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October 4, 2015

ER: Gravity

by Richard Keller, posted Oct 19th 2007 10:20AM

Archie Morris and Greg Pratt in the ER episdoe 'Gravity'

(S14E04) Man, what a crappy day for Abby. First, she gets a hairstyle reminiscent of 1976 (Pratt's comments about her being ready for her yearbook photo, and the boys comments about Farah Fawcett were the best), Then her son falls at the park and she ends up working on his condition while screaming in terror inside. On her way home, shortly after Baby Joe is discharged she nearly gets into an accident. Finally, to top it all off she craves a tumbler of wine to soothe her nerves.

Here's what I say about all of this: it's all Luka's fault.

The man has been in Croatia for several months now, apparently because his father is sick. Meanwhile, his new wife is juggling her career and motherhood practically by herself. She's been as strong as she could be over the last weeks and it's finally getting to her. Will she fill that glass and begin on a road that could lead to a return to alcoholism, or will she snap out of it and realize that it's just not worth it? We'll hopefully know next week, since the screen faded to black before we saw what happened.

Whatever does happen, it's good to see that she has people other than Luka to help her through all of this. It really warmed my heart to see everyone in the ER helping to make sure that Baby Joe was going to be okay. Even Morris, who has had a history of not seeing eye-to-eye with Abby, backed her up when it turned out her kidney stone patient actually had some type of mass in his kidney instead.

I think that this feeling of family is why ER has improved so much over the last season or so. There were a number of seasons between Dr. Greene's death and Dr. Carter's departure that the feeling of family just wasn't in the emergency room anymore. Gosh, I remember a time that everyone thought Archie was a right wanker. Now, he's just as respected as Pratt is. I don't have a problem with the occasional disagreements between the staff; that's human nature. I'm just not into a show where tension between the characters begins in the first five seconds of the show and builds throughout. That's why I'm okay with the current status of County General's ER.

Speaking about disagreements, Katie has one against Neela. Well, disagreement may be the wrong word ... she utterly loathes Neela to the point that she wants her to die in a boiling pot of oil while fire ants eat out her eyes. I don't know if she was exactly thinking that, but you could see it in her eyes, man. I'm not too sure why Katie's blaming Neela for Ray's accident. As Neela put it herself, she wasn't the one who got Ray piss drunk and had him walk out in the middle of the street to get hit by a truck. That was his fault, and Ray even said so.

I may have said this before, but I think Katie's anger is more to herself for the way she treated Ray when he wanted to get back together with her last season. She totally blew him off, which meant he refocused his attention on Neela, which means he ended up getting piss drunk and getting hit by a truck. She's just turning it around and making it all Neela's fault. To paraphrase a man who had fifteen minutes of fame earlier in the fall -- LEAVE NEELA ALONE!!!!!

Other stories that went on this week:

  • Pratt, Frank, and the football player: Good storyline, because it wasn't another 'no money, no service' solution to the problem. Pratt actually found a way to keep the patient's pain down for a month at a time while his number for hip replacement surgery came up. I mention Frank because he had some pretty significant lines this week while talking about the patient's football career and how they didn't make them like that anymore.
  • Archie and the patient that feared the boogeyman: Yeah, yeah, the whole set of scenes was a setup for Archie's last scene in which he runs into a trauma room, face awash in green, which scares the holy heck out of the patient who feared the boogeyman. However, it was well worth it and good for several chuckles.
  • Tony and Joshua: Talk about slowing down! Since Gates has moved to ICU his patient skills have changed dramatically. The attention that he has given to Joshua has been pretty unique for someone like Gates, who was used to the fast-paced life of the EMT and ER. Also, I was very grateful that Tony didn't take advantage of Joshua's mom after she kissed him.
  • Tony and Neela: While not a huge scene it was fairly significant since it was apparently the first meeting of the two since her accident. We also got to find out why Gates constantly calls Neela 'Mayday'.
  • Pratt and his brother: I'll be honest, I forgot that Pratt's brother was a paramedic. Even though Greg has matured a bit over the last few seasons he still has anger in him, as displayed when he knocked out his brother's partner with one punch. But, at least he has come to fully accept the fact that his brother is gay.
  • Kevin Moretti: Frankly, didn't miss him much. Although, glad to see him back.

Next week Luka returns. Whoop.

Who would win a fight between Dr. Doug Ross and Dr. Tony Gates?
Doug Ross, hands down!141 (59.7%)
Tony Gates because he's slightly more angry than Doug66 (28.0%)
Neither. They're both wussies.29 (12.3%)

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Can't ER just ONCE let Abby be happy?

October 20 2007 at 8:21 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

LMAO Jazzie, you shouldn't be making a statement that someone isn't recognized when you don't even know their name (you referred to James Lesure as "The bald guy on Vegas). You even named a guy that's a singer (Dru Hill) that isn't even on CSI: NY! At any rate, James is just a good, not great, actor on a large ensemble show that lacks ratings.

As for Isaiah Washington, he was recognized for his work in an excellent large ensemble, and then made slurs against his own cast mate! NBC picked him up immediately for "Bionic Woman" despite his record of discrimination because of his acting talent.

