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September 5, 2015

Heroes: Four Months Ago

by Kristin Sample, posted Nov 13th 2007 6:41AM
(S02E08) Peter Petrelli: "I remember...I remember everything."
Adam Monroe: "Good, then...Shall we save the world?"

So, if you're a hero, a lot can happen in four months. And, apparently, a lot is going to happen in the next three episodes as our favorite heroes have to save the world (and probably the cheerleader) again. From those scenes from next week's Heroes, it looks like there may be a stand-off coming between the two father-daughter pairs on the show (Noah/Claire & Bob/Elle). I can't wait to see that.

Some may disagree with me, but I thought this was a great episode. I know nothing really moved forward in the "present-day plot" so to speak, but we got a lot of much-needed answers about some of the key players on the show. And, most importantly, Peter Petrelli got his memory back. Brainless Peter was just annoying.

The episode was bookended with scenes in the Montreal warehouse. The beginning scene was basically the same one from last week. Peter throws a lightning bolt which is consumed by Adam's hand. They clearly know each other, but how? They are clearly comrades and this is their rendezvous point, but in what way, and why? By the end, we are back in Montreal and everything (well, almost everything) makes sense.

But in between the show took us back to the first time the heroes saved the world and explained a lot about how we got to where we are now. Most of the episode, much to the dismay of cheerleader fans and Hiro fans, focused on Peter. But I think we needed it . We needed to find out what happened in between Peter saving the world and losing his memory.

Peter and Nathan
I'm sure everyone remembers Nathan flying Peter into outer space to save the world (well, really just New York city). Apparently, Peter told Nathan to let go of him so he could explode, reanimate, and fly back to catch his dying brother. Whoa, I wonder if the cheerleader or Adam exploded, could they reanimate that quickly?

Peter brings his brother to a hospital (because I'm sure regular hospitals can cure a man who has been charred by radioactive energy). However, his plan doesn't go too far because he gets zapped by the sadistic Elle. I was happy to see her back this episode.

Peter (during his stay at the company)
Peter is brought to the company headquarters (presumably the same place they are holding little Mollie and crazy Nikki). At first, Peter completely subscribes to what Bob and Elle are telling him: they can help him by turning off his powers. He even finds out some background information about electricity girl. She burnt down her grandma's house, she shut down a few counties with a blackout, and she has lived at the company headquarters for the better part of her life. She is lonely and eager to get to know Peter. By the way, her version of getting to know him is zapping him everyday and getting a kinky pleasure out of it.

Peter thinks he is being cured but then he starts talking to Adam who says that the company is full of it and convinces Peter to break out. I think I really like this duo. I like Adam Monroe more than I liked Kensei too. Unlike the drunken uncaring Kensei, Adam takes ownership of his powers (clearly he is an evolved version of himself). The two finally meet face to face after Peter regains his powers and walks through the cell wall. Adam uses his blood to heal the crispy Nathan and the two make for their escape.

But, Elle catches them and disables them with a bolt of electricity. She goes to take care of Adam and sends the Haitian to grab Peter. The Haitian locks Peter in the shipping container and tells him that he deserves to choose his own fate. See, if I could choose my own fate, I would choose to keep my memory, but that's just me. To sum up, we found out how Peter ended up shirtless and dirty in a shipping container with no recollection of who he is or how he got there.

D.L., Nikki, and Micah

So, D.L. is not dead. No, wait, he's dead again now. What was the point of bringing him back for forty minutes? We know he loves Nikki. He took a bullet for her last season. Yet our first scene of the super family is at the hospital with a doctor telling Nikki and Micah the good news. Here's why I think they brought him back. Paying the hefty doctor's bills is a good way for Bob to worm his way into Nikki's heart. This way he could make his offer about coming in for tests to get her wacko self under control. I'm still waiting to meet the intelligent side of Nikki's personality. Sure, go run some tests with the company. They are very trustworthy.

