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October 4, 2015

Dancing With The Stars: Week 2 results

by Brett Love, posted Oct 2nd 2007 11:15PM
Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough - Dancing WIth The Stars(S05E05) Tom opened the show by referring to performance night as the ultimate face off, as all eleven couples took the stage together for the first time. That's a bit of hyperbole, to be sure, but he moved on quickly to the more important point. That being the fact that two of the stars have separated themselves from the pack and taken the lead.

As we sit now, Helio and Sabrina are way out in front, but it's way too early to call the competition. That pesky little detail called the fan base has a way of wreaking havoc on the best laid plans. Would it rear it's head in week two? So early in the competition? Quite possibly, but we can't be spoiling all of that before the jump. Click the link for all the details from the week two results show.

As is par for the course, the show started off with a recap of performance night, giving us a look at some of the reactions from the dancers. Mel was very happy with her performance, saying it all felt lovely. Marie joked about Bruno calling her a hot Latino momma, saying she might have been hot, but that was probably just hot flashes. Floyd showed a good attitude, happy that their 21 was up from last week. Jane suggested that maybe she needs to take even more clothes off to turn her English mambo into a South American mambo. Who am I to argue with Jane?

Mark & Kym were both perplexed by Bruno's bulldog chasing a squirrel comment, and so was I, but that's Bruno. They went through Jennie and Derek's fall again. She really took it hard. Helio and Sabrina finished off the recap, both of them being singled out as the early leaders. Helio has a great attitude, saying there is still a lot of competition out there and he's just going to continue to have fun.

As you would expect, Len called Helio and Julianne back to the stage to give an encore of their mambo. It was an obvious choice I think, and one I was happy that they made. The two of them are so much fun to watch. Their mambo was just as good the second time around, and every moment they get on the stage further convinces me that this is the team to beat. Julianne has been very fortunate in the partner draw, and she should enjoy it. She'll have her chance to get a Billy Ray eventually.

On a somber note, Tom passed along the news that Jane Seymour wasn't present for the results show because her mother passed away. She went back to England, but she and Tony will be coming back next week, and Jane has decided to stay in the competition. They followed that up by announcing that Helio and Julianne are also safe, surprising nobody.

After the break, Queen Latifah took the stage for the first of two performances, this one being Frank Sinatra's "Live 'Til I Die" from her new album. I haven't heard any of her new music, and this was not what I was expecting at all. It was a fun performance and an interesting direction for her. So far, thumbs up for both musical guests this season.

Backstage, Drew talked with Mark and Wayne. Mark said that he hoped the fans appreciated all of his hard work. I think they did. He's coming across very well on the show right now, and his dedication makes it easy to root for him. Wayne took a moment to send the thoughts and prayers of the cast and crew to Jane.

The audience comments were up next. Donnie Osmond thought it was cool to watch his sister dance like that. The Cavemen were so impressed with Marie that they thought she should have been an entertainer as a child. And I was so unimpressed with the Cavemen continually showing up on Dancing With The Stars that I'm now rooting for the show to be canceled just so they'll knock it off with all the cross promotion nonsense. The girls in attendance seemed pretty excited about Helio and Cameron. I'm told they are both quite handsome.

Getting back to the results, Tom announced that Mel & Maksim were the third couple to be moving on another week. Sabrina & Mark were couple number four. I thought both of those were also pretty sure bets. That led into a really cool tango performance featuring Nick and Lena Kosovich. It was all very well staged, from the lighting to the reworking of Neil Diamond's "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon." The professional exhibitions are what makes the results show worth watching.

And then, it all came to a screeching halt. If you were looking forward to another Kenny Mayne package this week, your hopes were dashed, and in the worst possible way. The return of Jimmy and Guillermo. I tired of this shtick about half way through last season, so I wasn't looking forward to revisiting it again. The only good thing I can say about it is that they started off by saying they won't be able to dance this season. Thank goodness, that joke was tired. Instead, this week they walked viewers through the voting tabulation process. It turns out that The Count, from Sesame Street, takes all the calls, and counts the vote. Unfortunately, The Count didn't realize that Mel B. and Scary Spice are the same person. It wasn't great, but at least they weren't dancing.

With Jimmy out of the way, time for more results. And, in my best Gomer Pyle, "Surprise, surprise, surprise..." Mark & Kym will be back for week three. I'm happy to be wrong in my prediction, because I do appreciate Mark's hard work. He'll have to go sooner, rather than later, but he deserves another go on the dance floor.

Queen Latifah came back out to perform a really nice cover of "California Dreamin'" while Tony and Anna danced. I'm such a sucker for cover songs that this may be the first Queen Latifah album that I buy. Anna and Tony were fantastic for their all too brief part of the performance. I really like the combination of the musical guest and the pros dancing, but I'd prefer more camera time on the dancers. It's just so much more interesting than watching someone sing.

Next, the pros got to weigh in with their perspective on the field. Kym thought that the celebrities were out of control, in the good way. Julianne said that the celebrities need to have performance, technique, and a fan base. Remember that last one. Edyta thought that Mel was the one to beat. Derek said that he loves watching Marie. Tony said that you enjoy Mark Cuban's performance so much that you forget that his technique is not great. Anna thought that Helio's biggest asset was his precision. Wayne and Cameron were singled out for their fan bases coming into the show. Karina pointed out that nobody knows who Albert is. Cheryl took the easy way out and said that everybody is a threat.

