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September 1, 2015

Big Brother 8: Season Finale

by JJ Hawkins, posted Sep 19th 2007 12:42AM
Daniele and Dick with Julie Chen

After 33 episodes of psychologically draining television, Big Brother finally announced a winner tonight, and the results may come as a shock to some people.

Well, they came as a shock to me anyways.

I'm pretty sure most of the reading audience was astute enough to realize this is how things would turn out. Hell, there's probably even a little piece of me that knew this is the way things would turn out, but I didn't want to accept it - couldn't fathom this was even within the realm of possibility.

I'll wait to bore you with that when I wrap this all up with some final thoughts. Until then, let's relive what was and what came to be.

America's Player - Who should Eric campaign for to win Big Brother 8?

America Selects Dick

As expected, Eric was tasked with convincing the other jurors to vote for Dick. He made some pretty compelling arguments that included:

  • The fact that it wasn't in the rule book that you had to be polite or honest or trustworthy at any point in the game.
  • Daniele was a sniveling little baby and a brat since week two. I can't disagree with that one.
  • Dick's assitude was a clearly defined strategy from the onset.
  • Daniele rode her father's coattails the whole way. I do disagree with this one.
  • The fact that Dicks best move was targeting the correct person at the right time consistently.
  • The fact that Daniele's best move was letting her dad take the bullets for her.
  • The fact that Dick won 3 HoHs and won the veto that saved his own life.
He closed by saying the jurors couldn't devalue Dick's competitive stature just because he was mean spirited and that Dick had the difficult task of looking after two people the entire game.

Well stated Eric. I still think he would have won this thing hands down if it weren't for this seasons twist.

The grand jury.

At this point Zach and Jessica appeared to be favoring Daniele by pointing out that she was a strong competitor and that she'd won five PoVs over the course of the game. I think that statistic alone proves that she didn't totally ride her fathers coattails to success.

The Juror's Questions for the Final Two

Moving on, the jurors had the opportunity to pose a quick question to the Donato's. I was totally expecting to see a softer side of Dick during this questioning session, and I was completely way off base. His answers stayed true to form which meant he was sarcastic and blunt.

The highlights during the sequence occurred:
  • When Eric asked who else Dick felt deserved to be sitting there with him in the final two. For the most part Dick said he didn't really think anyone else deserved it aside from Eric and maybe Zach who turned up the heat near the end.
  • When Amber asked Daniele why she deserved her vote considering the things she did with Nick while her boyfriend watched from home - to which Daniele replied, "If your basing your vote on my personal life, than I don't even want your vote." Umm, Amber will you be paying by cash, check, or debit card tonight, 'cause you just got served.
Not the typical answers that you'd expect from people trying to get the questioners to vote for them, but I respect both Dick and Daniele's candor.

Jameka probably had the most interesting question when she asked what Daniele and Dick which strategic moves they credited themselves during the game.

Daniele mentioned her move to get Eric out of the house. Dick went right on the cusp of starting to campaign for himself by saying that he played hard, never floated under the radar, and was most proud of the manuever he made to build an alliance with Jessica and Eric. He also mentioned that he felt bad for having to turn on them later in the game.

Dick's response really irked Daniele because apparently the two of them had promised not to campaign for themselves during the questioning. Daniele expressed how "crappy" she though her dad's responses were, but the edit didn't really go into much detail. Apparently, this was a big point of contention between the Donato's for the last few days.

Daniele is a rotten brat.

Daniele getting annoyed with Dick prompted him to say, "Great, something else for her to be pissed at me about!" I found that line hysterical.

JJ is an Idiot

At this point I would like to record that I asked my wife who she thought would win. She said Dick and I stuck with my guess from the previous post and said Daniele. Have I mentioned I'm an idiot?

The Juror's Final Word

At this point we were outside of the Big Brother house in realtime, and the jurors were allowed to make a final statement before casting there vote via key.
  • Eric said, "Congratulations once again. This was a clear cut choice for me."
  • Jameka said, "Congratulations Donatos. My vote is going to someone who has gained my respect."
  • Dustin said, "Actions speak louder than words so I'm basing my vote on strategic actions and not words."

