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October 7, 2015

Kyle XY: Lockdown

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Sep 1st 2007 11:32AM
Kyle XY(S02E12) "Lockdown" is the episode before the midseason finale (yes, it's already that time of year!). The episode pushed the storylines further in order to set the tone for this coming Monday's episode, "Leap of Faith."

Thanks to Nicole setting a lockdown, Andy and Josh came to an understanding, Declan and Lori talked things through, Amanda and Kyle explained one another (well, sort of), and Kyle was able to get guidance for his next move. But let's not forget that the lockdown also had an effect on Nicole and Stephen, who somewhat grew more apart but, in the end, made their way back together.

Andy and Josh

Again this week, Andy tries to pull away from Josh because she is about to start chemo. She tells him that this is their last day together. They have some fun playing their favorite video game. However, things turn a bit ugly when they are making out and Andy keeps saying it's their last day. Josh doesn't want to continue making out because he doesn't want this to be their last day. He clearly wants Andy to light up and accept his help and love. She doesn't want to hurt him and have him see her weak and sick.

After some time alone, Andy comes to her senses and accepts to let Josh in. She talks to him about the future and both patch things up. Awww.... A friend in need is a friend indeed. For sure, Josh will be that friend for Andy. Maybe it's this friendship that will help Andy go through chemo therapy and maybe even recover.

Declan and Lori

Kyle XYLori is still angry and bitter. Stephen finally faces her and tells his daughter to change her attitude. Even if this sets Lori off, she is concentrates her efforts mainly on plotting her revenge against Jessi; she wants to ruin a reputation (it shouldn't be too difficult since people already think Jessi is weird and she must not have many friends anyway). Lori is not happy when Declan protects Jessi and doesn't want to help plot revenge.

Hillary, channeling her inner Dr. Phil and Oprah, decides the ex-couple needs a mediator. Declan and Lori play her little game for a while and seem to be ready to talk until Kyle comes in. Mediator Hillary tells them that "Keclan" (her nickname for Kyle+Declan) gets in the way of Lori and Declan (Deri? Loclan? I wonder how she calls them.). Declan decides he doesn't want to play this little game and walks away. Kyle asks Declan for his car to find Jessi but doesn't want him to join. Is it the end of Kyle and Declan? Yet again?

Later, Declan and Lori finish the talk they started with their homemade mediator. They hug and are friends again... at least for now.

Amanda and Kyle

Since what happened at the "Hands on Hybrid" contest, it seems that Kyle and Amanda haven't talked much. But Amanda wants to clear the air and comes to the Tragers. They tell each other how they feel and she tells him she's pondering going to NYC. Kyle doesn't tell her to not go (I'm pretty sure she wanted to hear that or at least something that would make her decision easier). Amanda decides she needs to think things over and leaves. Even if their relationship is strained, Kyle, being the good friend that he is, tells her that he'll always be there for her no matter her decision.

I'm not sure what to think of this couple anymore. In season 1, I wanted them to get together. I was happy when they finally kissed. But somehow now I'm starting to want them apart. Is it because in season 1 I hated Charlie so I wanted something best for Amanda? And that now, maybe because I do know that Kyle is not playing behind her back, I don't understand why she is so angry at him? It's always tricky when fans know more than characters do. I recall people hating the character of Will in Alias in the first season because they knew who Sydney Bristow really was and he didn't, so he kept being in the way.

Nicole and Stephen

Stephen tells Nicole that Lori believes he and Emily are having an affair. Nicole's silence and facial expression says it all: she is suspicious as well. Not ready to talk more about this, both go on on their separate business. Nicole tries to find more links between Kyle and Jessi. Stephen goes to Madacorp to take care of the server since he had to leave in a hurry after the C.I.R. test. Stephen gets suspicious after Emily tells him not to go in the C.I.R. room and when he discovers that the results have been erased. He makes a startling discovery when he over hears a discussion between Foss and Taylor: Madacorp is after Kyle and Ballantine wants to have Kyle sit in the C.I.R. chair.

Stephen rushes back to his home, where Nicole is waiting for him. Both have a secret to tell the other: Kyle! I can't wait for the next episode to see how they piece together the information they each have and what they'll do about it. Stephen and Nicole will surely be a force to reckon with if they work hand in hand to protect their family.

Kyle and Jessi

Kyle XYJessi is still on the run and Kyle wonders not only where she is but what to do about the fact she is like him. To make things more complicated for him, Emily calls Kyle telling him that her family and the Tragers are in danger and that they need to find Jessi. She is definitely working on getting him closer to Jessi... and Madacorp.

Thanks to another of his abilities, he is able to "dream" of Baylin and Jessi. Both help him find out what to do next but also where to look for Jessi. It wasn't much a surprise (58% of the voters in our last poll voted for the right answer), Jessi went to the woods. While on his path to enlightenment, Kyle discovers that Ballantine is surely after the information in his (Kyle's) brain and that he is the source of all the problems. Of course, we know that Kyle is right and that he is dead on when thinking that Jessi was sent to read his mind and get the info. He ponders if Jessi should be trusted but in the end, he decides that no matter, she is an unwilling weapon and needs help.

