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August 28, 2015

Moonlight: Fleur de Lis

by Jen Creer, posted Nov 24th 2007 2:15PM
Moonlight: Fleur de Lis(S01E09) "I've never been almost killed before."-- Morgan

Now that Beth has discovered some of the secrets to her past, she is hellbent on discovering all of it. There were some definite inconsistencies, though, in what she said about it this week compared to last week. Last week, she said that she had always felt safe, and she knew it was because Mick had been watching over her. We even saw that in the scenes from last week.

This week, she tells a different story: She says she needs to find out the truth about her past in order to feel safe, and she doesn't know whether she will ever feel safe again. So, did she just start feeling unsafe when she started putting together the pieces? Mick is still her guardian angel, right? So, why won't she feel safe again?

Granted, it is understandable that anyone who has been victimized by another person (or vampire) would feel threatened by that person now being at large, but the show didn't really specify the reason for the change in her feelings.

We had an interesting twist this week: Beth narrated the action instead of Mick. I liked the switch, because even though I primarily think of this as Mick's show, it's precisely because of the narration that I think that. It would be interesting to bring the other fine actors into the fold more, and to make this more of an ensemble show. I would love to see a show narrated from Josef's point of view.

Just for clarity's sake, let me tell you how I am going to refer to Morgan/Coraline. I know that both names apply to one person. However, when I use the word "Morgan," it's because I am talking about the character before we have confirmation of her identity. When I use "Coraline," I am referring either to flashbacks, what we know about Coraline, or when we do have confirmation of who she is.

We also saw a lot of play on the language that Beth has used to describe her relationship with Mick: Morgan says that she would like to have her work relationship with Mick become more permanent, because she thinks they make a good team. Mick and Morgan share a kiss in the hotel room, and he is the one who is awkward about it, rather than Beth being awkward when she kissed Mick. Beth's boyfriend seems to be pretty much out of the picture now, doesn't he?

Mick and Morgan also shared a shower scene, which was pretty steamy. Even though they were kissing each other, I think it was pretty clear that Mick's primary interest, now that he knows Morgan is Coraline, is in her cure for vampirism. Or, at least, I think that's what Mick tells himself. I think Mick, despite his feelings for Beth, definitely still feels drawn to Coraline. After all, he had an adult relationship with Coraline, a sexual relationship with her. Beth, in some ways, is still the child he rescued, and there is an unequal power relationship between them, both because he has seen her grow up, and also because he is a vampire: more powerful, older.

It's easy to see that Mick is desperate for a cure not only because he despises what he has become, but also because it would level the playing field with him and Beth. However, I think Josef is right: There is no cure. Coraline admits that she thought it would get his attention. That he seems to like the human girls. When Beth searches Morgan's apartment, she finds a prescription, and it's a pretty substantial bottle. I think Morgan is taking a drug that somehow simulates human characteristics: Bleeding, smelling human. And as for her eating meals, it's not that vampires *can't* eat food-- they just don't *need* to eat. I think Mick could go ahead and order food at a restaurant and just sort of shove it around on his plate, but then we wouldn't have had the funny bits with the waiter telling him that maybe he should stop meeting people in restaurants.

Back to Morgan/Coraline eating, Coraline tells him that one of the clues she laid out for him as to her identity was ordering her favorite wine: Clearly, if Coraline was drinking wine when they were together, vampires can eat food. She also mentioned dating musicians, which certainly caught Mick's attention (by the way, he plays a musician in August Rush, if you haven't rushed out to see him in that movie yet). It's pretty clear that where Coraline is concerned, Mick has blinders on: As Josef said, when Mick thinks about Coraline, he isn't using his big head.

Despite the fact that Mick and Coraline had such a powerful relationship and that they seem to be attracted to each other now, do you think his feelings for her are more powerful than his feelings for Beth? I doubt it: I think feelings of protection are very very intense. It's interesting that Mick swooped Morgan up in his arms and jumped with her when Tina was getting ready to run Morgan over: Does that make up for the fact that Mick killed Coraline? An eye for an eye and all that? She seems incredibly moved by the gesture; what we don't know is whether she truly would have been hurt by being hit. Just as we don't know whether the stake could really kill her, or, as Beth sneers, "Stakes only paralyze vampires."

Could Beth go to jail for murder, do you think? I don't think Coraline will die, but it's food for thought.

I thought there were some nice plot parallels at the end: When Tina crashes her car into the water barrels, I remember thinking, "Now her plans are all wet." The same is also true of Morgan at the end: Her disguise is finished when she is in the shower, and Mick discovers the fleur de lis. The fact that Coraline was branded with it, rather than choosing it as her own tattoo, was disturbing. Coraline has a very interesting past, and I hope they explore that further.

It was completely creepy when Beth found the perfectly maintained room where Coraline held her captive as a child: Never have pink, dolls, and stuffed animals seemed so sinister. But I think it is important for Beth to recover these memories so she can let go of the past. If she and Mick are to have a future together, it's important for her to begin to see Mick as human and for them to have equal footing, rather than rescuer and rescued-- and that includes her stepping in to save him all the time. I have heard of symbiotic relationships, but this is ridiculous.

So, here is my question: If Coraline has come back for Mick, has she come back for revenge, or because she still wants him, and wants him to fall in love with her again? I think she wants him back. And she knows that if she hurts Beth again, she will lose him forever. So, who will Mick choose? (Beth, of course!) And does Coraline get to live? Or will she have to be destroyed once and for all?

