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October 13, 2015

Last Comic Standing: Audience Vote Round #2

by Jay Black, posted Aug 30th 2007 12:28AM
They should change this show so it's literally the last comic standing. You know, it's a contest where they all just stand up for a really long time.(S05E12) I can't help myself, I just need to blurt out tonight's winner: Doug Benson!

You almost thought I posted a pre-jump spoiler, didn't you? Admit it, you were sharpening your commenter fingers just ready to eviscerate me for ruining the show!

Well, I did no such thing. The only person who is ruining this show for you people is Bill Bellamy, and that's the way it's gonna stay!

Let's get on with the review...

Last Comic Standing is a weird gig in the sense that for as popular as the show seems to be, appearing on it (or hell, even winning it) doesn't seem to do all that much for your career. It certainly helps it, but there doesn't seem to be a single break-out star that's come from the ranks of the LCS contenders. When you think of the millions of albums sold (not to mention the freakin' Oscar won) by American Idol alums, it certainly begs the question why we haven't had something similar from LCS.

To be sure, American Idol is a cultural force propelled by the three-headed monster that is Seacrest, Cowell, and that fat woman in the yellow outfit from the audition rounds, so the disparity in popularity probably has something to do with it, but I wonder if there is another reason.

I don't have a definitive answer, but here's one theory that occurred to me watching Doug Benson: maybe we don't like to see our comics so needy.

Here's what I mean: I thought Doug had the best set of the night. Watching him was like a sigh of relief after last week's performances. Part of that is because Doug is a great comic and came out with both guns blazing ("My name is Chuck and I like to... Parrrrrrrty" -- line of the night!), but I wonder if the fact that he was already out of the competition and no longer performing with the hopes of impressing a set of voters has liberated him in some way.

I felt like I perceived him differently as well. I think that a comic needs to be in control of his audience. Doug was freed from me as an audience member having any power over him and that's what altered my perception. He was no longer a comic that I lorded over like a Roman Emperor, my cell phone operating as my thumb, but was instead just a very funny dude in total command of his craft.

Compare that to the comics that performed tonight, hoping that Bill Bellamy will call their name so they have a chance to perform and then grimacing and pleading for votes after each of their sets. That's why I named Doug our winner.

I've performed in contests and I think there's a palpable difference in the way the audience feels when they're told, "Hey, these guys that are about to perform? You go right ahead and judge them!"

Could it be that it's hard for us to really get behind these comics once they're off the show because we know so much about them as people? Since we voted for them, does that alter how we feel about them as comics? Do they lose some of their power to shock and surprise us or be in control of us as an audience because of their participation on the show?

Or is there a much simpler explanation that I'm missing?

Please let me know. I'm curious to hear what you think. Why hasn't there been a sitcom, HBO special, or notable movie appearance from any of the winners of Last Comic Standing?

On to the performances:

Before we get into our competitors, a quick word about Bill Bellamy. There's a feature over at The Onion's AV Club called The Hater. From time to time, she'll write about "things that still exist but shouldn't." I'd like to nominate to that list the black comedian's "white guy voice." Apparently, we're all nasally nerds who name our children "Tad." Cool, great, wonderful, hilarious. I'm not sure what purpose this voice serves anymore other than to remind us what cutting edge racial comedy was like in 1972.

I give props to Bill Bellamy for trying to discuss something recent with his bit about Michael Vick. My problem was that instead of anything insightful, he simply grafted that Vick opening onto a moldy old joke about how white people like animals more than black people. The subtle implication of the joke (either unnoticed or ignored by Bellamy) was that since black people aren't as crazy about animals, they are therefore less outraged by Michael Vick than white people. I'm not saying this is the case, simply the implication by Bellamy.

Rather than explore this, however, he made a lame joke (in a lame white guy voice) about how white people will push whales back in the water.

Not that you needed anymore proof that Bill Bellamy is as far from Chris Rock as Earth is from Rigel, but there it is anyway.

Last week, I graded the performances from F to A. As we're down to four comics left, I'll use stars. One star to four stars, still focusing on comparing the comics to each other rather than grading them outright (meaning that a one star rating doesn't mean that I think the comic stinks, just that they weren't as strong as the others were tonight).

* Amy Schumer: Last week I said it appeared that Amy was out of A material and I think that was proved tonight. It felt like her jokes were strung together rather than built into a coherent set. It even felt like her "character" was a little forced and inconsistent tonight. I thought this was her least polished performance.

That being said, I did enjoy the fact that she made reference to "some people think[ing] she's only in the finals because she's a young, pretty female." Amy has been the only comic on the show to consistently break from her set to make mention of things that fall outside her prepared NBC-approved four minutes. Her addressing that point was at the same time a keen observation of a probable truth and very funny -- two things that all good comedians should be striving for.

