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October 6, 2015

Heroes: Cautionary Tales

by Kristin Sample, posted Nov 20th 2007 10:02AM
Heroes: Cautionary Tales
(S02E09) "You've gone native. Are you kidding me?" Noah Bennet to Mohinder Suresh.

Just when you thought Mohinder couldn't get any stupider, he goes and shoots Noah Bennet in the eye. He is really in too deep with this company. And lately, he is making Matt Parkman look like a genius. (Wait, did Parkman just make me say that? Dumb joke, I know.) More on this after the jump because it basically took up the whole episode.

But before I go through all the storylines for this week, let me just say that I was so relieved that those ridiculous mascara-plague twins were absent from this week's Heroes. And just so I don't get too excited about it, I put a picture of them in the post to remind me that they are still on the show. (However, they are the vehicle to get the devilish Sylar back in the states so I suppose I forgive them on some level.)

Claire Bennet, Noah Bennet (H.R.G.), and West
We begin in Costa Verde, CA. We spend most of the episode there in fact. The Bennets are getting ready to skip town but as Claire told her father before, she's not going with them. Citing West as an example, she confronts her father about the bad things he did as a soldier of the company. This conversation could have benefited from a rewrite, I think. When Noah picks up the tape like he's going to tie Claire up, I thought, that's a little over the top.

Claire leaves to find West (by spelling out S-O-R-R-Y with rocks). She tells him about the fight and how she's staying in Costa Verde for him but he doesn't believe her (teen drama alert!). West leaves because he says he needs time to figure things out. He thinks Claire and her father are working together.

Meanwhile, Noah has some explaining to do to his wife who witnessed the verbal altercation (duct tape and all). He shows his wife the future paintings. She doesn't really get it--no big surprise there. Then he leaves to go find Claire and West sweeps him into the air. This air assault was a cool Heroes moment I must admit (a great shot right before a commercial).

West interrogates Noah in the air to find out about Claire's involvement with him. I liked how they ended up working together to save Claire. I like West's character. I know lots of people hate him but I don't see why. He's not that annoying (not like those twins).

Mohinder Suresh, Bob & Elle
Mohinder, Bob and Elle go to Southern California for two reasons: to get Claire's blood and to kill Noah Bennet. Bob tries to convince Mohinder that Noah is a threat and should be "taken out" but Mohinder is skeptical about killing him (always wanting to do the right thing and the least harm). He does agree that Claire's blood is needed to cure Niki though.

Elle always wants to kill Noah (two reasons again: it's the logical thing to do from her and her father's perspective and she's slightly unhinged so she takes pleasure in killing people). But Mohinder persuades them both to follow his plan. After Noah calls looking for Molly's help to find West, Mohinder calls back with a fake location. Of course, Noah is with West at the time so he's knows it's a bluff.

While Mohinder and Elle go to meet Noah (and West), Bob goes to abduct Claire. Did he really fudge her name when he spoke to her on the football field? I couldn't tell if that was an honest mistake only because Bob doesn't look like the kind of guy that makes mistakes. Either way, Bob follows Claire home and kidnaps her at gunpoint.

Mohinder thinks that he's got Noah under control (and if he doesn't Elle will zap him). But, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a flying teenager come to clothesline the electricity girl. By the way, West is getting good at swooping people off the ground.

Noah vs. Bob, The Showdown

Now Bob has Claire and Noah has Elle. Was it just me or did you kind of enjoy Elle getting a taste of the pain she so easily inflicts on everyone else? What an easy way to contain her too. Why didn't they just keep her clothes and hair wet for the exchange? A dry Elle is a super-charged, super-pissed off Elle.

The exchange is going pretty smoothly when Elle zaps West (who is holding Claire) out of the air. Noah then shoots Elle in the arm. I thought he was a better shot than that. Noah is about to shoot Bob but Mohinder shoots him in the eyeball. Right in the eyeball. And when did the genetics doctor learn how to aim a gun?

I actually thought they were going to kill someone off for real this time. But no, Noah is back by virtue of Claire's blood with a new eyeball. I wonder if he will still need glasses?

