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August 28, 2015

Boston Legal: Attack of the Xenophobes

by Paul Goebel, posted Nov 14th 2007 9:01AM

WIlliam Shatner & James Spader(S04E07) "The helmet threw me." - Carl Sack

I am starting to feel that my statements regarding the extreme disinterest I feel for Saffron Burrows and her character on Boston Legal are becoming repetitive. Therefore I am going to comment one last time on how extremely unsexy the kiss was between her and Alan. All I could think was how much hotter it would be if she were Rhona Mitra. From now on, whenever I feel a longing for Ms. Mitra while watching BL, instead of commenting on it, I will go and rent The Hollow Man instead.

James Spader has to be to television what Christopher Walken is to movies. How he can go from a defenseless, lovesick puppy to a slimy, lecherous shyster in the blink of an eye is an acting skill I would kill to have. Pamela Adlon is certainly sexy in her own way but as an actor, I would have a hard time putting the moves on Bobby Hill.

For my money, there just isn't enough Tom Wilson on TV. I don't know why he has never had his own series but I consider him to be one of the funniest actors and comedians I've ever watched. He's a hell of a nice guy too. Casting him as a possibly racist cop was a brilliant move. He specializes in guys who seem harmless but could really do some damage if properly motivated.

I had a hard time summoning up any pity for Clarence for two reasons. First, I love watching videos of people looking stupid. Anytime I can see video of an adult in good health making a fool of himself, it's a good time. Secondly, Clarence, and people who act this way, need to take responsibility for their actions. In America, we all have the right to act like jackasses as long as that action doesn't infringe on the rights of others but you need to own it. If your display is going to embarrass you or get you into trouble then it is up to you to find a way to curb your impulses. Luckily for me, most of my humiliating moments have been caught on film or video long ago. I mean, after you've stumbled down a wooden ramp while your 300 pound frame is wrapped in a bright green robe there's nowhere to go but up.

I get a thrill when I see John Larroquette arguing in court. It's like watching Dan Fielding if he actually cared about his job. Moreover, he makes a good case. I, like many, feel that the internet is the last bastion of truly free speech but that's all the more reason for the Carl Sacks of the world to ask, "Where does it end?"

I find it a little hard to swallow that Denny and Alan won their case. Admittedly, everything I know about the law was taught to me by David Kelley and Steven Bochco but I found it very unsatisfying that the case was simply dismissed and that was that. Besides, am I the only one who is waiting for the day when Denny Crane loses his first case?

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Completely tangential, but a lawyer would see the dismissal coming a mile away. The woman was an at-will employee, weight is not a protected or semi-protected class of employee, she could be fired at a whim. There simply is no cause of action.

That said, Boston Legal gets so much of the law and legal procedure so wrong, I suppose it's surprising they nailed that aspect of it. Ah, well. James Spader makes it all worth it.

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