Of course Nikki doesn't accept Bob's magnanimous offer, but tries an at-home remedy instead. The three go back to their lives and try to pretend like they don't have super powers. (To clarify, D.L. and Micah have super powers. Nikki just has an infestation of crazy women who live inside her head--a step up from Maya's wonderful power, if you ask me.)

But living a normal life of a car salesperson doesn't last long because Gina (a new slutty personality) takes over Nikki's body. Gina goes to L.A. where she does cocaine and dances with a sleazy guy. D.L. is magically able to locate her in a matter of hours and comes to the rescue. But, alas, he gets shot...again....in the chest. Hopefully this time he will stay dead. Oh, but before D.L. gets shot again, he saves a little girl in a fire. A scene that was sweet but completely unnecessary.

Alejandro and Maya

Alejandro gets married much to Maya's dismay. He's only known the girl for four months and his bride is clearly still in love with Roberto. Maya finds the two having sex and when she threatens to tell her brother, Roberto starts choking her. Bad idea, dude. You don't want to find out what happens when Maya's mascara starts running. I called it right when I heard the conversation between Maya and Alejandro while they were dancing. I said to my husband, "She is going to find that bride cheating on her brother and kill the whole town." Not like this was much to be proud of because when those twins are around, people usually die by suffocation and black mascara. We didn't get too many big answers about them. We just got a bit more of their story (i.e. the first time she used her powers, the first time he brought her back from the "dark side," and how they became outlaws).

Mama Petrelli
So I have to bring this up. Does anyone else think that Peter and Nathan's mother has powers too? Has this been hinted at before? Did I miss something crucial (I think I may have.)? She is one of the key players in the company and Linderman had powers but that doesn't mean that everyone that works for the company is special. It just seemed like she was "persuading" Heidi to do her bidding in this episode. All those shots of Mama Petrelli touching her when she spoke were weird and kind of ominous. She does have two very powerful sons so it would only make sense that she too had some tricks up her sleeve.

Where we left off...

  • Sylar is still sweaty and pervy and flirting with Maya in the car while Alejandro naps. Wake up, dude. You're dispensable to Sylar because you can't make people die with runny mascara.
  • Nathan, clean-shaven and once again well, is in Ireland looking for Peter. Too bad he's only an ocean away and no one is at that pub who can really be of any help. Kaitlin is in the future somewhere (or at least I think that's where Peter left her). And her brother is a charred hot dog courtesy of creepy electricity girl.
  • Peter remembers everything. He and Adam are going to save the world. Woot, for Peter's returned memory! Woot, for Adam/Kensei not being written off the show! Woot, for saving the world in three episodes! (I don't give out "woots" that often but they earned 'em.)
  • Nikki checks herself in with the company to get "cured." Bob has a menacing look on his face...as per usual.
Do you think Adam is a good guy?
No, he's just like his old self, Kensei.1043 (70.4%)
Yes, he truly wants to save the world.438 (29.6%)

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Hey Poli have fun with your documentary that will most likely fail. You know how many Lawsuits have happened with things like this and they just get thrown out. Nothing will come of it and you will waste your money on nothing. Have fun.

December 21 2007 at 10:46 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

how do you know the lawsuit doesn't involve criminal charges? Are you involve with the lawsuit?
it's really funny that chrisb thinks i'm Joann Vara, I'm not.
but if it makes you sleep better to think I am, snooze on... dude.
I googled Joann Vara and she works in the film and tv industry.
Is the person posting really joann vara, I doubt it.
who knows and who cares? I don't.
Joann or whoever she/he is has posted some really interesting information about Tim Kring and this lawsuit.
thanks to Joann's posts there's another poster on another blog that claims they're working on a film about this lawsuit.
I think if the posters on this blog could view the lawsuit files, you'd understand why more and more filmmakers are becoming interested in this lawsuit.

why should Tv Squad ban Poli, Joann or anyone?
America is about freedom of speech. i am not asking tvsquad to ban your comments and I think some of your comments are lame. you're such a whiner, please tvsquad ban Poli boo hoo....
how are the comments off topic? you're wasting your time trying to figure out silly storylines on Heroes that make no sense.
Why do they make no sense chrisb?
They make no sense because there's a serious lawsuit involved.
FYI: Heroes is now #30 in the Nielsen ratings.