Parkman & Molly
Matt Parkman is becoming his father. I was wondering if they were going to draw out this transition for another episode but I guess not. Parkman first uses his powers to persuade Molly to be a normal girl after she offers to help him find the rest of the people in the picture. The look on his face shows that he's a little surprised with and even scared of his new, improved ability.

Then he uses his power on his boss and sees that it can be very advantageous to control other people's thoughts. What would Professor Xavier think? A little unethical if you ask me. Ethics aside, he gets more time to investigate Kaito Nakamura's death and interview Angela Petrelli.

Parkman then has a battle of the mind powers with Angela who accuses him of turning into his father and scolds him for meddling in the business of her generation. After suffering a Parkman headache and a bloody nose, she gives up the last name in the picture.

I wonder if Parkman will turn into a villain with his evolved power. I think it's cliche to have him turn into his dad. However, the "new nightmare man" could make for an interesting situation with Molly. But, from what we know of Parkman's character (meek, righteous, caring, not so sharp), I don't think it makes sense for him to exploit his power the way his father did.

It was nice to see Hiro get some closure and a new mission this episode. We first see him at his father's funeral but he refuses to give the eulogy and tells Ando he is going back in time to save his father. However, when he gets there, Kaito Nakamura, a man who believes in fate, turns down the opportunity to save his own life.

In an effort to convince his father to live, Hiro takes him back to the funeral of his wife/Hiro's mother. I thought maybe Kaito would concede and allow his son to alter time to rescue him at this point. But, alas, no, he is really dead (maybe they will bring him back...like D.L. and then kill him again...like D.L.).

Hiro talks to his younger self and in effect teaches himself his father's lesson. Finally, his father's words make sense to Hiro: "We have the power of the gods. That doesn't mean we can play God." While Hiro doesn't "play God" and save his father, he does use his power to uncover who murdered him: Kensei. I like that Hiro's vendetta against Kensei will create trouble in his relationship with Peter Petrelli. They have worked on the same side before but how will Adam/Kensei affect things?

Final Thoughts:

* Everyone saw it coming but I like that it's confirmed that Claire's blood can heal people. I can't wait for more showdown scenes with her and Elle next week.

* I know this is completely nerdy but did anyone catch the title of the episode's reference to The Canterbury Tales? I haven't given it much thought other than that they sound awfully similar. Nothing in the episode struck me as particularly Chaucerian though.

* Where was Peter? I need a little Petrelli each episode (and Mama Petrelli just won't do). Even the elder Petrelli would have done just fine. All we got was a reference to him by Claire's mother. She said that girls always look for their father in their boyfriends. Noah alluded to the coincidence of Nathan and West both being able to fly.

* I liked Hiro's eulogy at the end and how his speech correlated to shots of different characters (i.e. Mohinder looking at the gun and probably thinking about what his father would think of what happened; Elle looking at Bob with the new information about what he did to her as a young girl).

Other than Peter, who is the most powerful hero?
Adam225 (10.1%)
Hiro617 (27.6%)
Claire161 (7.2%)
Niki19 (0.8%)
Elle72 (3.2%)
Micah14 (0.6%)
Monica68 (3.0%)
Sylar552 (24.7%)
the twins34 (1.5%)
Nathan12 (0.5%)
Molly6 (0.3%)
Parkman456 (20.4%)

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December 03 2007 at 12:46 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I was going to defend tvsquad about spoilers, but really...it's in the first sentence. It's hard to avoid.

November 27 2007 at 1:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
scott mclendon

Did anyone see Daria Ramirez (Maya) in this month's "Men's Health" ? OMG!!!!!!!!!!