Do you think Coraline really has a cure for vampirism?
Yes89 (18.3%)
No, that prescription Beth found suppresses it.397 (81.7%)

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No I don't think she has a cure. She might be a human, but in the inside of her she is still a vampire and nothing will change that. I know she's trying to get Mick back because she love's him and also married to him, but that doesn't make anything more better for them two. Coraline has made her life a bit difficult now.

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1 reply to Cj's comment

If you go to the Stage6 website, the first several Blood Ties episodes are available on-line for free. There was only the one 22-episode season, but Lifetime showed the last 10 as season 2. Also, I just read the first book by Tanya Huff called Blood Rites that the series is based on. I recommend it as well.

In the meantime, less than 36 hours to go until a new episode of MickBeth and more revealing info on Josef. It's getting hard to concentrate!

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Moonlight comes back with the last new episode in 2007 on Friday, Dec. 14. I believe there are two more episodes left that will be shown in January.

Blood Ties was a pretty good vampire show on Lifetime. I just watched all 22 episodes on itunes during the long 3 week Moonlight break. There is no word if Blood Ties will be renewed. Lifetime didn't even show the last two episodes - they made them available on-line only. That is a bad sign. Blood Ties had a supernatural mystery each week with more traditional vampire mythology. It's not Moonlight, but it's worth watching and also deserves a second season. Check it out!

December 12 2007 at 6:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

About the attraction thing...did anyone find it icky in another series that a much older vampire was attracted to a much younger woman...? Not me...that's why it's called "The Fantasy Genre". I just love Beth and Mick's chemistry! Just how long is the sexual tension supposed to last? Are we going to see anymore of Moonlight? I hope so! Love it!

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I don't know that vampire Mick and human Beth can't be "together" now. When Beth asked about that, Mick said that such a situation wouldn't end well, not that it was impossible. Maybe if he has a moment of true happiness, he'll lose his soul... Oh, wait, that's a different show. Still, not ending well, doesn't mean that they can't be together right now. I just think that Mick doesn't want to hurt Beth in any way; as long as he's a vampire and she's a human, they can't be together in the long term. I love Jason Dohring (I LOVED Veronica Mars), but I don't know that I like his character and I don't trust him on this show. I do think he's not necessarily loyal to Mick, and I keep waiting for him to somehow betray Mick. I do think that Coraline found the cure for vampirism. I think, though, to save her from dying, Mick will turn her, and she'll refuse to give him the cure and then Mick's quest for the cure and angst over being a vampire will be able to live on for many, many more seasons.

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Tina Eccles

I agree with Prism, Leeser, and Whippetgirl. I do believe, IMHO, that Coraline is out for revenge. She knew Beth was downstairs and comes down the stairs in Mick's shirt! I wouldn't put it past her to want to get back at Mick for staking her, burning her in the first place. What do you think? Just think of how she looked when at the crime scene she says that she "had never been almost killed before". I'm counting the days until Dec. 14. In the meantime, keep writing CBS, feedback, and blogging!! :)

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I’ve got to say when I first heard about Coraline I thought, what an evil vampire bitch turning him like that on the wedding night. Now after seeing more of the background story I feel sorry for her, just a little and can also see how Mick fell for her. When he met Coraline she seemed depressed/sad and jadded about life and men. She met a human and fell for him, she came to love his love for her, treating her as valuable, special unique.

I now see that for her the wedding night turning was for her the ultimate wedding gift, showing just how much she loved him and wanted to be with him forever. She just didnt count on how repugniant (sp) it would be for Mick. That shocked her but she hung in there thinking it would change. It seemed for a while it did but then he tried unsuccessfully for years to break it off.

BTW I think it was Josph at her place when Mick came over for a date.

As Morgan you see a funny, quirky, sexy, outrageous woman who would be appealing to many men. Morgan/Coraline was a woman who had developed a talent and passion for photography, a career for herself and that was also different from the old Coraline.

Over the course of this episode you see Coraline falling in love with Mick, not just obsessing. She sees him as a mature, confident, no nonsense vamp who has also found a career which he is good at and a style of his own. He is now is own vamp/man. Added to that the fact he saved her life and at one point explained “anyone is capable of murder given the right circumstances”. She seemed to get it.

Enough of this, lets all watch blood ties until the next episode comes out!

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I agree with Prism and Leeser. Mick didn't start to fall in love with Beth until after he started actually talking to her on the first episode. Therefore, I don't think their romance is inappropriate. Part of Mick still loves Coraline and he still feels fragments of the crazy passion they shared. I think as he kissed her in the shower, he was trying to verify once and for all if Morgan is really Coraline back from the "dead". I think he felt wonder that she could have survived the fire but was more interested in finding out how she became human.

I also think the "cure" is temporary and that she found a way to mask her vampire nature to intrigue Mick and ensnare him again in her evil web. As Morgan, she seems perfectly nice. So, either this is an inconsistency in her portrayal or she really is insane and diabolical to come up with such an elaborate plan. Getting vampire help to kill an innocent woman to recreate the fire at the hotel, playing an innocent human photographer who looks just like his ex-wife, keeping that pink girly bedroom in the basement of the old house -- all to play with Mick's head to get revenge and sabotage his romance with Beth. As Josef remarked previously, "Coraline is capable of anything".

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Also, the show was pretty good, but slightly uneven.

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