Jen makes one last statement to the Donatos.
  • Jen very comically said, "Honestly...I'd prefer to vote for anyone besides either of you in the house." Oh how I love Jen.
  • Zach said, "I was in the house longest with both of you both competively and personally." I'm pretty sure that's all he said. Perhaps he'll finish the thought later.
  • Amber said, "Congratualtions to both of you. I was close to both of you and had ups and downs with both of you. I'm basing my vote strictly on game, strategic, purpose." I wasn't sure what the last part meant, but I was happy that she didn't shed a single tear the entire finale.
  • Jessica said, "Congratulations. I'm voting for the person I enjoyed more in the house. May the best Donato win."
And with that the votes were set.

The First Five Evictees Make an Appearance

The first five evictees.
Moving right along, we got to see the likes of Carol, Mike, Kail, Joe, and Nick and they all got to speak to kill a little bit more time.
  • Nick said, Hi Daniele! See you in a little bit I guess,: and Daniele threw out the trademark, "Awwkkwarrdd." I wish these two would just make some babies already and get it over with. If I could go to Vegas right now and bet my life savings on these two getting together and procreating I'd do it without thinking twice. Of course, I'd only make about $200, but it's money I didn't have before, right?
  • Carol said she was proud of how Jessica handled herself despite some of the hurtful things that she said in the house
  • Joe said it was enjoyable watching Dustin fall apart from home, but he did congratulate him for getting so far. Dustin seemed irritated and had no response.
  • Mike said he was rooting for Zach to make it to the final two.
  • Kail said she was not surprised that Dick made it to the end.
And now for the moment I've been waiting for all season!

America's Player Revealed

Eric finally got to let the players in on the secret he's been holding in all season long. He let them know about the mustard incident, the mimicking of Dick, the traumatic story he told Kail, the silent treatment he failed to give Jessica, his failed attempt to molest Joe while sleepwalking, and the fact that his targets and votes were defined by America. He also let Dick know that America saved him during the week Dustin got evicted.

Eric looked so relieved during this sequence, I thought he was going to cry. You could just tell a giant web of deceit and lies was lifted from him. He just looked thankful to clear his name with the players.

He also let Dustin and Amber know that he would have never turned on them if it wasn't for America. Then he let Jessica know that the love connection that occurred between them in the house was 100% genuine and not some directive from the nation.

The Votes are Revealed

Chenbot pulls a key for Dick.

Eric/America - Dick
Jameka - Daniele
Dustin - Dick
Jen - Daniele
Zach - Dick
Amber - Dick

We learned a bit later that Jessica voted for Dick as well, but it didn't really matter. With Amber's vote, Dick was proclaimed the winner of Big Brother 8.

The Donatos are victorious.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever heard the saying, "Fantastic things will come your way if you're a craptastic person"? Me neither, but someone needs to stick that quote in fortune cookies and disseminate them across the country because it proved to be true tonight.

Never in a million years would I have imagined that someone who acted so cruelly and so hatefully would be rewarded for his actions, and by the people he did it to no less.

I think the jurors were right to call Dick's dickiness "a strategy", but what they failed to distinguish was that that's how Dick really is. His son even confirmed this when Julie asked him, "Is your dad really like this?" and he said, "Yeah, pretty much."

I'm pissed that this misogynistic, homophobic, tattooed, chain smoking SOB can win a half a million dollars for being a complete bastard, yet millions of us go to work each day, without cussing people out, without mocking other people's faith, without farting and burping publicly, without burning people with cigarettes, without pouring beverages over people's heads that we dislike, and make 10-15% of that in a full year. Life is completely unfair.

And what about the message we're sending to the children?!? Do we want them to think that this type of behavior is acceptable? That society rewards the vile and punishes the good guys?

I'm repulsed, I'm disgusted, and mark my words. I'm not watching anything remotely related to the show Big Brother. In fact, I have a Big Brother. His name is John. I'm not going to talk to him ever again. I'm done.

[And for the record, I really don't take this whole thing as seriously as I'm leading on. I'm just trying to get some people worked up so they'll sound off in the comments. It is the last episode for a year after all. Only 9 more months until the next season. Can't wait! Congrats to Dick Donato. Spend your money wisely. Make up with your daughter. Change your look. Tommy Lee was so 1982.]

Happy with the results of Big Brother 8?
Yep - Dick deserved to win.1342 (75.2%)
Nope - Daniele should have won the loot.443 (24.8%)

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I actually disliked this seasons big brother so much i didn't even bother to watch the last show. It is the first time ever i have not watched the finale and that includes many seasons i could care less about who one. The two who were last were so replusive to be winning to me that i watched another network. It actually took me this long to be curious enough to even bother looking up to see who won. I hope the next big brother will be more interesting.

