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October 7, 2015

Dexter: Dex, Lies and Videotape

by Keith McDuffee, posted Nov 4th 2007 10:52PM
(S02E06) A couple of commenters last week mentioned they thought Harry could possibly be Dexter's biological father. Someone else mentioned that Dexter actually had a blood test done to prove who his father was, and I seem to remember that myself as well, though for some reason I can't remember the details.

In any case, Dexter continues to question how honest Harry had been with him when he was alive. In fact, he's getting pretty angry at him. It seems to me that, along with Lila's influence (whether positive or negative), Dexter not trusting what Harry taught him is just going to cause Dex to become even more sloppy.

What's been great is how, although Lundy seems to know something and to be inching ever-so closer to who the real Butcher is, Dexter stays incredibly cool and without a bead of sweat showing in the Floridian heat.

As if Lundy getting closer to Dexter wasn't enough, Doakes is back on his case. It seemed Doakes was quickly and easily taken off Dexter's tail, and maybe even had a bit of respect for him for being so distraught over the job that he was a junkie. If Doakes continues to get into Dexter's business, how could Dex resist taking him out?

The dinner with Lila, Rita and Gayle was a strange situation, and God do I hate Gayle. Does anyone buy it for one moment that Lila's a recovering Meth addict? She's got something a lot more dark about her, that's for sure.

And about Rita, it looks like maybe this is the end for her and Dexter, though all of this really is Gayle's fault. If it wasn't for her meddling and lack of support, Dexter may not have cheated on Rita after all. Hey, I'm not excusing the cheating, I'm just saying Gayle certainly didn't help matters.

Side note: Anyone notice that the Butcher suspect was Haywire from Prison Break? Hey, it was season one when it was decent, what can I say.

I did forget to mention Doakes and LaGuerta last week, though I did of course notice it. In this episode it's brought up again, and it's sorta strange to picture the two of them together one before, then working completely professionally together later.

Still there's more hinting at a relationship coming between Deb and Lundy. I knew I wasn't crazy when I thought there might be something there a few episodes ago, though an overwhelming number of people voted against that theory in my poll.

Until next week, when I'm sure the heat will continue to mount onto Dexter from Doakes and likely Lundy.

Quote of the episode:

Dexter: "The voices are back. Excellent."

Who's Dexter most likely to kill first?
Lundy79 (13.4%)
Doakes394 (66.8%)
Gayle117 (19.8%)

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doakes will now be framed as the bay harbor butcher. he's holding blood from all of the victims. lundy will die in a shootout with doakes when they close in to arrest him. doakes will be spending ALOT of time in prison, with only laguerta left behind with a sneaking suspician as to who/what dexter is.

the end

please send all royalties to me.

November 20 2007 at 3:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I, for one, can't STAND Lila. She's completely amoral; I thought that before she torched her place.. She's got something really creepy going on with her and it will be interesting to find out who she really is.
I think Dexter is too involved with Rita's kids, and vice versa, to have that relationship completely disappear. And in the books, the children figured into things pretty significantly..
I kind of thought Deb was going to get involved with Lundy somehow. A lot of women that have father issues wind up being romantically involved with older men.
This whole season has me pretty curious about a lot of things! I'm really looking forward to the rest of it. I hope, like last season, that they tie up loose ends at the finale, though, instead of leaving everyone hanging until the next season starts. Too dang often the channels then drop the show and you never get to find out what the deal is!! (Like HBO and "Carnivale".)

November 12 2007 at 10:06 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Tonights show was great. Doakes got nailed I definetly did not see that comming. now I expect him to really try to get Dex and we will see someone get hurt in the end.

Deb dumped the boxer for the old guy? who didn't see that comming. and That crazy wench torching her place like that. can you say Lithium pills.

I have also noticed that both shows Dexter and Brotherhood this season has become very sexual. Last seasoon you didn't see much if any, now thats all you see in both. I guess Sex really does sell.

Well thats all I got to say this week.

November 12 2007 at 12:40 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Am I the only one that likes Rita more than Lila, and thinks Rita brings out more humanity (playing with the kids, caring about someone) than Lila does (obsessions about "dark passenger"; plus she has a fatal attractionesque agenda. Don't mistake me: Dexter needs Lila to realize what he's come to know about himself, but I am still sort of dissapointed that he stepped out.

November 11 2007 at 3:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The Naples guy angle will definitely be revisited soon...
I'll have to find that episode where Little Chino gets chopped up.

Anyway, Lundy's seeming progress towards catching Dex is just a pretty good plot device but he's not to be ignored. He'll be keeping Dex on his toes and very uncomfortable for a while.

