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October 7, 2015

Adam Finley: Count your remotes

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Sep 10th 2007 12:30PM

Today, Monday September 10, 2007, TV Squad is remembering blogger Adam Finley who passed away tragically late last week. All front page posts will be staff picks of Adam's writing through the years.

This type of post was Adam's bread and butter. Be it a news story, or in this case, a simple question for readers to ponder. He'd get what needed to be said out of the way and then roam off into some wildly hilarious tangent. Here? Eskimos that make shoddy TV remotes. The beauty of his simple technique was that it made reading some of those monotonous TV news stories a bit easier to swallow. Frankly, I'd pick an anecdote about remote building Eskimos any day over the millionth Paris Hilton headline.

Originally published May 6, 2006.

remotesI'd like to think I'm not terribly old, but I do actually remember a time when televisions didn't have remote controls. In fact, my siblings and I were my father's remote control. The advent of the "clicker" changed the way we watch TV, and ultimately, the way television shows and commercials are made and produced. Back in the day, you would pick a channel and more or less stay with that channel for the evening. Now, you can zap through the channels, defying each one to engage you within three seconds or risk being left in the dust.

Borrowing (stealing) an idea from Lost Remote, I thought I'd ask TV Squad readers just how many remotes they have in their home. I'll stretch it to include any kind of remote, not just television ones. I myself rock three remotes: one for my crappy little stereo, one for my TiVo (that also changes the channels on my TV), and another one to turn my TV on and control the volume. Why can't the TiVo remote also turn my TV on and control the volume? Well, it's because instead of buying a name brand TV that's compatible with universal remotes, I instead chose to purchase some no-name brand which I believe was put together by Eskimos using discarded pieces from a Zenith set circa 1968. I'm not always as discerning a consumer as I should be.

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