December 04 2007 at 7:33 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I agree with the comment about BB8 being a good season this year. The last time I watch this show was BB1.

September 26 2007 at 2:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Does Eric have to continue to lie and blame America for his actions and crappy game play? He wanted to vote out Amber so bad it wasn't even funny and he chose to make a deal with Dick turning on Dustin, before he even knew he would be voting Dustin out. So in reality he would have voted against those two regardless. It's no surprise that he played such a crappy game filled with lies, it seems lying is very much in his nature. Also having Eric campaign for one person to win over another was completely unfair. There was no way for Danielle to win because no one presented a case for her to win. That was too bad because she played a much better game than anyone gives her credit for. The entire jury was annoying so no matter who the final two were it would have been terrible.

September 24 2007 at 7:47 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
ozzie\'s girl

I've been a fan of Big Brother for 4 years, that's over for me now. This year was really creepy with foul mouth Dick and crying every time she talked Amber(she needs a good antidepressant)and the show made a bad mistake putting 2 people from the same family on.I'm sure they had a plan, and are cutting their winnings right down the middle.
I thought it was really unfair to the rest of the players.

September 22 2007 at 6:26 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Tee Small

How can there be a show on national TV that rewards a man who verbally and physically abuses and demeaned the women as well as the men on the show. There was nothing exciting about this. The producer should be fired and viewers should be outraged. Too much domestic violence exists in the world. What signal/message is this sending to young people who watched this show. It was disturbing to watch. My husband even made the comment that he could not believe Dick was allowed to remain on the show. I will never again waste my percious time by watching another Big Brother Show.

A network that condones it...is a network that will allow anything...

September 21 2007 at 4:31 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I am amazed at the houseguests this season. If you are a fan and you are upset over the final two, look at who kept them in! You would think that everyone would know to break up a parent/child team, no matter what their history. Duh! America votes is a bad idea, in my opinion. There is a lack of sportsmanship when there is a mole in the house. To Dick, any moran can use profanity! It is to bad money can't buy you any class. There just might be peole who love you that are a little embarrassed by your rudeness. I may be wrong, but I think your priority in the beginning was your daughter. I give you props for your resolve.

September 21 2007 at 9:05 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

to Sandy....
America voted for Bush twice, what's your point...apparently America does not always make the best decisions...deal with it!

September 20 2007 at 10:58 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

i love big brother and hate reading people's comments about how awful dick is... BB is not the place for morality or values lessons... its purely entertainment - and i think we got it in spades this year...

all those that say they'll never watch again... say the same thing about accidents on the highway - they won't look... but then they can't help themselves... and with BB - once you watch - you're hooked...

i'm thrilled dick won... i think dick will share the money with danielle over and above her $50k - but had danielle won... i'm not so sure she's share with him...

i was also sort of disappointed that they didn't mention that eric gets $40k in front of the rest of the jury members... while he may have looked relieved when the secret was revealed to everyone... i would have liked to seen his face (and jessica's)... when they found out just how much america's player gets paid...

and lastly - a catty jab at amber... but i hope that when she views the full season... she'll think twice about applying to america's next top model... that's another favorite show of mine... and i couldn't stand the crying! (although i'd love to hear what miss j and jay would have to say about her!!!)...

til next year!... :o)

September 20 2007 at 8:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

you forgot all the spitting. I wish that the jury had refused to vote at all. Thought both choices sucked and feel that these losers deserve each other!

September 20 2007 at 1:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Actually, I many people who decided that they LOVED Big Brother for the very first time. They thought that Evel was crass but an EXCELLENT Father. there are very few Father's that would have thrown themselves under the bus so that their daughter - especially one snarky one who rip them off and then cut them off from contact - like Danielle. I am sooooo happy that E.D. won. No one deserved it more. No one. No ONE. Brilliantly played and as harsh as he was to others - when necessary - he was also quiet dear when it wasn't necessary to turn it up. He was also infinitely patient and tender with Danielle. THAT shows that he is a man who can be trusted. If you watched the Showtime version then you saw that of all the other contestants he was the LEAST ego-based and the very best sport of the group. He also cooked and cleaned more than anyone else in the house. He may be direct or even crass in "real-life" but he is also has a very good and big heart and THAT is why America was routing for him throughout the Show. CONGRATULATIONS E.D..

September 20 2007 at 10:40 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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