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August 30, 2015

Desperate Housewives: Now You Know (season premiere)

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Oct 1st 2007 9:21AM
Desperate Housewives(S04E01) "No more secrets. From now on, we tell every shocking details of our lives." - Lynette

The ladies of Wisteria Lane are back and it's certain that they won't follow through on the promise they made to each other to not keep secrets! The Season Three finale of Desperate Housewives may not have been the most cliffhanger-y out there, but still, fans (I include myself in the lot) were wondering what was in store for the ladies and their men this upcoming season. But most importantly, we wanted to know if Edie survived her suicide attempt.


It was not a big surprise, especially to spoilers readers: Edie survived her suicide attempt. Or should I say, fake suicide... until it got a bit too real. Mary Alice teases us that if Carlos had known what Edie had in store for him, he would have let her die. Edie is on a mission: Carlos has to be hers, no matter the cost. Edie has done ugly things in the past but I think she will reach a new low this season (technically, she reached it when she faked her suicide to get Carlos to stay with her). Her next step: blackmail! She discovers that Carlos has 10 million dollars stashed in a Cayman Islands account and starts using the info to her advantage: "You can trust me with your secrets like I can trust you not to hurt me." Carlos is so doomed! Imagine what will happen when Gaby learns about the money! Poor (rich) guy.

Since Edie only focuses on the prize (Carlos), she can't see that no matter what she does to get said prize, she will never be happy. Carlos doesn't love her and never will, even if he eventually says "I do" (which will more than likely be under blackmail). I'm afraid that this storyline may become too heavy and repetitive. How long can they keep up with Edie manipulating Carlos into staying with her?


Desperate HousewivesBree being my favorite character, I was really looking forward to seeing how she and Orson would lie their way through the fake pregnancy. The truth will come out eventually. But Orson and Bree are master liars: they had Ida and Adam believe the magic fork story! Orson the Great and his assistant, the lovely (and neurotic) Bree! Playing every Sunday nights at the ABC theater.

How long can they lie? Andrew thinks they should stop lying and that a teenage pregnancy is not that uncommon in the 21st century. But Bree being Bree, she is not about to admit to the world that her daughter got pregnant. She tolerates the fact that Andrew won't help anymore but what will she do to ensure he doesn't tell the truth? This could put the mother/son relationship once again on the rocks. Imagine what would have happened if Andrew was the one with her when the fork pierced her fake belly... I doubt he would have come up with the magic fork!

At one point, even Orson admits that he doesn't think they can pull this off. Bree confides that she doesn't think she raised Danielle properly and would like another chance. Orson calls it a "second" chance. Does that mean that they think Andrew turned out properly? If we go by Bree's standards, should Danielle's baby be her (Bree's) third try at raising a kid the right way?


At the start of the episode, Gaby is packing her bags to leave Victor. (Yay! I'm a Gaby+Carlos shipper. Plus, I still resent John Slattery from keeping Carol and Ed apart for a while on Ed; so I'm not about to root for him to win the girl.) When things don't go her way (read here that Carlos doesn't meet with her to run away), she decides to stay with her brand new husband. Does Gaby prefer being with someone even if it means she'll be miserable over being alone but happy (or at least less miserable)? Gaby is quite the impulsive woman. She would have probably never had a heart to heart with Victor if Carlos didn't have to stay with Edie. Even if Victor is a busy man and won't be much around to keep an eye on Gaby (I'm pretty sure he'll have a PI follow her around), things will surely be quite challenging for Carlos and her in the coming weeks since it's doubtful Edie will give Carlos much downtime and Gaby is still married.


Susan is always quick on the melodrama: "This marriage is doomed!" Of course, it's not! A lot of fans wanted Susan and Mike together, and it finally happened. The writers are not about to make the marriage end, especially since there are a good amount of storylines to do with the two trying to live as a couple.

There is more melodrama when Susan visits the gynecologist. "You can relax," repeats Adam over and over. I've read somewhere that this was the first scene Nathan Fillion shot. What a way to join a show by having your head stuck between the legs of one of the leading ladies and tell her that she may be going through menopause! Even if at times I get tired of Susan's problems, I was mildly amused by the panic attack she got when learning that her symptoms may be the start of menopause. She repeats that she is too young but when she sees that Adam graduated in 1997, she admits she is old and agrees to take the blood test.

I find Susan and Mike really cute together. He really loves her, no matter all her flaws and insecurities. It will surely be amusing to see them both go through Susan's pregnancy. I can't wait to see her in bed ordering Mike to get her pickles, peanut butter, and ice cream!


I can understand why Lynette didn't want to tell her family and friends that she had cancer but this secret was hurting her more than it helped her. I felt so sad when Stella told Lynette's daughter that her mommy couldn't pick her up because she had better things to do. Even if what Stella said was harsh, I think it helped show Lynette that she needed to tell her loved ones about her cancer.

The scene where Lynette tells the other mom that she can't do her tasks for the Gala was heartbreaking. I expected Lynette to reveal she had cancer at that point but not have her remove her wig, thus showing everyone at the party she had cancer. That was a jaw-dropping moment that led to a good scene featuring the housewives (sans Edie). We need more scenes where the four of them bond and, now that they've made a pact, share all their dirty little secrets! Yeah right, as if they will tell each other everything.

The Mayfairs

Desperate HousewivesThere is a new family in town! Actually, the Mayfairs (except the hunky husband) are not new to Wisteria Lane. As revealed in the episode, Katherine and daughter Dylan used to live there over a decade ago. Susan and McCluskey know Katherine and her daughter. McCluskey actually seems to know a lot about Katherine, her aunt, and Dylan. I'm pretty sure McCluskey's memories will come into play soon enough and she may even try to blackmail Katherine. McCluskey is definitely at her best when dealing with other people's business.

The Mayfairs are keeping many secrets. It's clear that something happened to Dylan in the locked room and that a man was involved. What happened exactly? Was she sexually abused or beaten? Also, Dylan doesn't recall a thing from her previous life on Wisteria Lane. Did the traumatic event(s) in the room made her forget her life or did Katherine have a hypnotherapist work some magic? Finally, what made the Mayfairs leave their last home? Is it another secret (maybe something Adam did?) or something related to Dylan again? Many questions and I hope the end results are not as disappointing as the Applewhites' because I like Nathan Fillion and want him to stay on a show as long as possible. Plus, the Katherine and Bree showdowns will probably be quite entertaining! Do you think Bree will have to cut down her pine tree? Place your bets.

Are the Mayfairs a good addition to the show?
Yes376 (66.2%)
No90 (15.8%)
I don't care67 (11.8%)
Who?35 (6.2%)

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Hear hear - down with Dennis Martino/John Slattery!

October 03 2007 at 4:53 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think that the real Dylan died and that the new one was kidnapped (the man grabbing her). But I've never been right with these mysteries before so I'm probably wrong

October 01 2007 at 3:31 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Great season opening, I think the Bree fake pregnancy thing is hilarious, but I do hope it doesn't drag out too long. It's disturbing to think what kind of child Bree and Orson would raise (though I highly doubt Danielle will just roll over on that one).

I find the Susan/Mike thing was extremely boring... well, just Mike really. I'm not a huge fan of Susan but she had some really funny things in the episode.

That one scene with Lynette was pretty brutal. I love Felicity Huffman.

October 01 2007 at 12:02 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I can't get past the fact that he's the guy that wanted Carrie to wee wee on him on Sex in the City.

October 01 2007 at 9:49 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The baby storyline is troubling...borderline unbeliveable...I hope the truth is exposed sooner than later.

October 01 2007 at 9:48 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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