November 17 2007 at 7:24 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This episode was bad because for a number of reasons, one of the most obvious was Kristen Bell's heinous portrayal of Elle, her over acting reminded me of some cheesey after school special. But even worse was having to sit through an entire episode that featured the dead character, D.L. Hawkins, throughout the story line. 8 episodes into the season, no one cares anymore about a character who has already been killed off the show. Having us sit through that lame story line was pointless. Perhaps if the season would have started off that way, leading to his death it would have worked, told as a flash back, it was a complete waste of time. This has to be one of the worst written shows on television, it disappoints on so many levels, every week. I've sat through week after week thinking it was bound to get better, and it doesn't.

November 17 2007 at 4:50 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Just in case it's not apparent, POLI and JoAnn Vara are the same person. TV Squad should ban this person. Her comments are WAY off-topic.

November 16 2007 at 3:55 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
JoAnn Vara

To Chris B. and Michael, No Poli is not the only one interested in the lawsuit against Tim Kring. I, JoAnn Vara have been blogging about this for a long time and I told you about The Twins, my experience seeing their talk at Hunter College and that it is a complete travesty that they have to deal with such stupidity in this world. Chris B. and Michael, you have no idea what you are talking about. Tim Kring represents everything that is wrong with the entertainment industry, and why people from other races have never been able to tell their stories, why? because white people keep the originators out and claim their stories as their own. Now I'm explaining this to you in a non-blogger way without sarcasam in the hopes you can truly understand what has been done to The Twins. Their life experience and original work has been stolen, and a hack writer who has no experience in the sci-fi genre saw their work and copied it verbatum to the point he put twins in his show.
If that was your family, or you , how would you feel. Now you sit up in your house and just accept what you see and comment as if you know something about how this business is run. You can't copywright a work that has been copywritten. That is a felony. Not only did he pass off his work to the WGA as his own, he shopped it to NBC as his own. Do you see how unprofessional, and just plain wrong that is? He duped NBC and the WGA, all the writers on board with him and you at home to believe that he is "The Creator". He is not the man you think he is, and in the days to come you will see. I am in this industry and I am well aware of clearances, and what he did is way beyond, "A Mistake". It's premeditated, heinous and some of the most negative stuff I have ever seen. Please google me and imdb me. My name is JoAnn Vara. I am a wittness to The Twins work and I can tell you He stole it! As sure as I am sitting here. So go on and think what you want to, but you'll see. You shouldn't have respect for a man like this when he preys on people he thinks will never be able to defend themselves, but he messed with the wrong people, and you will see what will come from this. Ask yourself, How did he get this idea if he had no experience in the genre at all? I am glad to know that racial elements are going to be included Poli's documentary, because for me the whole situation has been racist. From the way Heroes has depicted Black and Latino people, to Hayden picking Japan to protest about practices that have nothing to do with her. Why didn't she picket the white owned chicken farms in her leather coats. Use your mind, inform yourself, then make comments.

November 16 2007 at 9:07 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Either chrisb#67 and michael#75 are dating tim kring or they wish they could work for nbc.
why such anger and bitterness toward Poli?
i'm just words on a site.... retards.
The TRUTH hurts doesn't it?
But you would rather believe in a lie just to watch a poorly written sci-fi trainwreck by a scarecrow right?
That's how fake you both are.
This is all so funny, i can't stop laughing!!!!

November 15 2007 at 7:50 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Of course you don't care about this lawsuit, because Heroes means nothing to you.
If you were a true fan and you really cared about the show you would care that these artists have the legal power to dis-mantle your so-called favorite show.
Why waste time trying to figure out plots/storylines that are based on the direction of a lawsuit and not the so-called creator of the show?
Tim kring is not going to explain or answer any questions about Isaac Mendez in any episodes. Why? Answer: "the lawsuit".
questions about all the other characters were answered on the last episode.

