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October 9, 2015

Grey's Anatomy: Haunt You Every Day

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Oct 26th 2007 12:18AM

Elizabeth Reaser as Ava/Rebecca on Grey's Anatomy.
(S04E05) "Get it? He's trick-or-treating. For ears."- Meredith

She's baaaack! Ugh... before I even get to you know who, let me just say a thing or two about theme episodes. I hate 'em. Halloween. Christmas. National Bologna Day. I don't care what's being celebrated. I hate that simply because of the season, good shows are forced to come up with ridiculous episodes that too often suck. That being said, this one wasn't so bad. It was far less Halloween-y than the previews led us to believe.

One thing they didn't mislead us on was the return of Ava/Rebecca/Large Foreheaded Former Patient. She deserted her husband and newborn daughter (who she loves) to come back to Seattle Grace and sleep with Alex. Within two minutes of her arrival, they were getting naked in the on-call room and that's where they remained almost the entire hour. Balderdash. At first, when she was still a patient, it was comparable to the Denny Duquette fiasco. It was weird then. Now it's something entirely different.

Oddly enough though, I want to know what happens next. She took off and left her shirt (did she leave the hospital wearing only a bra?!?) but I'm sure she'll be back. Is she going to leave her husband? Will Alex actually settle down with this obviously crazy woman? I mean, she has to be a little nuts right? A concrete pillar fell on her face.

So anyway, I mentioned Denny. At this point, he could rise from the dead and marry Izzie and I'd be OK with it. Why? Because I hate iGeorge. They made it official. George isn't getting back together with Callie. He and Izzie are an item and it sort of makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little. At least Callie was willing to spill the news to everyone. So the whole hospital knows about the affair. The unexpected result of all this is that Cristina and Callie have now bonded over their botched marriages. Callie's moved in with Cristina now too. Burke is gone, so she has some extra room. Talk about the odd couple. I can already see this leading to future conflict when Cristina stops using Meredith as her gossip pal and instead gets the hallway giggles with the former Mrs. O'Malley.

For the most part, a lot of the episode was filled with things that were sort of expected. They've been hinted at and now it's all just coming to fruition. First off, Dr. Hahn has officially taken Preston's job. Makes sense. I never found her character to be particularly engaging, but it seems like she has a bit more of an attitude now. So it'll be fun to see how Cristina reacts knowing that this is who she has to learn from now.

Next up was Bailey's marriage. Last season, when Webber didn't make her chief resident, it was sort of hinted that he did so because he regretted losing his family because of the job. Coincidentally, Adele filed for divorce in this episode presumably because of last week's tragedy involving their niece. Despite not getting the promotion, Bailey is working just as hard as ever and she missed her son's first Halloween. Needless to say, her husband isn't happy. More to come from this I'm sure. Especially since I don't see Bailey making any adjustments to her work habits.

Meredith actually made some positive advancements in this episode. Seems like Derek's little pep-talk from last week set her straight. She's cleaning up her life and that starts with letting go of her mother. I thought it was appropriate that she washed her mother's ashes down the drain in the scrub room. I'm glad Webber got to say goodbye to Ellis too. It was a good moment. Here's where I see conflict now. Meredith is trying to patch herself up so that she's more acceptable to Derek's standards. She's also starting to bond with Lexie. Each of them having a dead mother seems to help in that department. Derek on the other hand, has realized that he needs to start dating. The obvious choice? Lexie. If that does go down between them, maybe we'll find out somewhere down the line that he went for the Grey Trifecta and slept with Ellis too. OK... probably not, but I bet he definitely hops in the sack with Lexie.

More ramblings...

  • Were Meredith and Sloan getting flirty or was that my imagination? Cause if they are, I think I'd support that. Makes sense for Sloan anyway since the nurses have sworn him off: Nurses United Against Mark Sloan. NUAMS. Apparently they realized they were all (or had been) sleeping with him.
  • I want to go to a chainsaw pumpkin carving contest.
  • Body Dismorphic Disorder freaks me out. I remember that one episode of Nip/Tuck when John Billingsley played a guy with it and he tried to freeze his leg off. Slicing your foot off with a chainsaw is just as insane.
  • I felt really bad for the kid who needed the ear surgery. He had no open ear canals! And no one wanted to do the pro-bono work until Meredith convinced them all. That was another big step for her though, to go and take charge on something like that.
  • It looks like Norman is being written out already. Good. I didn't like McOld. The idea of a 60 year old intern just didn't do it for me.
  • For those that are curious about the song title for this episode, "Haunt You Every Day" is by Weezer and it's from their album, Make Believe.

So we're five episodes in and thus far, I'm fairly pleased with how this season of Grey's Anatomy has been playing out. It's not great, but I think it's already better off than season three was at this point. Everybody knock on wood.

Meredith's next bed buddy will be...
Sloan. Why not?383 (65.1%)
Finn. He's probably still available.84 (14.3%)
Webber. He's lonely... and he had a thing for her mom.40 (6.8%)
George, because at this point, it'd be par for the course.81 (13.8%)

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Please bring Addison back.....She added the drama between McDreamy & McSteamy, her Private Practice is boring and dull.