As far as Dex's principles, I think for the most part, he's lived by the code of Harry to channel his evilness, evade capture and in turn the death penalty while improvising when needed. Still, he does understand why Harry taught him to kill only those who need killing and with careful planning. He fakes having the principles of a normal person even if a lot of it makes no sense. Without Harry's code, he'd be dead or on death row...for one, it was a way for Harry to protect his adopted son.

If it comes down to it, and it will, Dex will have to kill one of the cops/good guys he works with to avoid getting caught...will it be Doakes? Lundy? Deb?...naaah. He lives by the code but not absolutely.
In order to pursue his insatiable need to kill, he must remain a free man and I bet he'll do whatever it takes to keep it that way. We shall see...So far it's just evidence tampering.

November 09 2007 at 4:05 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

You're talking about Little Chino, and no, he got him a little later. I'm not concerned with the guy in Naples necessarily, as Dexter never gave him his name, but it is unlike this show to leave something open and not get back to it. (i.e. the sopranos and the Russian).

Anyway, the whole thing with Lundy, i think they are making it seem like he's getting close to dexter, like when dex was going through his camera stuff very carefully and lundy said they were looking for someone obsessive, but i think this is only done to make the viewers think dexter might get caught soon. however the commenter above who said dexter might have to ake a decision whether to or not kill lundy is very interesting. does dex have real principles or just a code to live by without the death penalty. a lot to develp there.

November 07 2007 at 10:31 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Well, Dex escaped the video surveillance trap a little too easily [or at least it seems so]...the old fire drill trick...c'mon! Then again, it could be that easy.

Harry ISN'T Dex's biological father unless there was a mistake in the DNA analysis and how could that possibly happen? The closest he ever go to it was the affair with Dex's mother. Think about it, Dex was already alive and about 3 years old at approximately the time she, his mother, was murdered by the drug dealers...or was there a 3+ year long sting operation? That should settle Dex's paternity issue [i.e. not Harry], shouldn't it?

Bye, bye Rita...she's pretty much done.
Lila is one pretty good-looking devil [blue dress excluded]...with all the little "slip ups"...I don't buy the meth addict bit either. Anyway, she still complements Dex and the show will take an interesting turn when she finds out what he really is as opposed to what she thinks he is...I do expect Deb to eventually find out too but she'll let it go. She really does have daddy issues and Lundy will be temporarily filling that void.

Doakes needs to find out the truth soon because he's getting quite annoying with just being suspicious [and right] about Dex. He won't die in the hands of Dex...If he finds out about Dex, then Dex could remind him that he's much of an executioner as he is...Doakes has already killed a couple of people [that we know of] who deserved it ...you could say that they are actually birds of a feather...in a weird way and won't need to kill him to shut him up.

Hey, I like Matsuka!

By the way, didn't some huge drug dealer/gangsta/killer dude escape from Dex a while back? Whatever happened to him? Did Dex go after him? Did he get him...? I don't recall...anyone?

I noticed that Dex was a little insulted when Lundy called him aka the BHB, "predictable"...he had to go and "mix it up a little" to show them who's boss by eliminating the imitator.

I'm still uncomfortable about the dude in Naples [who helped kill his mother] that he beat the crap out of. It's a major loose end like the guy who escaped. I'm sure he'll eventually express his real feelings to him...i.e. slice him up.

This episode was different but that's where the plot has led us...I'm still all in...can't wait.

November 07 2007 at 4:52 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply


Sometimes I am surprised more people are not suspicious of Dexter. As far as Lundy goes, I thought this episode (the scene in the trailer with Dex, and the interrogation of the copycat) showed how Lundy operates: he is on guard for personality types - people who fit the profile. Add to that the simple fact that the Bay Harbor Butcher is someone who has only killed murderers, though many were never convicted or suspected of such in their lifetimes. I think it would only be natural for someone like Lundy to consider that the Bay Harbor "vigilante" would be someone with access to criminal records, familiar with criminal intent, or involved in law enforcement. Add to that the fact that many police officers use one of the marinas used by the Bay Harbor Butcher.

November 06 2007 at 1:04 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

How would Lundy have gotten suspicious of Dexter? Is he a psychic? There is no logical way he could suspect Dex at this point.

Doakes is killing in the line of duty, not out murdering people for fun. He doesn't fit into Harry's rules. None of the poll do. So unless Dexter gives up following Harry's rules they should be safe.

November 06 2007 at 11:40 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

does nobody remember the flashback where dexter was injured and needed a special kind of blood so harry has to go find 'someone' he KNEW had that blood? if all that inuendo wasn't enough, dexter said he knew it was his father. i wanted harry to be the birth father but it just isn't true.

im not sure if i loved or just liked this episode. i love that dexter is stone cold now but i liked rita. although i've loved the actress playing lila since the first episode of hustle and was waiting for her to break onto the American scene - she wasn't doing much in britian either.

November 06 2007 at 10:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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