 2007 at 10:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Sigh, I just cannot get into the teen angst on this show. They really feel entitled to throw their weight around all over the place and it just makes me want to smack them upside the head.

I do like the Kyle/Jessi mystery and why did Baylin have a Jessi made to begin with? Was he breeding a super race to take over or to help? Can the clones/whatever-they-are breed? I am not sure if Baylin's motives were all that pure and clean and looking to create a messiah or simply that he wanted to have his superior skills and intellegence to rule after he was gone.

Poor, poor Tom in the chair of torture, flashing lights and drugs and all! You would think Emily has had enough proof of Ballentine's and Madacorp's reckless disregard for human life, She should take her kid and get out alive before it is too late.

I think Kyle might figure out Foss is in trouble and try to help in the next episode is he isn't too busy chasing Jessi or begging Amanda to trust him some more.

August 22 2007 at 9:45 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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