Nicole surprises Kyle as he is about to leave the house without permission. He openly tells her he needs to find Jessi to fix everything. Nicole wants to know if they (Kyle and Jessi) are connected and who Kyle really is. But he is not about to give answers. Maybe he believes that the truth will hurt the Tragers more? Nicole lets him go. I'm pretty sure she knows deep inside that Kyle and Jessi need to come together and find answers. She wants the best for him and her family and this may be the only way to get it.

While Kyle is on his vision quest, Jessi is on a quest of her own. While in the forest, she relives the tragic events that occurred there weeks before. This sets her one edge (more than she was) and she even ponders taking her own life. But Kyle is there to save the day! He finds her about to jump and tells her he is there for her and that they will try to make things right. But Jessi is afraid that she'll unwillingly betray him. But Kyle, always wanting to see the best in people and maybe also because he needs Jessi to confide in him so they find answers, reassures her that she can make her own choices. Can she? I wonder if there is something in her "program" that will activate eventually, making her serve Kyle on a platter to Madacorp.

Other scenes of interest

  • Foss survived the chair torture!
  • Taylor saying that he doesn't Kyle to sit in the C.I.R. chair. Could the man be changing his tune?
  • Hillary telling Nicole that it is difficult to help people.
Best lines of the week
  • Brown hair, green eyes, 5 foot, 11 personalities. - Josh about Jessi
  • We'll just be a room away from turning out G-Force skills into real life mortal pain. - Josh to Lori
  • I learned from Phil and Oprah. Yet, everything comes out Springer. I'm a fraud. A Fauxprah. - Hillary
  • Because if I don't believe in her, no one will. - Kyle about Jessi
  • I'll betray you. That's what they want me to do. - Jessi
Now that he knows what Madacorp is after, what should Stephen do?
Quit while he still can.34 (20.5%)
Stay there to gather more information and take the company down.132 (79.5%)

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Hillary's line "For the love of Peter Petrelli!" was just awesome for me. (That, and didn't Lori mention something about her leaving to go watch a Lost marathon?) She also used the word bromance and mashed up Kyle and Decklan's names. She is so a secret fangirl.

Also loved the Josh and Andy scenes, they're one of my favorite TV couples right now. They're just so sweet. And I also loved Josh's line about "touching them boobs". Hee.

September 03 2007 at 5:32 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Josh has gotten unbelievable...a 16 year old still goes for the boob when there is a chance and worry about tomorrow later.

I wonder who Kyle and Jessi (Kessi?) save tonight...thats what i got from the previews.

Has anyone heard when the next shows will be on again?

September 03 2007 at 3:20 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The one thing I can't seem to understand is why would people vote that Stephan should stay at Madacorp, gather intel, and try to bring them down. Come on people, he is just one "normal" guy against a major corperation. What on earth could he possibly achieve? Atleast at this point in the whole of things. You guys have to also understand that Stephan still holds his hatered for Tom Foss. When he saw him, I mean IF he reconized him to begin with, he saw him strapped to a chair that he knew what it was designed for. What would stop him from thinking that Madacorp could be going after Kyle to help him in some way to protect him from Foss?

September 02 2007 at 7:33 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Isabelle Carreau

Bebop: yeah I noticed it but didn't put it in the "best lines of the episode" because I thought it didn't really fit the convo. It sounded like "Peter Petrelli" was mentioned in there just so that it shows they watch "Heroes." Maybe I'm missing the connection between what Hillary meant and Peter (and I do watch "Heroes").

September 02 2007 at 6:08 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

did everyone miss the "For the love of Peter Petrelli" line Hillary spouted out?

September 02 2007 at 6:01 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Isabelle Carreau

Tele-Toby: You are probably right about the Fauxprah. I think my brain understood "Fr-Oprah" (or "Frauprah") since she had just said she was a fraud. I changed it to your version.

September 01 2007 at 2:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Toby OB

I think the word that Hillary coined was "Fauxprah" for the fake Oprah.

One side benefit in my enjoyment of this series is imagining the reactions of those former network executives of CBN who handed over the channel to ABC when they see scenes like this week's in which Andy and Josh kept talking about feeling up her boobs.

With last season's scene at the pool, when Kyle got a rise out of receiving CPR from Amanda, I remember thinking that this will probably drive Pat Robertson up a wall, LOL! That's what came to mind again this week.

But I'm glad this show takes that more adult approach. It must be tough to keep the balance between heart-warming family drama and thrilling sci-fi adventure, but somehow 'Kyle XY' manages it.

After Monday, how long do we have to wait until the second half of the season?

September 01 2007 at 1:57 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Joey Geraci

It seemed pretty clear from the initial flashback scene that Taylor was not a through and through bad guy. He betrayed Baylin initially because he though he was doing the best thing for him. And ultimately he didn't want Foss or Kyle to get too hurt, I guess. A well needed shade of gray in a series otherwise filled with black and white (except Jessi, of course).

September 01 2007 at 1:31 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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