I am working on a documentary about this lawsuit, because I think it's fascinating that a hack writer would steal another artists work and leave a paper trail that leads to his front door that displays his absolute guilt.
(what a moron ).

FYI: I already have all the funding I need to make this documentary and I doubt this lawsuit or my documentary will be a non- issue.
I understand that to most racist whites Tim Kring stealing two Black artists work would be a non-issue and most of these silly posts proves that fact.
The racial dynamics of this lawsuit and the racists posts on most of these blogs is another element I hope to touch on in my documentary.

I say Tim Kring maybe facing PRISON TIME because
a simple reading of a copyright book available at any bookstore clearly points out that falsifying a government instrument(copyright form) is a FELONY, so is blatant infringement. I have also interviewed several lawyers and court PA's for my documentary and this fact was confirmed.
I have no choice but to leave the lawsuit up to the courts and whatever the outcome of the lawsuit, it will not stop the documentary from being made, but it may take your favorite show "Heroes" completely off the air for good.

If you have not read the files in the lawsuit on line, you really can't make an intelligent informed comment about this lawsuit.
I've read the files and I will continue to post on as many blogs as I like, I find most of the moronic comments funny and the" fake fan devotion" to the lie that is" Heroes "is the true hit NBC needs and is better than anything THE CREATOR could write.
And by the way the name of my documentary is....

To all the professional writers, artists, journalists and actors that have e-mailed me about about my posts on all the blogs about this lawsuit ," THANK YOU" for your comments, kind words, support, resources, guidance, industry info and for reading my posts.
I look forward to meeting you all at the Sundance film festival next year.

November 15 2007 at 6:24 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

"@poli: No one cares about this lawsuit except you. Based on the number of comments you keep leaving about it in every Heroes post that shows up on TV Squad, it's apparent you are involved somehow. Just go away!"

@chrisb: I completely agree with you. POLI is just an ass trying to stir up the fans with his/her BS. In fact you stumbled across something POLI left in one of his/her posts about making a documentary film about this alleged "story". By constantly posting, I'm sure that he/she is trying to drum up both interest and more importantly FUNDING for said documentary film.

Honestly, unless POLI is already nearly finished with it, by the time it comes out the whole thing will be the biggest non-issue ever. The only way anyone will ever see it is if they keep regurgitating all this drivel over and over again to keep it fresh in our minds.

Just go away POLI. Leave this one for the courts to decide. We at TV Squad really aren't interested in your political gain.

November 15 2007 at 3:50 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

to POLI in your response to chrisb. Absolutely someone can go to prison for copyright infringement, but someone cannot go to prison for a LAWSUIT claiming copyright infringment, that is what chrisb was saying. The situation is not presently involving criminal charges.

November 15 2007 at 12:26 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Montgomery Lopez

I would like to start off this brief review with a big WOW on this episode. The Four Months Ago episode was about close too being as perfect to last year’s Five Years Gone episode. Before I delve any further, I wanted to comment on the Tim Kring article as seen as here on Entertainment Weekly website as this will be the main focus.

He goes on to apologize for the drop off in ratings and the sluggish storytelling. As for the later, this was one of the major draws to watching Season 1 of Heroes as we led brilliantly up to a great build up at end of the season. I know for many this is a major turnoff but I was not dissappointed because in every episode you, the viewer, were given small gems or tidbits of information that moved the series along from week to week. Granted, this season started off with some suprises that were less than stellar like the return of Sylar but this last episode made the wait all worth it as the missing 4 months were revealed to all of us who invested the time in watching this series.
read more: http://monsterscifishow.wordpress.com/2007/11/15/heroes-four-months-ago-episode-review/

November 15 2007 at 9:53 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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