November 23 2007 at 2:12 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Oh my goodness, so much to say lets see if i remember it all. Great episode, but i have been a die hard fan and enjoyed all of this season. I liked the slow buildup. the first episodes just gave us a taste to keep us hungry for more and now its all coming fast and furious, i can barely keep up with all thats happening. i dont know why people hate the show and still watch it, read a reviewcap, and then post why they hate it, but ive given up hope they will go away. true haters all i got to so. now on with my thoughts

mohinder- yeah he is making stupid decisions but there are always people like him, in fiction and real life (i know some) so i feel he has his place. I agree with whoever said that its him who brings noah back. i still dont see him killing noah in cold blood like that. plus i think the blood only heals so that noah was not dead but in a veggie state

the twins- i know almost no one likes them but i do. i think people cant get with having such a cursed power that you wouldnt want to have. i also dont think typical white middle america can get with latino illegal immigrants as central characters. I applaud kring for giving roles to minorities. a lot of the characters i hear getting bashed on are minorities (michah, dl, twins) not to go to crazy black power on you guys but i just want to say it MAY play a PART in why SOME people dont like them, consciously or unconsciously. and i know ando and hiro are japanese who i love and so do a lot of other people, but trust me asians and blacks/latinos; it's different . ok enough about institutional racisim's prevalence in american society. why i like the twins is that they give a nice global perspective to heroes which i think is what kring wanted them to do. And i enjoy seeing minorities on tv, people like me, not just on bet and upn (which no longer exists but you get my drift).

back to fun heroes. i love west this episode. i was kinda going back and forth on the fence with him but he has shined and i am allowed to fall in love with him now. i think its a flying thing cause since season one ive had and inexplicable fondness for nathan.

i like matt and oh my god he better watch out. though all of the moral greyness makes for good tv. thats way more interesting then everyone using their abilities for self centered reasons. if this ever started happening in real life i would think that the majority of people are altruistic at heart, but may struggle getting there.

my one theory is that i think sylar has already been infected with the virus when he was with candice (and presumably trapped by the company) which is why he doesnt have his powers. and i think i heard in a preview for next week peter say the shanti virus outbreak starts in texas and i believe thats where sylar and company jumped the border. plus his infection may explain his sweatiness inside a brand new rouge with a/c someone said a while back:)

ok time for bed. love what you guys have to say. love heroes. happy thanksgiving to all!

November 22 2007 at 12:34 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I don't think the title was a reference to "The Canterbury Tales." The term "cautionary tale" is pretty common...

Also, did anyone else think it was weird that Elle's own electricity would sting her so bad? I mean, it comes out of her body... it crackles all over her fingers before she fires. It was satisfying to see, yes, but didn't make sense to me.

Mohinder is an idiot.

November 21 2007 at 3:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply


November 21 2007 at 1:17 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply


November 21 2007 at 1:17 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

"Mohinder does have a super power, and works like nikkin's, he is a super smart genetist and at the same time a super dupper moron incapable of makeing a good plan."

so true, so true. if there was an award for dumbest guy who's supposed to be smart, mohinder would win it.

November 21 2007 at 1:00 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It's funny to me that there are so many people on this site who clearly seem to dislike the show but still take the time to watch and post their opinions. You people need to relax and just enjoy the show. Yes, the season started slow, but it's really hitting its stride now and the last couple of episodes have been phenomenal.

Personally, I loved this episode and am really hoping the strike will end so we get more than 2 eps to close out the season.

A couple of thoughts - I do think it was a bit of a cop out to bring Noah back to life. At some point, the writers need to have the courage to let major characters die. I love the Noah character though, so I'm happy he'll still be around. But I hope this doesn't become a crutch that the writers fall back on in the future. Sylar, for example, was a huge cop out. And if the only reason the twins are in the show is to return Sylar to NY, then bringing him back really was a horrible decision.

Anyway - I think Elle is a great addition. The guy above is way off about her acting. She did a great job of conveying her doubts about her father and her upbringing just through very subtle facial expressions. Can't wait to see how that plays out...

As for the previous generation - I'm hoping we'll see more of what the older heroes did to mortgage their souls in a more extended flashback storyline. There are a lot of great stories there. Maybe next season...

By the way - someone mentioned that the invisible man died. I didn't thought he just left b/c he was angry at Peter. Did I miss something?

November 21 2007 at 8:19 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

So will HRG build a deathstar now?

November 21 2007 at 2:25 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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