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October 22, 2014

Boston Legal: The Chicken and the Leg

by Paul Goebel, posted Oct 11th 2007 2:08PM

John Larroquette(S04E03) "The heart can be a bitch." - Alan Shore

I cannot begin this review without addressing how shocked I was with the opening scene. The very idea of a fifteen year old girl who contracts HIV made my jaw drop. I was shocked that a school would teach children that abstinence is the only effective way to avoid unwanted pregnancy and STD's. When I was in school (many years ago) we were taught that while abstinence is the best way to avoid the pitfalls of teen sex, condoms are a close second, especially when it comes to avoiding disease. As a parent, it concerns me that my daughter's school might actually teach this sort of thing. Thankfully, Alan pointed out where the blame actually lies...in the lap of the U.S. government. In an effort to please the conservatives who elected them, the Republicans refuse to give schools an option that would teach teens a realistic way to have sex responsibly. I know it's only a TV show but only a fool would think this kind of thing isn't happening in some parts of the country.

I also need to point out the brilliant acting job done by young Kay Panabaker. For such a young girl, she presented a character who was strong and sympathetic at the same time. I was very impressed by her.

The other guest actor I was happy to see was Currie Graham. I have missed Graham since he left Desperate Housewives. His portrayal of the District Attorney who is completely over the outrageous tactics of Denny, Alan and the others is perfect. I really hope they use him more.

When I heard John Larroquette was joining the cast, I wasn't sure what to think. I was concerned about what his character would be. Was he going to be a pompous boob like Dan Fielding or a psycho like Joey Heric? I must say, after seeing him, I am pleased that he has turned out to be the ying to Denny's yang. While he is clearly more in control of his libido and mental faculties than Denny, they are evenly matched when it comes to immaturity. I really like him.

On the other hand, I'm not too crazy about Saffron Burrows. I am usually all for hot ladies on TV, but her acting has underwhelmed me. Moreover, the storyline between her and Alan does not interest me at all. Are we really supposed to believe that this woman affects Alan more than Rhona Mitra or Dana Delaney? If they can't do something more with Burrows, they need to ship her out.

As for the cock fighting storyline, I had a few problems. First of all, leave the "cock" jokes to Family Guy. They're really not funny since everyone can see it coming and a show like BL should really be above that kind of thing. Also, am I the only one who had a problem with Carl's defense? Wasn't it The Practice that taught us jury nullification is not an accepted defense? The guy broke the law and Carl never denied it. He should have been found guilty. More importantly, there are plenty of chickens who never get slaughtered in the way Carl described and don't end up as fighters. Carl made it sound like those were the only options for fowl. Ever heard of free-range chickens? I just thought the writing was a little sloppy.

In closing, I'd like to address those people who thought James Spader didn't deserve his Emmy this year. Go back and watch his closing and you'll see why he did.

Which new Boston Legal associate is your favorite?
Carl Sack65 (41.9%)
Katie Lloyd75 (48.4%)
Lorraine Weller15 (9.7%)

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