I also figured out tonight why Amy reminds me so much of Sarah Silverman. After she does a particularly mean-spirited joke, she pauses, then makes a pursed-lipped expression of ironic shock that's exactly like Sarah Silverman's. I cracked the code for cute-mean-funny-comediennes! Seriously, go back and watch the tape and tell me I'm wrong! (Again, this is not a criticism, just an observation.)

I was pleasantly surprised with the bikini shots. After we were gipped last year out of Pam appearing in a bikini in the penultimate Office, it was nice to see that Amy, a Pam surrogate for me during the summer months, decided to give this gift to the creepy male members of her audience. Good show, Amy!

One last thing: there's a bit of debate among the TV Squad staff -- we're all enamored of Amy -- about whether her tramp-stamp (that tattoo girls get on their lower backs) is a good thing or a bad thing. We're undecided, so we thought we'd turn to the creepiest set of guys we know -- our male readers -- to settle the debate for us!

What do you think of Amy's "tramp stamp?"
Love it!62 (45.3%)
Hate it!56 (40.9%)
You're a sexist pig for even asking!19 (13.9%)

** LaVell Crawford: His best joke of the night was a tag onto Gerry Dee's "H" joke. I'm not sure if this is a positive or a negative, but it was very well executed and got a great pop from the audience.

His story was long, predictable, and didn't have a final payoff worthy of the build it took to get there. It was, however, more original and out there than what the other comics did tonight (an imagined conversation with a bear) and a very needed deviation from the "I'm Fat" rut that he's been in since the show started. I think he did enough to move on this week -- but just barely.

*** Jon Reep: Again in second place and again the comic with the worst producer-mandated signs ("Keep Reep"? Really? That's the best you got?) Overall, he gave a nice performance, despite wandering into some well-worn material (those nursery rhyme jokes have some dust on them, don't they?) The only thing I fear when I write about Jon is that each week, the only thing I can come up with is "nice" and "likeable." Maybe these are the keys to victory, but I'd like to see him do something to shake things up in the next few weeks.

I felt bad for Jon that he had to follow Ralph's being kicked off the show. I understand that NBC added this new wrinkle as a way to keep viewers (and to structure the show without the need for a separate "results" show), but as a comic, you never want to follow anything emotional. As pointed out in these pages time and time again, Ralph is as likable as four kittens dressed as the Beatles. Watching him leave the show wasn't exactly fun -- then we had Jon's performance. It seemed unfair to me.

(Kudos to Ralph, incidentally, for telling everyone to support live comedy. YES! Seriously, if you think stand-up is fun on TV, you ain't seen nothing till you've been at a club. Listen to Ralph and go to a live show. Perhaps one where, oh, I don't know, Jay Black or you know, whoever, is playing. It'll be worth your while!)

**** Gerry Dee: Not quite a homerun, but a solid double on a night of singles. As a former teacher myself, I loved that material. I do some teacher stuff in my act as well, but I never went as far as Gerry did tonight. His stuff was actually kind of dark, if you stop and think about it, but he sold it in such a way that it only came across as funny.

The transition to the "H" joke was odd, but the joke itself was interesting and memorable enough that it gave LaVell something to tag later on in the show. I suspect that this joke is part of a larger routine that was cut either for time or content purposes and that it makes a lot more sense in the proper context. I laughed at it, but was a little... disturbed by it (especially when Gerry ended his set with "it was a true story" when he was passing the mic to Bellamy). I'd love to see the joke in its natural place in Gerry's act.

I thought that the comics did a much better job on the whole this week than last. That lends some credence to the idea that they were holding back a bit last week in order to save their best material for the later rounds. I'm actually anxious to see what the final weeks brings on in terms of material. Will it keep getting better? Or have we peaked with regards to who has the best stuff in reserve? Damn you NBC and TV Squad -- you actually have me caring about a show that I thought I had put behind me after season one.

As always, you can find a different take from Shecky Magazine here.

Who would you vote OFF tonight?
Amy56 (24.8%)
LaVell106 (46.9%)
Jon47 (20.8%)
Gerry17 (7.5%)

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I think Amy should go. I did not like Gerry in the earlier parts of the show, but now in his nature habitat(?), he is really shining and growing on me. I love when the comedians bounce off the others jokes (to me a sign of a great comedian, because they think quick on their feet). I personally feel that Matt Kirchen should be up there and not Amy.

I did feel bad for Ralph for being the only one to go into head to head and then when it is up to America, he gets the boot.

Gerry was my favorite, then Doug Benson. I really like LaVell, but the bear joke was too long and did not pay off.

I just hope Gerry does not get PARTIED, because he was the funniest tonight :)

August 31 2007 at 9:33 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Is it just me or does Lavell look like a brontosaurus?

August 30 2007 at 9:29 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Lavell shouldn't have been giving his set this week -- should have been the one to go -- set was long and boring. I was sorry to see Ralph Harris go -- his stuff was as fresh and varied as any (and more so than some).