Drew interviewed Marie and she said that waiting for the results is nerve wracking. Cameron added that he was feeling a little exposed by his score of 21, and his shirt. He was impressed that there are so many great couples. That led to a package about the pressure of the show. Wayne admitted that when he signed up he had no idea how hard it would be. That was a sentiment shared by most of them. Jane called her first time on the dance floor terrifying. For Helio, it got tough when he saw how good the competition was. There was an interesting cut when Helio said, "No matter if you are in first place, or last place, the pressure is on." As he said first, they showed him, and as he said last, they showed Wayne.

With time running short, it was time to get down to business. Jonnie & Marie (as Tom called them) will be joining Floyd & Karina for week three. Finally, down to brass tacks, he revealed that Jennie & Derek and Cameron & Edyta were also safe, leaving Wayne & Cheryl and Albert & Anna in the bottom two.

Before the reveal, Tom cut to Len who was stunned by seeing Albert in the bottom two. Bruno said that if Wayne moves on he needs to focus on his technique. Tom put Carrie on the spot, asking who would be going home. She dodged the question saying that they are both great in her book.

In the end, Albert & Anna were bitten by the fan base bug. He said he was a little bit stunned, but took it really well. He said that he would do it all over again if he was given the chance. It's really too bad, because he danced well enough to stay in the competition for a few more weeks, but as we have learned again and again over the past few seasons, there is more to this game than dancing. Erin will be back next week as we see what week three brings.

Don't forget to vote for your favorites in AOL's Dancing With The Stars poll! And if you want to chat with other fans during the show, join the AOL live chat. Doors open at 7:30 Monday.

Yeah, yeah, we all agree that it was the wrong decision. Instead, who do you prefer, Jimmy or Kenny?
Jimmy & Guillermo.128 (15.4%)
Kenny is the man.203 (24.4%)
Neither, back to the drawing board.501 (60.2%)

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Well all I can say is that they are giving Newton low scores that he deserves. Actually he deserves lower scores, but that will never happen. And what is it with these British women. Is it inbred or are they taught to go for the sympathy vote at an early age? Again this year we have entertainers who have vast dancing experience. Sabrina should not be in this competition, just like Joey last year. When are the producers going to wise up. Having people like them in the competition just makes the show fake. Why do they have to stack the deck. Why can't they make it real, with people who don't have the dance esperience. I think their ratings would be better if they had people who have no experience. Also, it was obvious last night that the judges have decided who they want to continue. They also need a woman to win as one hasn't won since the first season.

October 09 2007 at 9:05 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Come on, Lana (18), let's try to stay civil. Criticize Wayne for the quality of his dancing, that's fair, but cheap shots about his physical appearance are way out of line.

Have Americans lost the ability to have pleasant conversations, even disagreements, without getting vicious, petty and cruel?

October 04 2007 at 2:37 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Wayne Newton might be 65 and quite the entertainer but this is NOT Entertain With The Stars... It's DANCE with the Stars. Sure, I admire the fact that he does good works and has a kind heart. Doesn't change the fact that he sucks as a dancer. The bottom line is: His FAN BASE is huge and they kept him in. He will be gone soon enough.
As for his looks at 65... He could do what comes natually and age GRACEFULLY. His plastic surgeon might be less qualified than Michael Jackson's! That pulled tight look is SO not attractive - unless you are going Trick Or Treating. BOO!

October 03 2007 at 3:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I can't believe Wayne won over Albert. You know Wayne can not dance.

October 03 2007 at 2:44 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Bob Mc

Dude didn't deserve to go home.

October 03 2007 at 1:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

May everyone have the doubly good fortune to live to be 65 and to be able to dance at 65...

I'm not a fan of Wayne Newton, but I understand what about him appeals to viewers. First, the younglings on this list will never understand aging until they start down the path (say, 30 plus), but those that do understand what it's like to get older are going to give Wayne a boost by voting for him. (Despite the rhetoric of the anti-aging crowd, stuff happens -- they call it senescence and there is really no way to stop it. At 65, Wayne is amazing.) Also, besides being "Mr." Las Vegas, Wayne heads up (or did until recently) USO's entertainment initiative and he is very involved in recruiting and nudging headliners across the business to visit troops. The man seems to have a big heart and that also gets him votes. Also, contrary to what others see, it looks to me like he is really trying.

I still don't know who Albert is.

And I still haven't voted. When I do vote, I know it will not be for Melanie or Sabrina. I really like Floyd and if he keeps improving, he will get some votes. So will Helio. Marie and Jane -- could be on the list, too.

Actually, I think the results last night were just as they should be.

October 03 2007 at 1:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This show is so entertaining. I have always liked Wayne
Newtons singing but he certainly cannot dance even tho he he is a legend.. He needs to go so the others will have a chance and not have to leave as Albert did. He did not
deserve to leave. I also feel people like Sabrina who have had some dancing background should not be allowed to be on the show, it is not fair to the others who work so very hard. As far as Jennie she needs to go too for her
being soooo very rude to her partner who is doing a great job with her.

October 03 2007 at 11:45 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

i was very disappointed watching last nites results show...wayne newton should have been the one to go..his fans are the ones keeping him there while other contestants who can dance are voted out...its a popularity contest at this point...

October 03 2007 at 9:40 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Brett, buy the Dana Owens Alblum (Queen Latifah's real name), it's fantastic.

October 03 2007 at 8:35 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Glad you're thinking of buying Queen Latifah's new album. Her cover of "California Dreamin" is from her previous CD which was called "The Dana Owens Album." Both of these albums are a treat to listen to. She has a very good singing voice. As for the show, no big surprise last night. Albert just doesn't have the fan base, although I'll take a little cute eye candy over Wayne's scary face anyday. Don't get me wrong, I love Wayne, but come on....the dude is 65 years old and he just doesn't look normal. WAY too much plastic surgery!! My little dreamboat is Helio. He and Julianne are just too cute together!

October 03 2007 at 8:34 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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