November 01 2007 at 10:01 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

No, Tucker did NOT die when Bailey gave birth to William George!!! They saved him at the same time as Bailey was helped giving birth by George. In one of the next episodes she visited him in the hospital with the baby, so daddy could see his son the first time.


For me Grey's Anatomy still rocks. Only some of the patient-stories are a little insane but this is TV.

I'm a shipper of Meredith/Derek, so I still think that they will be ending up in the future. Until then I'm enjoying their drama.

Shonda, thanks for this great show!!!

October 30 2007 at 2:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I caught the last ten minutes of the show, the first I've seen since Isaiah was fired. The show is crap! I am one of the reasons CSI is winning Thursday night...and I'm glad!

October 28 2007 at 12:48 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm starting to get tired of people defending Callie by saying what George and Izzy did to her was selfish, etc. Callie marrying George and not letting him get space to grieve for the loss of his father.. that wasn't selfish? Marrying someone because you're jealous of the relationship he has with his best friend so that you can keep him to yourself.. that's not selfish? Truth be told, Callie is a spoiled rich girl who is used to getting everything her way. People seem to forget that she's loaded and that she's daddy's little girl. She only got with George because she had the means to fly him to Vegas at will and drag him down the aisle when he wasn't thinking straight.

You can hate the George and Izzie relationship all you want, but it's not fair to defend Callie's selfishness and immaturity using George's cheating as your only weapon. Bailey pulls George aside and tells him that he's not a bad guy because it takes two people to wreck a relationship. Callie has the common sense of a gnat and she's reaping what she's sewn at this point. She acted out of jealousy, desperation, and selfishness. At some point along the way George went from being the object of her affection to just an object Callie needed to possess because she's competitive and had to "win" him from his friends.

Stop blindly defending Callie and stop to take a look at the whole situation from the point where they met to current. She started out as a rebound relationship for George and became someone who willingly took advantage of him not thinking straight after a major life event. What kind of person does that and can sleep at night?

October 28 2007 at 8:21 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Where\'s the Grey?

Oh who am I kidding... I couldn't stop watching. It's not over... I was just venting. The comment about it just being a tv show... good point. I used to be a fan, and somehow I ended up being a critic. Not sure how that happend, but thanks for the reality check. Who really cares if Derek moves on. Heck, maybe it would bring about something fresh for the show... besides the on-again, off-again business between him and Merideth. It is, after all, ONLY A TV SHOW. Whew, so glad someone was brave enough to wave the reality flag! God, I need to get a life. And no... Tucker did not die.

I love Grey's Anatomy! I'm officially turning in my critic badge... just a fan, from here on out.

October 28 2007 at 12:50 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This show really isn't tracking and hasn't for a couple of seasons. I'm not a big Meredith fan but it was Dreck who failed to mention he was married before starting a relationship with her, left her for his wife, told her to stay with Finn, declares his love to her, told her he has doubts, tells her he wants to grow old with her and now says he needs to date and SHE is the one who is painted as having issues. Seems to me she's just being self-protective.

October 27 2007 at 9:52 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Come on people, it's just a TV show. It doesn't have to be real! If you want real, watch the documentaries on Discovery Health! This is a television drama created for amusement. If you don't like what you're seeing, turn the channel.

I happen to think that Grey's is fun and I don't look to it to solve the worlds problems like several of you seem to think it will!!!

October 26 2007 at 5:00 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Where\'s the Grey?

Oh... for the love of God... where has the Grey gone? It's gone, people... gone, gone, gone. I'm just sick about it. I gave up my Thursday evenings for this show. I sat through one pain-staking episode after another during season 3, consoling myself with the notion that every show has a bad episode or two, or three, or four... *sigh* Shondra... darling, please... wake the hell up!! Get in the driver’s seat, woman! Your fifth-wheel is heading straight toward a cliff, and I think it’s quite possible the breaks have been messed with. I cannot... will not... sit through yet another ridiculous season like the last. The Grey’s Anatomy that held me captivated in my seat every Thursday has gone to pot, and I’ve lost my optimism that it’s coming back any time soon. Although there has been a twinkle of 1st-and-2nd-season-mojo, there are far more gaps than twinkles. The writing used to be snappy and quick... there was buckets of chemistry between the charactors, the story line flowed from one episode to the next, and the characters weren’t all McDreamy one episode and all I’m-gonna-start-dating in the next episode. And yes... just what exactly did fore-head girl wear out of the hospital, and where was the parent(s) of the little boy (who was the better of the actors combined in this past episode, in my humble opinion), and since when were Callie and Christina all chummy...and... and.... oh forget it. I’m done. Grey is turning into Dawson’s Creek or 90210... barf.

It’s really too bad to see something with such great potential turn into nothing more than a stew of bland. I’ll have to find something else to do on Thursdays, as I can’t bear to watch anymore. The nail in the coffin for me was McDreamy proclaiming his love and devotion (again!) to Merideth (and yet, another sparkle of hope, hope, hope), followed with ZERO chemistry in the next episode, topped with him moving on...dating?

What. Ever. How McDisappointing. It’s sooooo over. Seriously.

October 26 2007 at 2:52 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Elizabeth Reaser is gorgeous.

October 26 2007 at 2:41 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

What was the last song playing on last nights episode? 10/25/07?? When Grey was "letting" her mom go? Its such a pretty song!

October 26 2007 at 2:09 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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