August 30 2007 at 3:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This was the first time I've watched this season, and I was extremely underwhelmed. Doug Benson is someone who is reasonably well-established in the LA comedy scene. He has a few shows a week at the UCB Theatre. In short, he's someone who has already proved he's a credible talent.

I find it astonishing that he was voted off in favor of the people I saw perform last night! The only person with any semblance of talent was Gerry Dee.

Is this what happens when Middle America votes? Yikes. I won't be watching this show again. It's just that my Tivo was starting to get empty, and I resorted to live TV for once. *shudder*

August 30 2007 at 2:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Amy was the worst out of the bunch!

John Reep was boring but had some funny bits

Gerry Dee was cool but long winded at times

Lavelle Crawford was the best. You guys must be smoking crack.

Oh and Doug Benson to start the show was lame!

August 30 2007 at 12:32 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Amy had a decent set, but it probably wasn't enough. Sad, because she's the only comic left I'm rooting for.

Lavell was terrible. If Gerry hadn't made the H joke, his set might have had him booed off the stage. The whole set was basically about the bear, which was terribly unfunny. Then of course, because he's a fat, black guy, he had to bring up a chicken joke. Wow! Fresh and original! He would be my choice to go, after two terrible weeks.

Gerry was solid. Probably the best of the night, because his material seemed to be the most relatable, at least. He's definitely safe for next week, without question.

I'm not sold on Reep, but he'll be there next week. I HATE the blue collar movement, and would personally punch Larry the Cable Guy in the face for helping to make this crap popular. Reep is better than them, but still has that twinge of blue collar from time to time. That's why he'll probably win the whole thing. Never doubt the hicks with nothing better to do with their time.

August 30 2007 at 10:55 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Thank for DVRs. I fast forwarded through literally the first 15 minutes of the show.

Amy - wasn't funny tonight at all. Need to get voted off. Not a single moment of brilliance for me, and after watching her during LCS this season, knew the first joke was coming before she told it.

LaVell - As Jay writes, an excellent joke out of the gate, but otherwise flat again. :( [and to channel my inner LaVell Crawford, that's the first thing that's been flat on LaVell since birth]

Jon Reep - I loved his delivery of the nursery rhyme set. Yes, it was old material, but he did it marvelously.

Gerry Dee - again, I liked his set, just like last week. Here on TVSquad, the commenters were all freaked out by his being from Canadia and about him being a child stalker or something, but for the second straight week, I genuinely enjoyed his routine.

Seeya, Amy. This competition is down to Gerry and Jon, and at this point, I predict it's gonna be a Hickory Huzzah this season! (Which is funny, because I hate blue collar comedy - too overdone.)

August 30 2007 at 9:35 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I haven't watched this week's episode yet, but I'm glad to hear Ralph is gone.

I must defend Bill Bellamy, though. I don't like his comedy bits at all, but he's doing a pretty good job as a HOST -- better than Anthony "Deer In Headlights" Clark anyway. Of course, Jay Mohr was the best, but I guess he has outgrown the role. I love Sarah Silverman, but the suggestion that NBC might hire her for this gig is ludicrous.

P.S. I don't like "tramp stamps" on anyone, especially Amy. I'll be Matt Kirshen fancies it!

August 30 2007 at 8:59 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Jay Black

Bash -- not to take anything away from your points, but I think you're underestimating the creepiness level here at TV Squad HQ. We would have noticed (and mentioned) the tramp stamp had Amy been on the final episode of Seinfeld!

You do raise a good point about Bellamy. Sometimes I get so caught up attacking his weaknesses as a comic that I forget to mock his inability to host. My bad on that one :)

I do disagree with you on the "waste of time" comment, though. It's padded and in places pathetic, but the last few weeks have been engaging television. Especially now that we've been freed from having to watch ridiculous stunts and we're just watching stand-up, the show is very watchable. If we could just improve on Bellamy and increase the amount of stand-up in the hour, NBC might be on to something here...

August 30 2007 at 8:43 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Asking about the tramp stamp is just ridiculous. I didn't even really notice it - it was visible for half a second and you start a poll about it. I think this shows how desperate you have to look for anything interesting in this show.

Bellamy did get the vote-number right for ONE contestant. He made errors all the way. How hard is it to remember a number or even read it off a teleprompter?

This whole show is totally boring and disappointing. Amy bombed miserably as well as Jon and LaVell. It physically hurts me to see LaVell perform though. The only features he has is being black and obese - look at him trying to CLAP his hands. He's so fat he cant get his palms together, he actually claps with his fingertips. And then they show his family who's combined weight must be that of a garbage truck.

And the hick - his family wants him to move back home. That's just sad - totally sad with his brother having lost all his hair and still living with his partens.

How sad is this whole show? Talk about a waste of time.

August 30 2007 at 8:26 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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