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October 10, 2015

What Jonathan is thankful for

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Nov 21st 2007 3:39PM
Eat. Sleep. Pepto Bismol. Television. The four things that describe Thanksgiving for me. They all go hand in hand really, but let's be honest -- TV is the one that really matters. I can have turkey any time I want, but I can only watch my favorite shows once a week. Despite the WGA strike putting a wrinkle into my winter viewing plans, there's still plenty to be happy about.

1.) Brotherhood -- I just recently got into this. Grabbed the season one DVD set and blew through it a week ago, and thanks to OnDemand I'm all caught up on season two as well. Wow. I can't believe I was missing out on this show. It's spectacular. Jason Clarke and Jason Isaacs are both phenomenal as the Caffee brothers and I love how most of the show is actually shot on location in Providence. Where The Sopranos threw us plenty of wonky episodes with Tony dreaming about who knows what, Brotherhood stays away from those existential "what ifs" and "what does it all mean" moments and instead offers one of the most authentic things currently on TV.

2.) The Shield and The Wire -- My two favorite cop shows of all time. Thank god the strike didn't screw with them. Both are entering into their final seasons in the new year and both seasons are in the can. What more could I ask for?

3.) ABC plans to air 8 episodes of Lost -- I say this is a good thing. It's better than nothing. 24 got put on the back-burner by FOX and I'm fine with that because for me, that show works better when I have 6 or 7 episodes queued up on my DVR. Lost... I like to stew on each episode. Give it a few days to sink in before I dive into the next installment. As it is, it looks like good TV is going to be sparse over the coming months and eight weeks of Lost will certainly be something to look forward to.

4.) The HD TV that my Dad bought -- This thing is huge. My Dad is not technically savvy, but he has one helluva home theater system set up. And when I say huge, I'm talking "had to take out a built-in book case to make it fit" huge. It already served one great purpose for me when I got to see the Red Sox win it all last month in glorious NESN HD and this weekend I plan to make good use of it again. I'm thinking a Thanksgiving marathon of some sort. Perhaps I'll finally force myself to get into Battlestar Gallactica.

5.) Mandy Patinkin leaving Criminal Minds -- The show is way better without him! I never would have expected Joe Mantegna to be good... but he is!

6.) The new DVD volume of ATHF -- The release date got bumped for the new Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD. It doesn't come out until after the New Year now. That being said, I still can't wait for it. The movie was hugely disappointing in my opinion and the second I'm able to watch "Dickesode" or "Handbanana" again, the better. Coincidentally, the show returns for an all new season on Sunday, January 20.

7.) Charlie Day -- The single most important reason you should be watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is Charlie Day. The songs ("The America Song," "Day Man"), the illiteracy, the Pacino impersonations, and that ratty old MacGregor hooded sweatshirt. Comic genius.

8.) Rescue Me getting a double renewal -- I know that the last season sucked big time, but it's still one of my favorite shows on TV right now. I'll support any attempts Leary makes to right the ship, so lets hope that these upcoming 22 episodes are a step in the right direction.

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Brotherhood is an excellent show. I think alot of people are missing out on this one. I would however suggest people do what you do and start from the beginning. The changes that some of these characters have gone through since the first season have been compelling but may leave the newly indoctrinated just abit confused.

November 21 2007 at 5:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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