Speaking of large ensembles: you mentioned S. Epatha Merkerson and Jesse L. Martin. Ms. Merkerson has been nominated numerous times and has two major awards for her work, she won a Golden Globe and a SAG Award, and not as part of an ensemble but individually. Mr. Martin, he is very talented as well and I think he's wasted on L&O personally. Again, it doesn't give either of them a platform, they has to share the screen with the whole cast. However, Martin has several nominations from the SAG and was nominated for the Critics Choice Award for his musical work in Rent by the Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards.

Wanda Sykes is one-dimensional, she is a comedian. I love Sykes and her style of comedy and SHE has won numerous awards. She won Funniest Female Stand-Up Comic at the American Comedy Awards; she has been nominated for FIVE Emmy's with one win, nominated for a People's Choice Award, etc. She is recognized. I loved her sitcom "Wanda at Large" but the ratings were poor so they cancelled it, which is a shame because I found it very funny and I loved her character.

Dennis Haysbert and Blair Underwood have been acting for decades. Haysbert got top billing on a new show after his stint on 24. To go along with his list of nominations for various awards, he won Best Genre TV Supporting Actor, he won Best Supporting Actor at The Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Awards. To be handed your own show means you are being recognized.

Blair Underwood! Are you kidding me? The man has worked so long and everyone knows how great his work is. Why do you think he always has a job? Back in the '80's he was nominated for a Golden Globe and has consistently worked since then!

Basically I think the point of your post Jazzie is way off base. I see these actors in, as you say "entertainment mags," but usually for their good works or deeds (minus Washington). Those magazine are usually focused on bashing people in the industry so be happy they praise them instead of make up stories about them. If you want, I can send you articles on every single actor you just mentioned from my EW Magazines, etc.
Hmmmmm, I wonder what YOU are trying to insinuate!

Okay, sorry I just had to post that because it was so bogus, I just had to reply. Back to ER! I am loving the family-feel of ER also Mr. Keller. I agree with your psychoanalysis of Katie lol. You have a discerning eye in regards to that situation, and it's spot on!

Final thought, I thought Doug would kick Tony's ass, but then I thought of Tony's anger and the fact that he's an Iraq War veteran. Tony would win for sure. ^_^

October 19 2007 at 10:46 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Before I was an avid Grey's fan, I was an avid ER fan. I have fired Grey's, but I never gave ER up.
However, after watching two seasons of Grey's, I realized just how good ER really is. For years, Dr. Pratt has been an exciting and interesting character; however, the entertainment media disregards his talent. Everybody was so excited that Stamos joined the cast and made it sexy! WELL, it was a good show before he was added to the talented cast. I wonder why so many good characters are treated like they are invisible. The bald guy on Vegas, Dru Hill on CSI: NY, Isaiah Washington, Epatha and Jesse L. Martin on Law and Order, Wanda Sykes, Blair Underwood, Dennis Haysbert on the Unit. They never get mentioned in the entertainment mags...Hmmmmm, I wonder what these guys are doing wrong!

October 19 2007 at 5:45 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think Abby will go back to Croatia with Luka! One happy little family!

October 19 2007 at 5:11 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The one thing that could have made last night's episode perfect?

More crying baby!

I am always grateful, when I go out in public, to dinner, the mall, or a movie, for the samaratin who remembers to bring the crying baby.

Maybe next week they could have someone vacuum in the background during THE ENTIRE EPISODE!

October 19 2007 at 2:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

ER has improved so much this past season & the last...It's almost back to its old self again.

I've really grown to love Morris, and even Pratt. I'm loving the Pratt/Morris friendship, it's really great to watch.

I'm glad Luka will be back even if for a few more episodes. What I would really like for this show is for Abby to go when goes. I don't want either of them to die, or for them to split up, they deserve to be happy & to be together...that hasn't happened to a couple on ER since Doug & Carol.

October 19 2007 at 12:04 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Kol. Panic

The moral of this story (and at least one episode of every past season) is that it's dangerous to be related to or involved with someone who works at the County General ER. Heck, if you just work there, you've got a better than even chance of at least ending up a patient.

October 19 2007 at 11:23 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

ER seems to be getting better and better. No more over-the-top action that I thought took the show down a notch or two, i.e., helicopters falling on people, out of control tanks on the streets and huge train derailments. The episodes are much better when they are character-driven like they have been this season.

I felt really bad for poor Abby. What a bad day at the office for her. What's up with Luka not returning her calls?? Hmmm. I wonder how they'll finally write him out after his few apperances this season?

I seriously doubt (and hope) that Abby dosen't drink. I don't think she will since we last saw her staring at it. If she was really going to I'd think it would have been bottoms-up right away.

I loved it when the green-faced with crazy hair Morris ran into that kid's room. The kid started popping those "pills" like crazy. Was that such a good lesson?

I love it when something significant happens to a member of the staff (Abby in this case) and everyone forgets their differences and rallies around like a family.

I really liked this one.

October 19 2007 at 11:15 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Not only did I not miss Moretti, I think I enjoyed the episode more because he wasn't there! I felt an actual wave of disappointment when he turned back up. It was a great episode, though I'm very concerned about poor Abby.

October 19 2007 at 11:09 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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