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October 8, 2015

Weeds: He Taught Me How To Drive By

by Julia Ward, posted Sep 25th 2007 12:44AM
Weeds Drive By
(S03E07) Weeds apparently took a note from Californication's extraneous nudity, plentiful sex playbook. This episode was all about the humping as one arc ended and another began. As Conrad and Nancy's debt is laid to rest, Peter's body rises from the muck.

Let's take this moment to recount all the different kinds of humping that occurred in this episode:

Porn Star Humping
Peckers of the Caribbean? Come on. We all know that the Pirates porn knock-off was called Butt Pirates of Caribbean. Thank God Andy's out of the military so he can deliver us such bon mots as "shaven maidens," "oose-lay oop-pays" and "I took you up the ass." I thought for sure he was going to sub for Lexington Steele, but he remained relegated to the kitchen. I'm glad, however, that he'll be able to contribute to the Botwin family coffers.

Not Humping for the Lord
Well, at least Silas won't get any more chicks pregnant. If anything keeps Nancy's pot business going now that she's been freed from U-Turn, it may be Tara proposing a mainline to the captive audience that is Majestic. It will be interesting to see whether or not Nancy keeps her hand in the biz, but Silas certainly will. That boy needs some direction that doesn't come from mooning over hippie chicks.

Humping Your Boss
Between "legalizing" his workforce, bribing the City Council and renting out homes to porn shoots, Sullivan may just be the best possible boss for Nancy. Not that you should ever, ever hump your boss. You can take that one to the bank, kids. While I don't see that relationship developing romantically or sexually, Sullivan could be very good for Nancy. Now that she's off the hook with Marvin and Heylia, she never has to sell drugs again, but she's still got to provide for the fam.

Lesbian Christian Puppy Love Humping
I was pretty bummed that Isabelle had to go and snake Amelia out from underneath Shane. Pretty darn devious, sappho sister. The look on poor Shane's face. "I'm a blasphemous, liberal Jew. What's worse than that?" It's a shame because I liked the idea of Shane and Isabelle teaming up against the forces of Christianity and suburban hypocrisy. Man, it's like watching my own childhood in the bible belt except my parents weren't drunks and weed dealers. Best part: Shane taking a punch to the gut from a kid saying, "We're just trying to save you." Self-righteousness has never had a better visual metaphor.

Mercy Humping
Clinque's keeping Sanjay's baby. That's coming back to haunt someone. I don't know when, how or why, but writers don't drop a bomb like that without returning to it. I wouldn't mind seeing Sanjay's parents meet Clinque. I think they'd just be relieved to think that he's not gay.

It's a whole new world for Nancy and Weeds starting next week. She's free. She has a choice for the first time in the long time - how to do business, where to stay and who to hump.

Personally, I think there's been too much attention paid to what a good drug dealer she is for her to turn away from it completely. I don't think U-Turn's lesson fell on deaf ears when he said, "Don't you want to be good at what you do?" I think Nancy may be too good at making money that allows her to maintain her family's lifestyle to ever get out of drug dealing altogether - despite Guillermo's warnings. I'm sure circumstance will rear it's head, and Nancy's path will be forced in some way. Weeds seems to be all about circumstances piling up and turning everything to sh*t, but even if it's just for a moment, it's refreshing to think that Nancy has a choice about the kind of life she chooses to lead.

Will Nancy keep selling drugs?
Yes. No Question. The show's called Weeds.305 (79.2%)
Yes, but she'll be forced back into it.74 (19.2%)
No6 (1.6%)

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Best show on TV....
U-Turn 'sitting' in state in the hot tub was classic....'He couldn't get a yacht', LOL....

September 25 2007 at 10:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It's "shaven mavens" by the way. I'm surprised I even paid attention to the dialog.

September 25 2007 at 10:52 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

this show is just getting better and better.

Thanks for the info about Paul Feig 'drake', i didnt realize that.

September 25 2007 at 7:20 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Great direction in the episode by Freaks and Geeks creator Paul Feig... he sure knows how to draw out the funny.

September 25 2007 at 4:02 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

hilarious episode.


September 25 2007 at 2:29 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I like the part where they are in the kitchen and Nancy goes "Don't swear at your brother, don't drive your brother crazy, and you... you be a good Christan". Then of course she swears. lol

September 25 2007 at 1:28 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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