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October 9, 2015

The best and the worst post-DWTS careers - VIDEO

by Brett Love, posted Oct 30th 2007 12:20PM
Shandi Finnessey - DWTSOur pals over at AOL have a list up of those celebrities that have seen a boost to their careers after appearing on Dancing With The Stars. Head over there to see what John, Tatum, Stacy, and eight others are up to.

A gig on a show that counts itself as two of the top ten most watched programs every week certainly offers ample opportunities. But, like KISS said, there are two sides of the coin to choose from. So... after the jump, a look at those celebrities that have been somewhat less successful after their time in the ballroom.

Shanna Moakler - Shana came off of having her own MTV show and went right to Dancing With The Stars. It seemed like everything was going so well. Unfortunately, marital trouble and a bad run of press with the gossip rags didn't do her any favors and we haven't heard a lot from Miss Moakler since then.

Shandi Finnessey - After her all too brief stay at DWTS, Shandi went right back to her hosting gig over at GSN. Something ventured, nothing gained. And that's really too bad. I still think Shandi just never got a fair shake from the fans. She certainly didn't dance her way off the show. She was weeks away from that happening. For whatever reason though, the fans just didn't warm up to her or her partner. I think it had a lot to do with how they were presented in the training spots. Her fun nature and engaging personality just never came through on this show like it does on GSN.

Giselle Fernandez - I'd actually forgotten that Giselle was on the show until I went back through the old cast lists. This one is probably one of the most surprising to me, simply because she did so many different things before going on the show. Yet, since leaving the ballroom, things have been rather quiet on the Fernandez front.

Tucker Carlson - It might not be fair putting Tucker on this list, since he only got the one week on the show. Still, pre-DWTS he had a show on CNN. Post-DWTS he's on MSNBC. How can that not be a step backwards? Plus, isn't it always worth pointing out just how bad Tucker was on the show?

Laila Ali - My first introduction to Laila was not as a boxer, or a dancer, but as an actress. Long ago in a syndicated television show far away, she had a guest spot on Gena Lee Nolin's Sheena. She was actually rather good, although the bar was admittedly lowered given the nature of that show. Still, she's another of the celebrities from the show that exposed herself to a much bigger audience than had previously seen her, and did it in a very engaging way. I would still like to see her get another go at acting on a series.

Clyde Drexler - Oh, Clyde, it just never really worked for him, did it? When I heard that he would be one of the guests I really liked the idea. Throughout his years in the NBA he always came across as a great guy. I thought the show would serve as a springboard to basketball based hosting duties. Something like what we have seen with Emmit Smith since he left the ballroom. Alas, Clyde just doesn't have the stuff for hosting. Still a great guy, still a hall of fame basketball player. But not a dancer, and not a television star.

Ian Ziering - Here is the one spot where I disagree somewhat with the good folks at AOL. Is there any reason that Ian shouldn't be at the same level as his longtime 90210 pal Jason Priestly? Some freaky good acting chops on Priestly's part that I am just overlooking? Yet, for years now, Priestly has consistently kept popping up on our televisions in various acting and hosting gigs, while we never hear much of anything from Ian. While I have enjoyed his voice work on Biker Mice From Mars, it's really not the same thing. I thought DWTS might change all that. Unfortunately, so far, that hasn't been the case. Indy movies and a guest spot on Priestly's show aren't really much of a boost.

Master P
- Somewhere there has to be somebody that could have stopped Master P from going on the show. I'm sure the fans, and Ashley DelGrosso, would have thanked them had they known how it was all going to play out. And really, knowing what he knows now, Master P probably would have as well. Few things are as damaging to one's street cred as being nicknamed "Lurch" on the fancy dancing show. In case you missed it, or forgot what it looked like, have a look at Master P in action.

Which celebrities post-DWTS career has been the most disappointing?
Shanna Moakler41 (13.4%)
Shandi Finnessey26 (8.5%)
Giselle Fernandez21 (6.8%)
Tucker Carlson11 (3.6%)
Master P71 (23.1%)
Laila Ali32 (10.4%)
Clyde Drexler18 (5.9%)
Ian Ziering87 (28.3%)

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Ummm... Tucker Carlson was already on MSNBC when he decided to do Dancing with the Stars.

November 03 2007 at 1:34 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The most disappointing post-DWTS career has been Stacy Keibler. She was such a big favorite on the show and, of course, a real looker.

I thought for sure that Stacy immediately translate her DWTS fame and get her own show. Maybe a comedy, maybe a drama, whatever. Instead, she has had only a few guest starring roles and some recurring.

Hopefully Stacy will get something big soon.

October 30 2007 at 2:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Sam H.

Jack, that's definitely something about Ziering that puts me off. All the men named Ian who've struggled for years to get people pronouncing their name properly have to wince every time Ian Ziering insists on mangling it.

October 30 2007 at 2:06 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think making people pronounce his name EYEan has hurt his career.

October 30 2007 at 1:58 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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